Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / mesa / drivers /
2020-09-02 Marcin Ślusarzi965: verify format width in blorp_get_client_bo
2020-09-02 Danylo Piliaievintel/disasm: Label support in shader disassembly for...
2020-09-02 Danylo Piliaievintel/disasm: brw_label and support functions
2020-08-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizendriconf: Support selection by Vulkan applicationName.
2020-08-11 Nanley Cherydri_util: Update internal_format to GL_RGB8 for MESA_FO...
2020-08-10 Marcin Ślusarzintel/perf: fix performance counters availability after...
2020-08-08 Timothy Arcerii965: add support for force_gl_vendor
2020-07-31 David Stevensi965/i915: Add colorspace support to YUV sampling
2020-07-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Take a nir_shader and variable mode in assign_var_...
2020-07-29 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a nir_foreach_uniform_variable helper
2020-07-28 Marcin Ślusarzi965: propagate error from gen_perf_begin_query to...
2020-07-17 Erik Faye-Lundmesa: treat Color._AdvancedBlendMode as enum
2020-07-15 Pierre-Eric Pellou... mesa: add bool param to _mesa_free_context_data
2020-07-04 Timothy Arcerinouveau: fix pointer-sign warning
2020-07-02 Timothy Arceriradeon: add missing fallthrough comments
2020-07-02 Timothy Arcerii965: add and fix fallthrough comments
2020-07-01 Emmanueli965: Explicitly cast value to uint64_t
2020-06-22 Eric Engestromutil: rename xmlpool.h to driconf.h
2020-06-22 Eric Engestromdriconf: drop now unused translation facility
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsmesa: Add PrimitiveRestartFixedIndex to gl_constants
2020-06-20 Arcady Goldmints... intel/compiler: Always apply sample mask on Vulkan.
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromi965: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-13 Eric Engestromi965: drop dead #include "config.h"
2020-06-09 Danylo Piliaievi965: Work around incorrect usage of glDrawRangeElement...
2020-06-04 Lionel Landwerlini965: fix export of GEM handles
2020-06-04 Lionel Landwerlini965: don't forget to set screen on duped image
2020-06-03 Timothy Arcerii965: call brw_nir_lower_uniforms() after uniform linki...
2020-06-03 Timothy Arcerinir: add callback to nir_remove_dead_variables()
2020-06-01 Dylan Bakermeson: use gnu_symbol_visibility argument
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... intel: Add helper to calculate GPGPU_WALKER::RightExecu...
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris, i965: Update limits for ARB_compute_variable_grou...
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... iris, i965: Drop max_variable_local_size
2020-05-28 Caio Marcelo de... i965: Use new helper functions to pick SIMD variant...
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigi965: Use SATURATE
2020-05-26 Alyssa Rosenzweigmesa: Use SATURATE
2020-05-25 Dmitriy Nesteri965: replace fnv1a hash function with xxhash
2020-05-21 Nataraj Deshpandedri_util: Update internal_format to GL_RGB8 for MESA_FO...
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlini965: add identifier BO
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlini965: store workaround_bo offset
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlinblorp: rename workaround address function
2020-05-20 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: make pipeline statistic query loading optional
2020-05-15 Rafael Antognolliintel: Store the aperture size in devinfo.
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Remove support for multisample blits
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Coalesce the GLSL and FF paths in meta_clear
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Use same vertex coordinates for GLSL and FF clears
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Stop frobbing MatrixMode
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Remove support for clearing integer buffers
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Make _mesa_meta_setup_sampler static
2020-05-14 Ian Romanickmeta: Make _mesa_meta_texture_object_from_renderbuffer...
2020-05-14 Ian Romanicki965: Assert that blorp always handles color blits
2020-05-06 Danylo Piliaievi965: Fix out-of-bounds access to brw_stage_state:...
2020-05-05 Pierre-Eric Pellou... mesa: extend GLSLZeroInit semantics
2020-05-02 Dave Airliei965: disable shadow batches when batch debugging.
2020-05-01 Caio Marcelo de... intel: Let drivers call brw_nir_lower_cs_intrinsics()
2020-05-01 Caio Marcelo de... intel/fs: Add an option to lower variable group size...
2020-05-01 Caio Marcelo de... intel/fs: Clean up variable group size handling in...
2020-04-29 Marcin Ślusarzi965: remove unused variable
2020-04-29 Caio Marcelo de... i965: Use correct constant for max_variable_local_size
2020-04-27 Marek Olšákmesa: replace GLenum target with gl_shader_stage in...
2020-04-27 Marek Olšákmesa: extend _mesa_bind_vertex_buffer to take ownership...
2020-04-27 Marek Olšákmesa: add offset_is_int32 param into _mesa_bind_vertex_...
2020-04-27 Marek Olšákmesa: remove exec="dynamic" from Draw functions that...
2020-04-27 Marek Olšákmesa: replace _NEW_EVAL with vbo_exec_update_eval_maps
2020-04-22 Jason Ekstrandmeta,i965: Rip GL_EXT_texture_multisample_blit_scaled...
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerremove final imports.h and imports.c bits
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerdri/nouveau: replace assert with unreachable
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakermesa|mapi: replace _mesa_[v]snprintf with [v]snprintf
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace imports memory functions with utils memory...
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace malloc macros in imports.h with u_memory.h...
2020-04-21 Dylan BakerReplace IROUND_POS with _mesa_roundevenf
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_logbase2 with util_logbase2
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_next_pow_two_* with util_next_power_of_two_*
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_is_pow_two with util_is_power_of_two_*
2020-04-21 Jason Ekstrandglsl: Hard-code noise to zero in builtin_functions.cpp
2020-04-20 Rafael Antognollii965/bufmgr: Add support for MMAP_OFFSET ioctl.
2020-04-20 Rafael Antognollii965/bufmgr: Factor out GEM_MMAP ioctl from mmap_cpu...
2020-04-18 Albert Astals CidFix promotion of floats to doubles
2020-04-13 Matt Turnermeson: Specify the maximum required libdrm in dri.pc
2020-04-13 Ian Romanicktnl: Silence unused parameter warnings in _tnl_draw_prims
2020-04-11 Lionel Landwerlini965: share buffer managers across screens
2020-04-11 Lionel Landwerlini965: store DRM fd on intel_screen
2020-04-10 Caio Marcelo de... intel/compiler: Remove cs_prog_data->threads
2020-04-10 Plamena Manolovai965: Implement ARB_compute_variable_group_size
2020-04-10 Caio Marcelo de... intel/compiler: Replace cs_prog_data-> with...
2020-04-07 Caio Marcelo de... intel/fs: Allow multiple slots for position
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákmesa: precompute _mesa_primitive_restart_index during...
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákmesa: remove no longer needed _mesa_is_bufferobj function
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákmesa: don't ever bind NullBufferObj to glBindBuffer...
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákmesa: don't ever bind NullBufferObj for glBindBuffer...
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákmesa: don't ever set NullBufferObj in gl_vertex_array_b...
2020-03-30 Jose Fonsecascons: Prune out unnecessary targets.
2020-03-28 Eric Engestromintel: drop unused include directories
2020-03-28 Eric Engestrommeson: inline `inc_common`
2020-03-27 Marek Olšákmesa: don't use <> for including internal headers
2020-03-27 Marek OlšákMove compiler.h and imports.h/c from src/mesa/main...
2020-03-27 Lionel Landwerlinintel/perf: break GL query stuff away
2020-03-18 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add support for swizzling fast-clear colors
2020-03-17 Caio Marcelo de... intel/blorp: Plumb the stage through blorp upload_shader
2020-03-16 Tapani Pälliintel/compiler: detect if atomic load store operations...
2020-03-10 Mathias Fröhlichi965: Use gl_vertex_format in brw_vertex_element.