broadcom/vc5: Add XML for V3D 4.2.
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2018-01-27 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Add XML for V3D 4.2.
2018-01-27 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Fix a race between XML codegen build...
2018-01-27 Eric AnholtAndroid: Attempt to fix broadcom build after vc5 changes.
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákac: rename and move si_const_array into common code
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákac: move address space definitions to common code
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákac: don't use byval LLVM qualifier in shaders
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákgallium/radeon: set number of pb_cache buckets = number...
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákpb_cache: let drivers choose the number of buckets
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákpb_cache: call os_time_get outside of the loop
2018-01-27 Marek Olšákgallium/radeon: simplify radeon_flags_from_heap
2018-01-26 Timothy Arcerist/shader_cache: restore num_tgsi_tokens when loading...
2018-01-26 Marek Olšákwinsys/amdgpu: fix assertion failure with UVD and VCE...
2018-01-26 Brian Paulmesa: remove MESA_FUNCTION
2018-01-26 Brian Paulmesa: change gl_link_status enums to uppercase
2018-01-26 Brian Paulmesa: change gl_compile_status enums to uppercase
2018-01-26 Brian Paulmesa: minor comment reformatting, whitespace fixes...
2018-01-26 Rafael Antognollii965/gen10: Use CS Stall instead of WriteImmediate.
2018-01-26 Rafael Antognollianv/gen10: Emit CS stall and mark push constants dirty.
2018-01-26 Rafael Antognollii965/gen10: Re-enable push constants.
2018-01-26 Rafael Antognollianv/gen10: Ignore push constant packets during context...
2018-01-26 Rafael Antognollii965/gen10: Ignore push constant packets during context...
2018-01-26 Brian Paulmesa: silence MinGW 'may be unused uninitialized' warni...
2018-01-26 Eleni Maria Steamesa: Fix function pointers initialization in status...
2018-01-26 Iago Toral Quirogaanv/pipeline: remove the pipeline layout field from...
2018-01-26 Iago Toral Quirogaanv/cmd_buffer: add the pipeline layout to the pipeline...
2018-01-26 Iago Toral Quirogaanv/pipeline: don't take the layout from the pipeline...
2018-01-26 Iago Toral Quirogaanv/descriptor_set: add reference counting for descript...
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: set amdgpu.uniform and invariant.load for SSBOs
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: set amdgpu.uniform and invariant.load for UBOs
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: set the noalias attribute on input pointers
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac: only load used channels when sampling buffer views
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac: pass the number of channels to ac_build_buffer_load...
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac: add ac_build_buffer_load_common() helper
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix RADV_DEBUG=syncshaders on GFX9
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix a GPU hang with RADV_DEBUG=syncshaders
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac/shader: scan if fragment shaders write memory
2018-01-26 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: only canonicalize 32-bit float min/max outputs...
2018-01-26 Jason Ekstrandanv/pipeline: Don't look at blend state unless we have...
2018-01-26 Maxin B. improve reproducible builds
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicknouveau: Remove no-op nvgl_logicop_func function
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki915: Silence unused parameter warnings
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki915: Make intelEmitCopyBlit static
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki965: Make intelEmitCopyBlit static
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki915: Use enum color_logic_ops for blits
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki965: Use enum color_logic_ops for blits
2018-01-26 Ian Romanickmesa: Pass the translated color logic op dd_function_ta...
2018-01-26 Ian Romanickst/mesa: Use the translated color logic op from the...
2018-01-26 Ian Romanicki965: Use the translated color logic op from the context
2018-01-26 Ian Romanickmesa: Also track a remapped version of the color logic op
2018-01-26 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradeonsi: Export signalled sync file instead of -1.
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965/fs: Reset the register file to VGRF in lower_integ...
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandvulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.0.68
2018-01-25 Dave Airlieradv: don't enable tc compat for d32s8 + 4/8 samples...
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Optimize DumpToFile output size
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Updated copyright dates
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Move memory-related JIT functions
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Add extra (optional) parameter in GATHERPS
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Better ExecCmd (i.e. system()) implmentation
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: Support USE_SIMD16_FRONTEND=0 for EarlyRast
2018-01-25 Brian Paulmesa: whitespace fixes in attrib.c
2018-01-25 Brian Paulmesa: whitespace fixes in varray.h
2018-01-25 Brian Paulmesa: include mtypes.h in varray.h
2018-01-25 Brian Paulmesa: s/gl_vertex_attrib_array/gl_array_attributes...
2018-01-25 Brian Paulmesa: simplify _mesa_delete_list() a bit, add some...
2018-01-25 Brian Paulst/mesa: expand glDrawPixels cache to handle multiple...
2018-01-25 Brian Paulst/mesa: add some debug code in st_choose_format()
2018-01-25 Brian Paulsvga: s/Bool/SVGA3dBool/ in SVGA3dDevCapResult
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovswrast: remove non-applicable GLX_SWAP_COPY_OML comment
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovmapi: remove duplicate GL typedefs
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovmapi: remove non applicable HAVE_DIX_CONFIG_H hunk
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovmapi: autotools: remove unused MAPI_FILES file list
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovautomake: st/mesa/tests: add st_tests_common.h to the...
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovautomake: mesa: include vbo_private.h in the tarball
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovautomake: small cleanup after the inclusion
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovautomake: anv: ship in the tarball
2018-01-25 Emil Velikovautomake: vc5: remove non-applicable v3dx_simulator.h
2018-01-25 Roland Scheideggergallivm: fix crash with seamless cube filtering with...
2018-01-25 Eric Engestromegl: keep extension list sorted, per comment at the top
2018-01-25 George Kyriazisswr/rast: support llvm 3.9 type declarations
2018-01-25 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: add break statements in needs_view_index_sgpr()
2018-01-25 Eric Engestromloader: let compiler figure out the length of the string
2018-01-25 Juan A. Suarez Romeromesa: add missing RGB9_E5 format in _mesa_base_fbo_format
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965: Stop disabling aux during texture preparation
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965/draw: Set NEW_AUX_STATE when draw aux changes
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965: Replace draw_aux_buffer_disabled with draw_aux_usage
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965/surface_state: Drop brw_aux_surface_disabled
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Add an aux_disabled parameter to render_a...
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Take an aux_usage in prepare/finish_render
2018-01-25 Jason Ekstrandaubinator: Multiply count by 4 to compute buffer sizes
2018-01-25 Timothy Arcerist/glsl_to_nir: remove reallocation of sampler/image...
2018-01-24 Greg Vmeson: fix missing dependencies
2018-01-24 Grazvydas Ignotasanv: correct a duplicate check in an assert
2018-01-24 Dylan Bakermeson: correctly set SYSCONFDIR for loading dirrc
2018-01-24 Dave Airlieradv: add multisample Z optimisation from amdvlk
2018-01-24 Dave Airlieradv: move spi_baryc_cntl to pipeline
2018-01-24 Marek Olšákgallium/u_tests: add texture_barrier and FBFETCH tests
2018-01-24 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't ignore pitch for imported textures
2018-01-24 Gert Wollnymesa/st/glsl_to_tgsi: remove now unneeded assert.
2018-01-24 Gert Wollnymesa/st/tests: Add tests for lifetime tracking with...
2018-01-24 Gert Wollnymesa/st/glsl_to_tgsi: Add tracking of indirect addressi...