util: fix process_test path
[mesa.git] / src / util / meson.build
2020-03-27 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util: fix process_test path
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/u_process: add util_get_process_exec_path
2020-03-20 Jason Ekstrandmeson,ci: Disable sparse_array tests on windows
2020-02-21 Erik Faye-Lundutil: promote u_debug_memory.c to src/util
2020-02-05 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Add ppc64el and s390x cross-build jobs
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil: move fnv1a hash implementation into its own header
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil: import xxhash
2020-01-17 C Stoututil/vector: Fix u_vector_foreach when head rolls over
2019-12-27 Eric Engestromutil/format: add trivial srgb<->linear conversion test
2019-12-13 Rafael Antognolliutil/os_socket: Add socket related functions.
2019-12-02 Alejandro Piñeiromesa/main/util: moving gallium u_mm to util, remove...
2019-11-14 Eric Anholtutil: Move gallium's PIPE_FORMAT utils to /util/format/
2019-11-11 Dylan Bakerutil: Use ZSTD for shader cache if possible
2019-10-31 Eric Engestrommeson: move idep_xmlconfig_headers to xmlpool/
2019-10-31 Eric Engestrommeson: split out idep_xmlconfig_headers from idep_xmlconfig
2019-10-31 Jason Ekstrandutil: Add a util_sparse_array data structure
2019-10-10 Dylan Bakermeson/util: Don't run string_buffer tests on mingw
2019-10-10 Dylan Bakermeson: only build timspec test if timespec is available
2019-10-10 Dylan Bakermeson: don't build or run mesa-sha1 test on windows
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/rb_tree: Add the unit tests
2019-09-19 Jason EkstrandMove blob from compiler/ to util/
2019-09-17 Samuel Iglesias... util: add fp64 -> fp32 conversion support for RTNE...
2019-09-17 Samuel Iglesias... util: add softfloat functions to operate with doubles...
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkutil: android logging support
2019-08-07 Greg Vutil: add anon_file.h for all memfd/temp file usage
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace last uses of libxmlconfig with idep_xmlc...
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: drop unused dep_{thread,dl}
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace libmesa_util with idep_mesautil
2019-07-29 Lionel Landwerlinutil: add a timespec helper
2019-06-27 Eric Engestrommeson: set up a proper internal dependency for xmlconfig
2019-05-31 Connor Abbottutil: Add a helper for faster remainders
2019-05-03 Dave Airlieutil/tests: add basic unit tests for bitset
2019-04-30 Eric Engestromutil: add os_read_file() helper
2019-03-11 Eric Anholtutil: Add a DAG datastructure.
2019-02-28 Eric Engestromdriconf: add DTD to allow the drirc xml (00-mesa-defaul...
2018-11-20 Dylan Bakermeson: Add tests to suites
2018-11-05 Sergii Romantsovautotools: library-dependency when no sse and 32-bit
2018-10-30 Dylan Bakerutil: move u_cpu_detect to util
2018-10-30 Dylan Bakerutil: Move u_debug to utils
2018-10-30 Dylan Bakerutil: Move os_misc to util
2018-10-10 Jason Ekstrandutil: Add tests for fast integer division by constants
2018-10-10 Marek Olšákutil: import public domain code for integer division...
2018-10-10 Jason Ekstrandutil: Add a simple big math library
2018-09-10 Sergii Romantsovmesa/meson: 32bit xmlconfig linkage
2018-09-07 Dylan Bakermove u_math to src/util
2018-08-17 Qiang Yudriconf: move ${sysconfdir}/drirc to ${datadir}/drirc...
2018-08-17 Qiang Yuxmlconfig: read more config files from drirc.d/
2018-08-10 Mathieu Bridonmeson: Build with Python 3
2018-08-01 Dylan Bakerutil: move process.[ch] to u_process.[ch]
2018-07-12 Caio Marcelo de... util/set: add a basic unit test
2018-07-05 Jason Ekstrandutil: rb-tree: A simple, invasive, red-black tree
2018-07-05 Marek Olšákutil: extract get_process_name from xmlconfig.c
2018-05-31 Scott D Phillipsutil: Add a randomized test for the virtual memory...
2018-05-31 Jason Ekstrandutil: Add a virtual memory allocator
2018-03-02 Thierry Redingdisk cache: Link with -latomic if necessary
2018-01-24 Dylan Bakermeson: correctly set SYSCONFDIR for loading dirrc
2018-01-11 Dylan Bakermeson: Use consistent style for tests
2017-12-07 Eric Engestrommeson: add dep_thread to every lib that includes threads.h
2017-11-28 Eric Engestromutil: add mesa-sha1 test to meson
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleutil: move os_time.[ch] to src/util
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleutil: move futex helpers into futex.h
2017-11-09 Timothy Arcerimesa: Add new fast mtx_t mutex type for basic use cases
2017-10-09 Dylan Bakermeson: Build i965 and dri stack
2017-09-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add build Intel "anv" vulkan driver