meson: only build imgui when needed
[mesa.git] / src / vulkan / wsi /
2019-09-15 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan: add vk_x11_strict_image_count option
2019-09-06 Eric Engestromwsi: add minImageCount override
2019-08-03 Eric Engestrommeson: replace last uses of libxmlconfig with idep_xmlc...
2019-07-29 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan/wsi/wayland: implement acquire timeout
2019-07-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi/x11: Increase the effective min. images...
2019-07-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi/x11: Wait for GPU work before present with...
2019-07-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi/x11: Allow using thread present-only.
2019-07-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi: Use one fence per image.
2019-07-17 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan/wsi: update swapchain status on vkQueuePresent
2019-05-22 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan: fix build dependency issue with generated files
2019-05-19 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi: Set X11 minImageCount to 3.
2019-05-02 Eric Engestromwsi/wayland: document lack of vkAcquireNextImageKHR...
2019-05-02 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi/wayland: Respect non-blocking AcquireNextImage
2019-04-29 Eric Engestromdelete autotools .gitignore files
2019-04-26 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi: don't use DUMB_CLOSE for normal GEM handles
2019-04-26 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi: check if the display_fd given is master
2019-04-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi: Add X11 adaptive sync support based on...
2019-04-10 Samuel Pitoisetwsi: allow to override the present mode with MESA_VK_WS...
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: make wl_drm optional
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: add wsi_wl_display_dmabuf
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: add wsi_wl_display_drm
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: refactor drm_handle_format
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: create wl_drm wrapper as needed
2019-04-09 Chia-I Wuvulkan/wsi: move modifier array into wsi_wl_swapchain
2019-03-18 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Implement VK_KHR_surface_capability_protected
2019-03-18 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan: factor out wsi dependencies
2019-03-11 Eric Engestromwsi/x11: use WSI_FROM_HANDLE() instead of pointer casts
2019-03-11 Eric Engestromwsi/wayland: fix pointer casting warning on 32bit
2019-03-11 Eric Engestromwsi/display: s/#if/#ifdef/ to fix -Wundef
2019-03-11 Eric Engestromwsi: deduplicate get_current_time() functions between...
2019-03-06 Lionel Landwerlinvulkan/util: generate instance/device dispatch tables
2019-02-14 Eric Engestromdrm-uapi: use local files, not system libdrm
2019-02-08 Eric Engestromwsi: query the ICD's max dimensions instead of hard...
2019-02-02 Eric Engestromwsi/display: add comment
2019-01-08 Eric Engestromwsi: drop unneeded KHR suffix
2018-11-28 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: fix s/,/;/ typo
2018-11-28 Eric Engestromwsi/display: fix mem leak when freeing swapchains
2018-11-21 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan: Allow storage images in the WSI.
2018-11-05 Eric Engestromwsi/wayland: only finish() a successfully init()ed...
2018-11-05 Eric Engestromwsi/wayland: use proper VkResult type
2018-10-30 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi: use the drmGetDevice2() API
2018-10-29 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: simplify meson file tracking
2018-10-26 Eric Engestromvulkan: drop always-true param
2018-10-25 Eric Engestromutil: use C99 declaration in the for-loop hash_table_fo...
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Use VK_EXT_pci_bus_info for DRM fd matching
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Implement GetPhysicalDevicePresentRectanglesKHR
2018-10-18 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Store the instance allocator in wsi_device
2018-09-27 Maximevulkan: Disable randr lease for libxcb < 1.13
2018-09-24 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi/display: wsi_display_select_crtc() doesn...
2018-09-24 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi/display: check if wsi_swapchain_init() succeeded
2018-09-21 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Implement vkAcquireNextImage2
2018-08-23 Eric Engestromvk/wsi: avoid reading uninitialised memory
2018-08-22 Grazvydas Ignotasvulkan/wsi: fix pointer-integer conversion warnings
2018-08-18 Kai Wasserbächvulkan/wsi: initialise image_index to 0 in x11_manage_f...
2018-07-25 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: fix incorrect assignment in assert()
2018-07-10 Jason Ekstrandanv,radv: Add support for VK_KHR_get_display_properties2
2018-06-27 Keith Packardvulkan/wsi_common_display: Return SURFACE_LOST for...
2018-06-23 Keith Packardvulkan: add VK_EXT_display_control [v10]
2018-06-20 Keith Packardvulkan: EXT_acquire_xlib_display requires libXrandr...
2018-06-20 Jason EkstrandVulkan/wsi: Implement VK_EXT_display_surface_counter
2018-06-20 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Get rid of the get_capabilities hook
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add EXT_acquire_xlib_display [v5]
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add EXT_direct_mode_display [v2]
2018-06-19 Keith Packardvulkan: Add KHR_display extension using DRM [v10]
2018-06-08 Cameron Kumarvulkan/wsi: Destroy swapchain images after terminating...
2018-05-29 Eric Engestromvulkan: don't free uninitialised memory
2018-05-08 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi: Only use LINEAR modifier for prime if suppo...
2018-04-03 James Leggvulkan/wsi/wayland: fix leaks
2018-03-20 Daniel Stonedri3: Don't fail on version mismatch
2018-03-16 Dave Airliedri3: allow building against older xcb (v3)
2018-03-16 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi/x11: correct DRI3 version in comment
2018-03-16 Emil Velikovvulkan/wsi/x11: use ARRAY_SIZE where applicable
2018-03-09 Louis-Francis Ratt... vulkan/wsi/x11: Return VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR for X11
2018-03-09 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi/x11: Add support for DRI3 v1.2
2018-03-09 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: clean up cleanup path
2018-02-21 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi/x11: Consistently update and return swapchai...
2018-02-21 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi/x11: Set OUT_OF_DATE if wait_for_special_eve...
2018-02-21 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi/wayland: Add support for zwp_dmabuf
2018-02-21 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add modifiers support to wsi_create_native_...
2018-02-21 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi: Add drm_modifier member to wsi_image
2018-02-21 Daniel Stonevulkan/wsi: Add multiple planes to wsi_image
2018-02-06 Bas Nieuwenhuizenvulkan/wsi: Fix OOM behavior with prime images.
2017-12-27 Dave Airlievulkan/wsi: free cmd pools
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Initialize individual WSI interfaces in...
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Drop some unneeded cruft from the API
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add wrappers for all of the surface queries
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Drop the can_handle_different_gpu parameter...
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Move wsi_swapchain to wsi_common_private.h
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add a helper for AcquireNextImage
2017-12-04 Dave Airlievulkan/wsi: move swapchain create/destroy to common...
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Move prime blitting into queue_present
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Move get_images into common code
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Set a proper pWaitDstStageMask on the dummy...
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Only wait on semaphores on the first swapchain
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Refactor result handling in queue_present
2017-12-04 Dave Airlieradv/wsi: Move the guts of QueuePresent to wsi common
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add a WSI_FROM_HANDLE macro
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Do image creation in common code
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Implement prime in a completely generic way
2017-12-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan/wsi: Add a mock image creation extension