Added few more stubs so that control reaches to DestroyDevice().
[mesa.git] / src / util /
2020-04-29 Eric Anholtutil/ra: Improve ra_set_finalize() performance.
2020-04-29 Eric Anholtutil/ra: Use util_dynarray for handling the conflict...
2020-04-29 Eric Anholtutil/ra: Use util_dynarray for the adjacency list.
2020-04-29 Eric Anholtutil/ra: Sanity check that we're adding a valid reg...
2020-04-29 Eric Anholtutil/ra: Sanity check that the driver selected a valid...
2020-04-24 Andres GomezRevert "meson,ci: Disable sparse_array tests on windows"
2020-04-21 Jesse Natalieutil/ralloc: fix ralloc alignment on Win64
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerremove final imports.h and imports.c bits
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakermesa|mapi: replace _mesa_[v]snprintf with [v]snprintf
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace imports memory functions with utils memory...
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerutil: Add an aligned realloc function
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace malloc macros in imports.h with u_memory.h...
2020-04-21 Dylan BakerReplace IS_INF_OR_NAN with util_is_inf_or_nan
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakermove windows strtok_r define to u_string
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace IROUND with util functions
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakermesa/main: remove unused IROUNDD
2020-04-21 Dylan BakerReplace IROUND_POS with _mesa_roundevenf
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace IFLOOR with util_ifloor
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakeru_math: add x86 optimized version of ifloor
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace LOG2 with util_fast_log2
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_logbase2 with util_logbase2
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_next_pow_two_* with util_next_power_of_two_*
2020-04-21 Dylan Bakerreplace _mesa_is_pow_two with util_is_power_of_two_*
2020-04-18 Lionel Landwerlinutil/sparse_free_list: manipulate node pointers using...
2020-04-17 D Scott Phillipsutil/sparse_array: don't stomp head's counter on pop...
2020-04-16 Erik Faye-Lundutil/tests: initialize variable
2020-04-15 Jon TurneyFix util/process test on Cygwin
2020-04-06 Marek Olšákutil: move and adjust the vertex upload heuristic equat...
2020-04-03 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/xmlconfig: fix sha1 comparison code
2020-04-02 Marek Olšákdriconf: whilelist more games for glthread
2020-04-01 Dave Airliegallium/llvmpipe: add an optimised 32-bit memset
2020-03-31 Rob Clarkutil: move ALIGN/ROUND_DOWN_TO to u_math.h
2020-03-30 Rhys Perryutil/u_queue: fix race in total_jobs_size access
2020-03-28 Eric Engestrommeson: inline `inc_common`
2020-03-27 Marek Olšákutil: remove duplicated MALLOC_STRUCT and CALLOC_STRUCT
2020-03-27 Marek Olšákutil: don't include p_defines.h and u_pointer.h from...
2020-03-27 Marek Olšákutil: stop including files from mesa/main
2020-03-27 Marek OlšákMove compiler.h and imports.h/c from src/mesa/main...
2020-03-27 Daniel Stoneutil/test: Use MAX_PATH on Windows
2020-03-27 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util: fix process_test path
2020-03-26 Marek Olšákmesa: allow out-of-order drawing to optimize immediate...
2020-03-25 Vinson Leeutil/u_process: Add util_get_process_exec_path for...
2020-03-25 Roland Scheideggergallium/util: Add back (and rename) util_float_to_half...
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/u_process: fix Windows build
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... radeonsi: enable workarounds for YoYo engine based...
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/xmlconfig: add new sha1 application attribute
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/u_process: add util_get_process_exec_path
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... util/os_file: extend os_read_file to return the file...
2020-03-24 Pierre-Eric Pellou... radeonsi: clarify the conditions when FLUSH_AND_INV_DB...
2020-03-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/sparse_array: Stash the node level in the node...
2020-03-20 Jason Ekstrandmeson,ci: Disable sparse_array tests on windows
2020-03-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/sparse_array: Add a node_size_log2 temporary
2020-03-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/sparse_array: Finish the sparse_array in the tests
2020-03-20 Mark Menzynskiutil/blob: Add overwrite function for uint8
2020-03-20 Marek Olšákdriconf: enable glthread for "From The Depths"
2020-03-19 Pierre-Eric Pellou... radeonsi: enable glsl_zero_init for Curse of the Dead...
2020-03-12 Eric Anholtglsl/tests: Fix waiting for disk_cache_put() to finish.
2020-03-10 Rob Clarkutil/ra: move NO_REG to header
2020-03-10 Rob Clarkutil/ra: spiff out select_reg_callback
2020-03-09 Kristian H. Kristensenglsl: Add ir_constant constructor for fp16
2020-03-06 Pierre-Eric Pellou... radeonsi: remove AMD_DEBUG=sisched option
2020-02-24 Erik Faye-Lundutil: move debug_memory_{begin,end} to os_memory_debug.h
2020-02-21 Michel Dänzerutil: Change os_same_file_description return type from...
2020-02-21 Erik Faye-Lundutil: promote u_debug_memory.c to src/util
2020-02-20 Marek Olšákutil: remove the dependency on kcmp.h
2020-02-19 Kristian H. KristensenMark a few static inline helpers with ASSERTED
2020-02-19 Danylo Piliaievglsl/blob: Do not call memcpy if there is nothing to...
2020-02-11 Eric AnholtRevert "gallium: Fix big-endian addressing of non-bitma...
2020-02-05 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Add ppc64el and s390x cross-build jobs
2020-02-05 Eric Engestromutil/disk_cache: check for write() failure in the zstd...
2020-02-04 Eric Anholtutil: Drop unpacking from int signed to unsigned and...
2020-02-04 Eric Anholtutil: Make helper functions for pack/unpacking pixel...
2020-02-04 Eric Engestromutil/os_socket: fix header unavailable on windows
2020-02-03 Bernd Kuhlsutil/os_socket: Include unistd.h to fix build error
2020-01-25 Marek Olšákutil/simple_mtx: add a missing include to get ASSERTED
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil/hash_table: added hash functions for integer types
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil/hash_table: replace _mesa_hash_data's fnv1a hash...
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil: move fnv1a hash implementation into its own header
2020-01-23 Anthony Peschutil: import xxhash
2020-01-23 Michel Dänzerutil: Add os_same_file_description helper
2020-01-23 Matt Turnerutil: Remove tmp argument from BITSET_FOREACH_SET macro
2020-01-23 Matt Turnerutil: Explain BITSET_FOREACH_SET params
2020-01-22 Samuel Thibaultutil: Do not fail to build on unknown pthread_setname_np
2020-01-22 Eric Engestromutil/atomic: fix return type of p_atomic_add_return...
2020-01-22 X512util/u_thread: Fix build under Haiku
2020-01-17 C Stoututil/vector: Fix u_vector_foreach when head rolls over
2020-01-14 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add a driconf option to force WSI to advert...
2020-01-14 Erik Faye-Lundutil: initialize float-array with float-literals
2020-01-10 Kristian H. Kristensenir3: Set up full/half register conflicts correctly
2020-01-06 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove TGSI
2020-01-03 Thong Thaiutil/format: Add the P010 format used for 10-bit videos
2019-12-31 Robert Fossandroid: Fix u_format_table.c being generated twice
2019-12-27 Eric Engestromu_format: move format tests to util/tests/
2019-12-27 Eric Engestromutil/format: add trivial srgb<->linear conversion test
2019-12-27 Eric Engestromutil/format: add PIPE_FORMAT_ASTC_*x*x*_SRGB to util_fo...
2019-12-27 Eric Engestromutil/format: remove left-over util_format_description_t...
2019-12-20 Jonathan Marekutil/format: add missing vulkan formats
2019-12-16 Rafael Antognolliutils/os_socket: Define ssize_t on windows.
2019-12-14 Kenneth Graunkedrirc: Final Fantasy VIII: Remastered needs allow_highe...
2019-12-13 Rafael Antognolliutil/os_socket: Add socket related functions.