util/os_misc: add os_get_available_system_memory()
[mesa.git] / src / util / os_misc.c
2020-09-02 Jonathan Grayutil/os_misc: add os_get_available_system_memory()
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkutil: android logging support
2019-08-28 Jose Fonsecautil: Prevent implicit declaration of function getenv.
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil/os_misc: use detect_os.h to start uncoupling from...
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromgallium/utils: drop PIPE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_USER
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromscons: rename PIPE_SUBSYSTEM_EMBEDDED to EMBEDDED_DEVICE
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil: fix typo in comment
2019-02-27 Timo Aaltonenutil/os_misc: Add check for PIPE_OS_HURD
2018-10-30 Dylan Bakerutil: Move os_misc to util