2017-11-10 Dylan Bakermeson: move gl pkgconfig generation out of glx
2017-11-10 Dylan Bakermeson: move wayland-egl into egl folder
2017-11-10 Dylan Bakermeson: add nir_builder_opcodes_h to gallium_auxiliary
2017-11-10 Dylan Bakergallium/xlib: remove GL_{MAJOR,MINOR,TINY}
2017-11-10 Timothy Arceriradeonsi: get llvm types from ac
2017-11-10 Jon Turneyglx/windows: Fix building libwindowsdri when libX11...
2017-11-10 Jon Turneyutil: include unistd.h, which may be required for uslee...
2017-11-10 Dylan Bakerautotools: Set C++ visibility flags on Intel
2017-11-10 Andres Gomezdocs/releasing: improve the pre-announce template and...
2017-11-10 Andres Gomezdocs/releasing: drop manually exported variables during...
2017-11-10 Andres Gomezdocs/releasing: drop custom LLVM_CONFIG if previously...
2017-11-10 Marek Olšákst/dri: fix android fence regression
2017-11-10 Nicolai Hähnleutil/u_thread: fix compilation on Mac OS
2017-11-10 Nicolai Hähnleutil/u_queue: handle OS_TIMEOUT_INFINITE in util_queue_...
2017-11-10 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_threaded: fix end_query regression
2017-11-10 Bruce Cherniakswr: Fixed an uncommon freed-memory access during state...
2017-11-10 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix standalone compiler meson build
2017-11-10 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: correct # of dest components for intrinsics
2017-11-10 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: remove bogus assert
2017-11-10 Rob Clarknir: handle get_buffer_size in nir_lower_atomics_to_ssbo
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv/meson: Generate dev_icd.json
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Fix architecture in intel_icd.{arch}.json
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceradv: Fix architecture in radeon_icd.{arch}.json
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor anv_GetImageSubresourceLayout()
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv/image: Refactor choice of isl_tiling_flags_t
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor anv_get_format_plane() - explicit unsupported
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Remove anv_physical_device_get_format_properties()
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Simplify anv_physical_device_get_format_properties()
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Simplify anv_get_image_format_properties()
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Rename get_image_format_properties()
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Fix get_image_format_properties() - YCbCr
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Fix get_image_format_properties() - 3-channel...
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_image_format_properties() - Reduce...
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_image_format_properties() - base_isl_...
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_image_format_properties() - plane_format
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_image_format_properties() - ASTC
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_image_format_properties() - depthsten...
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Better types for 'aspect' function params
2017-11-10 Chad Versaceanv: Refactor get_buffer_format_properties()
2017-11-09 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc4: Fix simulator mode for the MADVISE usage.
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákmesa: enable ARB_texture_buffer_* extensions in the...
2017-11-09 Dave Airliedocs: update r600 atomic counter status.
2017-11-09 Dave Airlier600: add support for hw atomic counters. (v3)
2017-11-09 Dave Airliest/mesa: add support for hw atomics to glsl->tgsi....
2017-11-09 Dave Airliest/mesa: setup hw atomic limits. (v1.1)
2017-11-09 Dave Airliest/mesa: start adding support for hw atomics atom....
2017-11-09 Dave Airliemesa/program: add hw atomic counter file
2017-11-09 Dave Airliegallium: add hw atomic buffer binding API.
2017-11-09 Dave Airliegallium/tgsi: start adding hw atomics (v3.2)
2017-11-09 Dave Airliegallium: add CAPs to support HW atomic counters. (v3)
2017-11-09 Dave Airlier600/query: drop rest of vi workaround code.
2017-11-09 Roland Scheideggerdocs: Fix GL_MESA_program_debug enums
2017-11-09 Brian Paulst/mesa: remove 'struct' keyword on function parameter
2017-11-09 Brian Paulthreads: fix MinGW build breakage
2017-11-09 Brian Paulmesa: s/GLint/gl_buffer_index/ for _ColorDrawBufferIndexes
2017-11-09 Brian Paulmesa: s/GLint/gl_buffer_index/ for _ColorReadBufferIndex
2017-11-09 Brian Paulmesa: minor reformatting, add const to gl_external_samp...
2017-11-09 Brian Paulst/mesa: whitespace clean-up in st_mesa_to_tgsi.c
2017-11-09 Dylan Bakermeson: implement default driver arguments
2017-11-09 Kenneth Graunkei965: Pretend there are 4 subslices for compute shader...
2017-11-09 Dylan Bakermeson: Add script to use VERSION file for getting version
2017-11-09 Boris Brezillonbroadcom/vc4: Mark BOs as purgeable when they enter...
2017-11-09 Boris Brezillondrm-uapi: Update vc4 header from drm-next
2017-11-09 Eric Anholtmeson: Enable VC4's NEON assembly support.
2017-11-09 Eric Anholtmeson: Always link against dep_thread.
2017-11-09 Eric Anholtmeson: Drop stale comment about making valgrind conditi...
2017-11-09 Eric Anholtmeson: Leave dep_llvm empty if !with_llvm
2017-11-09 Adam JacksonRevert "glx: Implement GLX_EXT_no_config_context (v2)"
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: pack r600_surface better
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: pack r600_texture better
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: clean up r600_surface
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove r600_texture::non_disp_tiling
2017-11-09 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove DBG_NO_DISCARD_RANGE
2017-11-09 Adam Jacksonglx: Implement GLX_EXT_no_config_context (v2)
2017-11-09 Adam Jacksonglx: Prepare the DRI backends for GLX_EXT_no_config_context
2017-11-09 Adam Jacksonglx: Relax validate_renderType_against_config for EXT_n...
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleanv: fix build failure
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlemesa: flush and wait after creating a fallback texture
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlemesa: increase MaxServerWaitTimeout
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlest/mesa: remove redundant flushes from st_flush
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlest/dri: use stapi flush instead of pipe flush when...
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: use a threaded context even for debug contexts
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: record and dump time of flush
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleddebug: optionally handle transfer commands like draws
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleddebug: dump context and before/after times of draws
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleddebug: generalize print_named_xxx via a PRINT_NAMED...
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleddebug: rewrite to always use a threaded approach
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleddebug: use an atomic increment when numbering files
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnledd/util: extract dd_get_debug_filename_and_mkdir
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_dump: add and use util_dump_transfer_usage
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_dump: add util_dump_ns
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_dump: export util_dump_ptr
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: implement PIPE_FLUSH_{TOP,BOTTOM}_OF_PIPE
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: document some subtle details of fence_finish...
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: add pipe_context::callback
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_threaded: implement pipe_context::set_log_context
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_threaded: avoid syncs for get_query_result
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_threaded: implement asynchronous flushes
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnlegallium/u_threaded: mark queries flushed only for non...
2017-11-09 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: move fence functions to si_fence.c