i965: Allocate tile aligned height
[mesa.git] / src / mesa / drivers / dri / i965 / intel_screen.c
2017-06-08 Ben Widawskyi965: Allocate tile aligned height
2017-06-08 Daniel Stonei965: Move fallback size assignment out of bufmgr
2017-06-08 Daniel Stonei965: Invert image modifier/tiling inference
2017-06-06 Matt Turneri965: Add and use brw_bo_map()
2017-06-06 Matt Turneri965: Drop MAP_READ from some write-only mappings
2017-06-06 Matt Turneri965: Pass flags to brw_bo_map_*
2017-06-06 Matt Turneri965: Rename brw_bo_map() -> brw_bo_map_cpu()
2017-06-06 Matt Turneri965: Remove brw_bo's virtual member
2017-05-30 Chad Versacei965: Rename intel_create_renderbuffer
2017-05-30 Chad Versacei965/dri: Combine declaration and assignment in intelCr...
2017-05-30 Chad Versacei965/dri: Rewrite comment for intelCreateBuffer
2017-05-20 John Brooksdriconf: Add allow_glsl_builtin_variable_redeclaration...
2017-05-15 Matt Turneri965: Mark shader programs for capture in the error...
2017-05-05 Daniel Stonei915: Fix build break with empty unreachable()
2017-05-05 Daniel Stonei965: Set modifier for imported and duplicated images
2017-05-05 Daniel Stonei965: Use helper function for modifier -> tiling
2017-04-18 Timothy Arcerimesa: rename _mesa_add_renderbuffer* functions
2017-04-14 Juan A. Suarez Romeroi965: enable OpenGL 4.2 in Ivybridge
2017-04-14 Samuel Iglesias... i965: enable OpenGL 4.0 to Ivybridge/Baytrail
2017-04-12 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Make brw_bo_alloc_tiled flags parameter 32...
2017-04-12 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Make stride/pitch a uint32_t.
2017-04-12 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Make brw_bo_alloc_tiled take tiling by value...
2017-04-11 Kenneth Graunkei965: Set kernel features before computing max GL version.
2017-04-11 Kenneth Graunkei965: Fix wonky indentation left by brw_bo_alloc_tiled...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Add stall warnings when mapping or waiting...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Rename drm_bacon_bo to brw_bo.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Rename drm_bacon_reg_read() to brw_reg_read().
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Rename drm_bacon_bufmgr to struct brw_bufmgr.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Merge bo->handle and bo_gem->gem_handle.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Make register write check handle execbuffer...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965: Make a screen::aperture_threshold field.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Drop intel_chipset.h in favor of using gen_de...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Drop deprecated drm_bacon_bo::offset.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Drop cliprects and dr4 from execbuf variants.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Check INTEL_DEBUG & DEBUG_BUFMGR directly.
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965/drm: Use our internal libdrm (drm_bacon) rather...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965: Stop calling drm_intel_bufmgr_gem_enable_fenced_r...
2017-04-10 Kenneth Graunkei965: Fix GLX_MESA_query_renderer video memory on 32...
2017-04-10 Timothy Arcerii965: take ownership rather than adding reference for...
2017-03-30 Kenneth Graunkei965: Stop using legacy dri_bufmgr_* and intel_* names.
2017-03-27 Kenneth Graunkei965: Require Kernel 3.6 for Gen4-5 platforms.
2017-03-22 Samuel Pitoisetdriconf: add force_glsl_abs_sqrt option
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Turn on support for image modifiers
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Handle X-tiled modifier
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Handle Y-tiled modifier
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Handle the linear fb modifier
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Enable modifier queries
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Store the screen associated with the image
2017-03-21 Ben Widawskyi965/dri: Disallow image with INVALID modifier
2017-03-20 Kenneth Graunkei965: Skip register write detection when possible.
2017-03-20 Kenneth Graunkei965: Set screen->cmd_parser_version to 0 if we can...
2017-03-20 Kenneth Graunkei965: Document the sad story of the kernel command...
2017-03-20 Kenneth Graunkei965: Fall back to GL 4.2/4.3 on Haswell if the kernel...
2017-03-15 Ben Widawskyi965: introduce modifier selection.
2017-03-15 Ben Widawskyi965: Implement basic modifier image creation
2017-03-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/debug: Add a common INTEL_DEBUG=nohiz option
2017-03-08 Chris Wilsoni965: Remove use of deprecated drm_intel_aub routines
2017-03-06 Kenneth Graunkei965: Return NULL from initScreen2, not false.
2017-03-06 Kenneth Graunkei965: Make a devinfo local variable.
2017-03-06 Kenneth Graunkei965: Delete vestiges of resource streamer code.
2017-03-06 Kenneth Graunkei965: Drop duplicate #defines now that we've bumped...
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Reduce cross-pollination between the DRI driver...
2017-02-15 Lionel Landwerlini965: define default allow_higher_compat_version value
2017-01-30 Kenneth Graunkei965: Support the force_glsl_version driconf option.
2017-01-27 Chad Versacei965: Add intel_screen::has_fence_fd
2017-01-23 Rainer Hocheckerdri: allow 16bit R/GR images to be exported via drm...
2017-01-16 Kenneth Graunkei965: Enable OpenGL 4.5 on Haswell.
2017-01-12 Juan A. Suarez Romeroi965/gen7: expose OpenGL 4.2 on Haswell when supported
2017-01-12 Rafael Antognollii965: Enable predicate support on gen >= 8.
2017-01-05 Iago Toral Quirogai965: add a kernel_features bitfield to intel screen
2017-01-05 Iago Toral Quirogai965/gen7: Enable OpenGL 4.0 in Haswell when supported
2017-01-05 Chris Wilsoni965: Move the pipelined test for SO register access...
2016-12-27 Chad Versacei965: Allow import/export of ARGB1555 images
2016-10-15 Kenneth Graunkei965: Enable OpenGL 4.5.
2016-09-23 Adam Jacksoni965: Enable EGL_KHR_gl_texture_3D_image
2016-09-23 Lionel Landwerlinintel/i965: make gen_device_info mutable
2016-09-21 Kenneth Graunkei965: Enable ES 3.2 on Skylake.
2016-09-21 Chuanbo Wengi965: implement querying __DRI_IMAGE_ATTRIB_OFFSET.
2016-09-21 Kenneth Graunkei965: Rename intelScreen to screen.
2016-09-21 Kenneth Graunkei965: Rename __DRIScreen pointers to "dri_screen".
2016-09-03 Jason Ekstrandintel: Rename brw_get_device_name/info to gen_get_devic...
2016-09-03 Jason Ekstrandintel: s/brw_device_info/gen_device_info/
2016-08-26 Jordan Justeni965: Enable OpenGLES 3.1 for Haswell
2016-08-26 Chris Wilsoni965: Embrace "unlimited" GTT mmap support
2016-08-24 Eric Engestromi965: remove unnecessary `if`
2016-08-23 Ilia Mirkindri: add a way to request that modes have matching...
2016-07-21 Timothy Arcerii965: enable GL4.4 for Gen8+
2016-07-02 Rob Clarkglsl: add driconf to zero-init unintialized vars
2016-06-29 Chad Versacei965: Use drmIoctl for DRM_I915_GETPARAM (v2)
2016-06-29 Chad Versacei965: Use intel_get_param() more often
2016-06-29 Chad Versacei965: Refactor intel_get_param()
2016-06-12 Kenneth Graunkei965: Set subslice_total on Gen7/7.5 platforms.
2016-06-07 Gurchetan Singhi965: Integrate precise trig into configuration infrast...
2016-05-30 Francisco Jerezi965: Expose GL 4.3 on Gen8+.
2016-05-26 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move compiler debug functions to intel_screen.c
2016-05-25 Kristian Høgsberg... i965: Fix shadowing of 'height' parameter
2016-05-24 Kristian Høgsberg... dri: Add YVU formats
2016-05-24 Kristian Høgsberg... i965: Allow creating planar YUV __DRIimages
2016-05-20 Mark Janesi965: Fix strerror error code sign
2016-05-17 Alejandro Piñeiroi965: Expose OpenGL 4.2 for gen8+