dri: Use DRM_FORMAT_* instead of defining our own copy.
[mesa.git] / src / util /
2019-09-10 Dylan Bakermeson: don't try to generate i18n translations on windows
2019-09-07 Tapani Pälliandroid: fix linking issues with liblog
2019-09-06 Eric Engestromdrirc: override minImageCount=2 for gfxbench
2019-09-06 Eric Engestromwsi: add minImageCount override
2019-09-06 Rhys Perryutil: include u_endian.h in u_math.h
2019-09-06 Rob Clarkutil: android logging support
2019-09-03 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: fix double-close()
2019-09-02 Erik Faye-Lundutil: only allow _BitScanReverse64 on 64-bit cpus
2019-09-02 Erik Faye-Lundutil: do not assume MSVC implies SSE
2019-09-02 Erik Faye-Lundutil: fix SSE-version needed for double opcodes
2019-08-31 Vinson Leeutil: Define strchrnul on macOS.
2019-08-30 Krzysztof Raszkowskiutil: Add unreachable() definition for clang compiler.
2019-08-28 Jose Fonsecautil: Prevent strcasecmp macro redefinion.
2019-08-28 Jose Fonsecautil: Prevent implicit declaration of function getenv.
2019-08-27 Kenneth Graunkeutil: Add a _mesa_i64roundevenf() helper.
2019-08-27 Daniel Kolesautil: add auxv based PowerPC AltiVec/VSX detection
2019-08-23 Lionel Landwerlinutil: fix compilation on macos
2019-08-22 Lionel Landwerlinutil/timespec: use unsigned 64 bit integers for nsec...
2019-08-22 Tapani Pälliutil: fix os_create_anonymous_file on android
2019-08-21 Kevin Strasseri965: Add handling for fp16 configs
2019-08-21 Kevin Strasserutil: move bitcount to bitscan.h
2019-08-15 Erik Faye-Lundwin32: unify strcasecmp definitions
2019-08-09 Lionel Landwerlinutil: drop final reference to p_compiler.h
2019-08-09 Lionel Landwerlinutil: os_misc: drop p_compiler.h include
2019-08-09 Lionel Landwerlinutil: u_math: drop p_compiler.h include
2019-08-09 Gurchetan Singhutil: Revert "util: added missing headers in anon-file"
2019-08-09 Jon Turneyutil: Cygwin has linux-style pthread_setname_np
2019-08-08 Gurchetan Singhutil: added missing headers in anon-file
2019-08-08 Eric Engestromutil/anon_file: const string param
2019-08-08 Eric Engestromutil/anon_file: drop unused #include
2019-08-08 Eric Engestromutil/anon_file: add missing #include
2019-08-08 Greg Vutil: fix cpuset support on FreeBSD
2019-08-08 Tomeu Vizosoutil/hash_table: Fix hashing in clears on 32-bit
2019-08-07 Greg Vutil: add anon_file.h for all memfd/temp file usage
2019-08-07 Eric Engestromutil: fix mem leak of program path
2019-08-07 Timothy Arceridrirc: Add vendor workaround for Divinity: Original...
2019-08-07 Timothy Arcerimesa/gallium: add dric option to allow overriding GL...
2019-08-05 Timothy Arceridrirc: Add discard workaround for Divinity: Original...
2019-08-04 Eric Engestromintroduce c11_compat.h to provide C11 things in C99
2019-08-03 Eric Engestromutil: fix pointer type on NetBSD
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace last uses of libxmlconfig with idep_xmlc...
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: drop unused dep_{thread,dl}
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace libmesa_util with idep_mesautil
2019-08-02 Matt Turnerutil: Handle differences in pthread_setname_np
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil/os_time: use detect_os.h to uncouple from gallium
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil/u_debug: use detect_os.h
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil/os_misc: use detect_os.h to start uncoupling from...
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil/os_memory: use detect_os.h to uncouple it from...
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromgallium/utils: drop PIPE_SUBSYSTEM_WINDOWS_USER
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromscons: rename PIPE_SUBSYSTEM_EMBEDDED to EMBEDDED_DEVICE
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil: fix typo in comment
2019-08-02 Eric Engestromutil: introduce detect_os.h
2019-07-31 Eric Engestromtree-wide: replace MAYBE_UNUSED with ASSERTED
2019-07-30 Matt Turnermeson: Test for program_invocation_name
2019-07-30 Matt Turnerutil: Drop preprocessor guards for glibc-2.12
2019-07-29 Lionel Landwerlinutil: add a timespec helper
2019-07-25 Alyssa Rosenzweigutil/ra: Add a getter for a node class
2019-07-24 Eric Engestromutil: fix no-op macro (bad number of arguments)
2019-07-23 Eric Engestromutil: fix asprintf() fallback
2019-07-23 Eric Engestromutil: add asprintf() wrapper for MSVC
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: drop strncat(), strcmp(), strncmp(), snprintf...
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for vsnprintf()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for snprintf()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for vasprintf()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for sprintf()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strcmp()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strcasecmp()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strncmp()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strncat()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strdup()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: use standard name for strchrnul()
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: drop unused vsprintf() wrapper
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: drop unused strchr() wrapper
2019-07-19 Eric Engestromutil: drop unused strstr() wrapper
2019-07-16 Eric Anholtsrc/util: Switch _mesa_half_to_float() to u_half.h...
2019-07-04 Christian Gmeinerutil/macros: rework DIV_ROUND_UP macro
2019-06-28 Eric Engestromutil: add os_file_create_unique()
2019-06-27 Eric Engestrommeson: set up a proper internal dependency for xmlconfig
2019-06-27 Eric Engestromxmlconfig: add missing #include
2019-06-27 Eric Engestromxmlpool: fix typo in comment
2019-06-24 Eric Engestromutil: support "y" and "n" in env_var_as_boolean()
2019-06-21 Marek Olšákinclude: update GL headers from the registry
2019-06-20 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: resize buffer to what was actually needed
2019-06-20 Alejandro Piñeiroutil: add empty line before virgl options
2019-06-20 Alejandro Piñeiroutil: add missing DRI_CONF_OPT_END
2019-06-20 Gert Wollnyvirgl: Add a tweak to set the value for emulated querie...
2019-06-20 Gert Wollnyvirgl: Add tweak to apply a swizzle when drawing/blitti...
2019-06-20 Gert Wollnyvirgl: Add driconf tweak for emulating BGRA surfaces...
2019-06-19 Jory Prattutil: Heap-allocate 256K zlib buffer
2019-06-12 Caio Marcelo de... i965: Fix INTEL_DEBUG=bat
2019-06-12 Caio Marcelo de... util/hash_table: Properly handle the NULL key in hash_t...
2019-06-12 Nicolai Hähnleu_dynarray: turn util_dynarray_{grow, resize} into...
2019-06-12 Nicolai Hähnleu_dynarray: return 0 on realloc failure and ensure...
2019-06-12 Eric Engestromutil/futex: fix dangling pointer use
2019-06-09 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: suppress sign comparison warning
2019-06-09 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: fix error being sign-cast back and forth
2019-06-09 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: avoid shadowing read() with a local variable
2019-06-09 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: actually return the error read() gave us
2019-06-06 Jason Ekstrandutil/hash_table: Assert that keys are not reserved...
2019-06-06 Jason Ekstrandutil/set: Assert that keys are not reserved pointers