Merge branch '7.8'
[mesa.git] / src / mesa /
2010-04-19 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian Paulmesa: unmap the immediate mode VB before destroying it
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: invert scissor rect depending on FB orientation
2010-04-19 Matthieu Herrbmesa: Fix build with gcc 3.3.
2010-04-19 Matthieu Herrbradeon: Let this build with gcc 3.3
2010-04-19 Owain Ainsworthradeon: Fix command type for DRM_RADEON_IRQ_EMIT ioctl.
2010-04-19 Matthieu Herrbmesa: Use __OpenBSD__ to check for OpenBSD.
2010-04-19 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-19 Brian Paulgallium/draw: use correct rasterization state for wide...
2010-04-19 Dave Airlier300c/r300g: add 3155 rv380 pci id
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: s/st_get_stobj_texture/st_get_stobj_resource/
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: s/st_get_texobj_texture/st_get_texobj_resource/
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: remove st_texture_object::pipe field
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: s/st_renderbuffer_get_sampler_view/st_get_rend...
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: s/st_sampler_view_from_texture/st_create_textu...
2010-04-19 Brian Paulst/mesa: s/st_get_stobj_sampler_view/st_get_texture_sam...
2010-04-18 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: lower CEIL
2010-04-18 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: enable branch emulation for vertex shaders
2010-04-18 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: optimize CMP for vertex shaders a bit
2010-04-18 Nicolai Hähnler300/compiler: Use memory_pool_array_reserve in deadcod...
2010-04-18 Nicolai Hähnler300/compiler: Use memory_pool_array_reserve in r500...
2010-04-18 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: enable branch emulation for R500 fragmen...
2010-04-18 Nicolai Hähnler300/compiler: Implement branch emulation for R300...
2010-04-18 José Fonsecamesa: Restore comment too.
2010-04-18 Vinson Leeglsl: Fix handling of OPCODE_PRINT for no registers...
2010-04-18 Vinson Leei965: Assert that an OPCODE_IF was seen before an OPCOD...
2010-04-17 Vinson Leer300/compiler: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-17 Vinson Leer300/compiler: Add radeon_program_tex.c to SCons build.
2010-04-17 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: add emulation of all mirrored-clamp...
2010-04-17 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: replace mirrored-repeat emulation with...
2010-04-16 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: add handy definitions for XYZ0 and smear...
2010-04-16 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: make ARB_shadow_ambient optional
2010-04-16 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: restore r500-specific bits of TEX transf...
2010-04-16 Brian Paulst/mesa: add prototype for st_bufferobj_validate_usage()
2010-04-16 Tormod Voldensavage: call _mesa_meta_init/free()
2010-04-16 Vinson Leest/mesa: Remove NULL check of pointer that could not...
2010-04-16 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Fix texture instruction readmasks.
2010-04-16 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Fix magic numbers in readmasks.
2010-04-16 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Oops, this slipped through.
2010-04-16 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Save Q for mirror and repeat.
2010-04-16 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Split off texture fixes to their own...
2010-04-16 Vinson Leedrisw: Move pointer dereferences to after NULL checks.
2010-04-16 Vinson Leest/mesa: Move dereference and assignment to after NULL...
2010-04-16 Vinson Leemesa: Add missing format specifiers in error strings.
2010-04-16 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: fix repeat wrap mode for TXP and NPOTs
2010-04-15 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: kill off RC_WRAP_CLAMP
2010-04-15 Vinson Leest/mesa: Remove unnecessary headers.
2010-04-14 Marek Olšákst/mesa: put ATI_texture_mirror_once in the right place
2010-04-14 Marek Olšákst/mesa: trivially enable ATI_texture_mirror_once
2010-04-13 Jakob Bornecrantzi915: Fix comments about cube layouts
2010-04-13 Jesse BarnesMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-13 Vinson Leest/mesa: Remove state_tracker/st_framebuffer.c from...
2010-04-13 Chia-I Wust/mesa: Drop st_public support.
2010-04-13 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Hax around instructions limits in mirror...
2010-04-12 Dave Airlieffvertex: don't touch tex coords if coord replace is...
2010-04-12 Luca Barbierist/mesa: half float vertex support (unexposed)
2010-04-12 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Comment code, add much better mirror...
2010-04-12 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Implement texcoord repeat and mirror...
2010-04-12 Corbin Simpsonr300/compiler: Add NPOT compatibility fields to externa...
2010-04-12 Török EdwinFix build with --enable-32-bit.
2010-04-12 Dan NicholsonRevert "dri/drivers: fix 32bit builds on 64bit systems"
2010-04-11 Maciej Cencoradri/drivers: fix 32bit builds on 64bit systems
2010-04-11 Maciej CencoraMerge commit 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-11 Maciej Cencorar300: respect radeon common code fallbacks
2010-04-11 Maciej Cencorar300: set proper vertex index limits also in non indexe...
2010-04-11 José Fonsecascons: Build glapi regardless of the dri option.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leei965: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leer300: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leemach64: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leeradeon: Remove unnecessary header.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leest/mesa: Silence uninitialized variable warning.
2010-04-11 Vinson Leer300/compiler: Remove unused variable.
2010-04-10 Keith WhitwellSquashed commit of the following:
2010-04-10 Alex Deucherr600: add new r7xx pci ids
2010-04-09 Chia-I WuFix copyright headers.
2010-04-09 Brian PaulMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-09 Brian Paulst/mesa: new assertions to check array indexes
2010-04-09 Brian Paulmesa: fix instruction indexing bugs
2010-04-09 Ben Skeggsnouveau: Import latest nouveau_class.h from renouveau
2010-04-08 Brian Paulst/mesa: fix glDrawPixels(GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT) regression
2010-04-08 Li Pengintel: Call intel_prepare_render() in intelClear()
2010-04-08 Li Pengintel: Call intel_prepare_render() in intelClear()
2010-04-08 Dave AirlieMerge remote branch 'origin/7.8'
2010-04-08 Dave Airlietexenvprogram: fix for ARB_draw_buffers.
2010-04-07 Michel Dänzerr300: Initialize compiler.max_temp_regs for blits.
2010-04-07 Zack RusinMerge branch 'gallium_draw_llvm'
2010-04-06 Chia-I Wumesa: Add OES_EGL_image to extension list.
2010-04-06 Brian Paulst/mesa: reformatting
2010-04-06 Brian Paulst/mesa: put fragment wpos code into separate function
2010-04-05 Marek Olšákst/mesa: trivially enable GL_EXT_gpu_program_parameters
2010-04-05 Ian Romanickmesa: set version string to 7.8.1
2010-04-05 Henri Verbeetmesa: update_arrays() depends on program state.
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: remove unused var
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: check for _NEW_BUFFERS for color read format...
2010-04-05 Ian RomanickMerge branch '7.8'
2010-04-05 Marek Olšákr300/compiler: make the max number of fragment shader...
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: don't turn on GL_EXT_transform_feedback yet
2010-04-05 Brian Paulst/mesa: call pipe_context::draw_arrays/elements_instan...
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: implement core Mesa support for GL_ARB_draw_instanced
2010-04-05 Brian Paulmesa: new validation functions for GL_ARB_draw_instanced