i965: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
[mesa.git] / src / mesa / drivers / dri / i965 / brw_sync.c
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromi965: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerremove final imports.h and imports.c bits
2020-03-27 Marek OlšákMove compiler.h and imports.h/c from src/mesa/main...
2019-07-22 Sergii Romantsovi965: free object labels when deleting
2017-11-30 Kenneth Graunkei965: Reorganize batch/state BO fields into a 'brw_grow...
2017-07-28 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: drop fence type parameter from NewSyncObject()
2017-07-11 Chris Wilsoni965: Resolve framebuffers before signaling the fence
2017-05-01 Randy Xui965: Solve Android native fence fd double close
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Rename drm_bacon_bo to brw_bo.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Use our internal libdrm (drm_bacon) rather...
2017-01-27 Chad Versacei965/sync: Implement fences based on Linux sync_file
2017-01-27 Chad Versacei965/sync: Rename brw_fence_insert()
2017-01-27 Chad Versacei965/sync: Fail sync creation when batchbuffer flush...
2017-01-27 Chad Versacei965/sync: Add brw_fence::type
2016-10-06 Chad Versacei965/sync: Rename awkward variable
2016-10-06 Chad Versacei965/sync: Rename intel_syncobj.c -> brw_sync.c