Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / util / simple_mtx.h
2020-06-16 Jan Beichutil: enable futex usage on BSDs after 7dc2f4788288
2020-04-29 Rob Clarkutil/simple_mtx: add assert_locked()
2020-01-25 Marek Olšákutil/simple_mtx: add a missing include to get ASSERTED
2019-12-13 Eric Engestromutil/simple_mtx: don't set the canary when it can't...
2019-12-10 Kenneth Graunkeutil: Detect use-after-destroy in simple_mtx
2019-07-31 Eric Engestromtree-wide: replace MAYBE_UNUSED with ASSERTED
2017-11-17 Gert Wollnysrc/util/simple_mtx.h: Fix two -Wunused-param warnings.
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleutil/u_queue: add util_queue_fence_wait_timeout
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleutil: move futex helpers into futex.h
2017-11-09 Timothy Arcerimesa: Add new fast mtx_t mutex type for basic use cases