vulkan: bump headers/registry to 1.1.127
[mesa.git] / src / vulkan / wsi / wsi_common_display.c
2019-04-26 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi: don't use DUMB_CLOSE for normal GEM handles
2019-04-26 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi: check if the display_fd given is master
2019-04-10 Samuel Pitoisetwsi: allow to override the present mode with MESA_VK_WS...
2019-03-18 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Implement VK_KHR_surface_capability_protected
2019-03-11 Eric Engestromwsi: deduplicate get_current_time() functions between...
2019-02-14 Eric Engestromdrm-uapi: use local files, not system libdrm
2019-02-08 Eric Engestromwsi: query the ICD's max dimensions instead of hard...
2019-02-02 Eric Engestromwsi/display: add comment
2018-11-28 Eric Engestromwsi/display: fix mem leak when freeing swapchains
2018-11-21 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan: Allow storage images in the WSI.
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Use VK_EXT_pci_bus_info for DRM fd matching
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Implement GetPhysicalDevicePresentRectanglesKHR
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Store the instance allocator in wsi_device
2018-09-27 Maximevulkan: Disable randr lease for libxcb < 1.13
2018-09-24 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi/display: wsi_display_select_crtc() doesn...
2018-09-24 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi/display: check if wsi_swapchain_init() succeeded
2018-09-21 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Implement vkAcquireNextImage2
2018-08-22 Grazvydas Ignotasvulkan/wsi: fix pointer-integer conversion warnings
2018-07-25 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: fix incorrect assignment in assert()
2018-07-10 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Add support for VK_KHR_get_display_properties2
2018-06-27 Keith Packardvulkan/wsi_common_display: Return SURFACE_LOST for...
2018-06-23 Keith Packardvulkan: add VK_EXT_display_control [v10]
2018-06-20 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Get rid of the get_capabilities hook
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add EXT_acquire_xlib_display [v5]
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add EXT_direct_mode_display [v2]
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add KHR_display extension using DRM [v10]