util/ra: spiff out select_reg_callback
[mesa.git] / src / util / register_allocate.c
2020-03-10 Rob Clarkutil/ra: spiff out select_reg_callback
2020-01-23 Matt Turnerutil: Remove tmp argument from BITSET_FOREACH_SET macro
2020-01-10 Kristian H. Kristensenir3: Set up full/half register conflicts correctly
2019-07-25 Alyssa Rosenzweigutil/ra: Add a getter for a node class
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Assert nodes are in-bounds in add_node_interfe...
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Don't destroy the graph in ra_allocate()
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Add a helper for resetting a node's interference
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Add helpers for adding nodes to an interferenc...
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Improve the performance of ra_simplify
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Only update q_total if the reg is not assigned
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Only update best_optimistic_node if !progress
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Make in_stack a bitset in the graph
2019-05-14 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Get rid of tabs
2018-04-12 Marek Olšákmesa: include mtypes.h less
2017-07-31 Eric Engestromutil/ra: fix memory leak
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtra: Add a callback for selecting a register from what...
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtra: Don't put a node in its own adjacency set.
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtra: Pull the body of a loop out to a helper function.
2015-08-26 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-08-19 Roland Scheideggerutil/ra: (trivial) fix c99 loop variable initialization
2015-08-19 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Make allocating conflict lists optional
2015-08-19 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Add a function for making all conflicts on...
2015-08-17 Jason EkstrandMerge remote-tracking branch 'mesa-public/master' into...
2015-08-10 Jason Ekstrandra: Delete the conflict lists in ra_set_finalize
2015-08-10 Jason Ekstrandra: Refactor ra_set_finalize
2015-07-29 Matt Turnerutil: Avoid double promotion.
2015-02-23 Francisco Jerezra: Disable round-robin strategy for optimistically...
2015-02-20 Eric Anholtutil: Move Mesa's bitset.h to util/.
2014-12-17 Jan Veselyutil: Silence signed-unsigned comparison warnings
2014-12-01 Matt Turnerra: Don't use regs as the ralloc context.
2014-10-24 Jason Ekstrandutil: Use reg_belongs_to_class instead of BITSET_TEST
2014-09-23 Eric Anholtmesa: Move register_allocate.c to util.