2010-03-10 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-sw-api-2
2010-03-10 José Fonsecallvmpipe: Cope with null Vertex element cso.
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnouveau: translate PIPE_BUFFER_USAGE_UNSYNCHRONIZED
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: inline nv50_state_flush_notify()
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: remove nv50_context.state.instbuf
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: remove unnecessary macro
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: move nv50_prim() into a header file rather than...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: add option to force immediate-mode submission...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: re-add immediate mode vertex submission paths
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: when doing inline indices, split elt lists so...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: reimplement draw_elements_instance(), use for...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: reimplement draw_arrays_instanced(), do draw_arra...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: rip out inline push draw paths temporarily
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: make use of scissor enable/disable method
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: move magic 0x142c stuff to after state emission
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: avoid unnecessary vp/gp/fp state changes
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: remove pre_pipebuffer_map hack....
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: remove horrific abuse of nouveau_channel.flush_notify
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: always emit dummy relocs for all still-referenced...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: ensure enough room for state changes in current...
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: rework state emission
2010-03-10 Ben Skeggsnv50: use relocs rather than re-uploading TIC all the...
2010-03-10 Corbin Simpsonr300g: Reorder regs, save one dword.
2010-03-10 Chia-I Wuwinsys/drm: Handle circular dependencies in Makefile...
2010-03-10 Chia-I Wust/egl: Fix build errors in ximage backend after merge.
2010-03-09 Eric Anholti965: Fix ENDLOOP to only patch up this loop's BREAK...
2010-03-09 Eric Anholti965: Unalias all GLSL source regs from the destination...
2010-03-09 Eric Anholti965: Print the offsets for WHILE and BREAK in disasm.
2010-03-09 Eric Anholti965: Fix nested loops in the VS.
2010-03-09 Eric Anholti965: Fix up VP constbuf leak on program delete.
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencorar300: don't crash if there's no colorbuffer
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencoraradeon: mark framebuffer as incomplete if renderbuffer...
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencorar300: add support for more rendering formats
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencoraradeon/r200/r300/r600: add is_format_renderable function
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencoraprogs/tests: use first color attachement
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencorar300: enable HW accelerated gl(Read/Copy/Draw)Pixels
2010-03-09 Maciej Cencoraradeon: add hw accelerated glReadPixel support (not...
2010-03-09 José Fonsecaglapi: Fix scons build -- list new file.
2010-03-09 George Sapountzisglapi: allow for any mangle prefix
2010-03-09 George Sapountzisglapi: split out arch-specific code for entrypoints
2010-03-09 George Sapountzisglapi: mv table functions to glapi_getproc.c and add...
2010-03-09 George Sapountzisdrop stray XFree86Server, XGLServer
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellsvga: Don't do culling while the software pipeline...
2010-03-09 José Fonsecanull: Add a null software winsys.
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggermesa/st: initialize velements state properly
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggercso: don't forget to release vertex elements state
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwelltarget-helpers: missing files
2010-03-09 Marek Olšákr300g: kill pf_component_count
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/gdi: fix typo
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellgallium: create target for gdi libgl
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/xlib: no dependency on mesa state tracker
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellegl/x11: use swrast-xlib helper
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellgallium: create helper for swrast+xlib combination
2010-03-09 José Fonsecascons: Fix the libg-xlib Sconscript.
2010-03-09 José Fonsecascons: Always build the identity driver.
2010-03-09 Brian Paulgallivm: checkpoint: nearest mipmap filtering
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggerutil: simplify util_format_get_nr_components helper
2010-03-09 José Fonsecautil: Use bitshift arithmetic for pack too.
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwelltargets/libgl-xlib: add code to inject trace and identi...
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/xlib: remove self-knowledge about users of xlib...
2010-03-09 Corbin Simpsoncso: Fix typo in assert.
2010-03-09 Corbin Simpsonr300g: Precalculate and CSO-bind PSC state.
2010-03-09 Corbin Simpsonr300g: Cleanup old PSC code a bit.
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggeridentity: fix copy & paste error
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggerr300g: fix gallium-vertexlementcso merge damage
2010-03-09 Brian Paulcell: fix up assorted compilation problems
2010-03-09 José Fonsecagdi: Fixup llvmpipe gdi winsys too.
2010-03-09 José Fonsecascons: Add new targets option.
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellwinsys/gdi: get softpipe version compiling
2010-03-09 Roland ScheideggerMerge branch 'gallium-vertexelementcso'
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellsoftpipe: silence warning
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/gdi: missing file
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/gdi: sketch of gdi changes
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggerst/mesa: fix clear/drawpixels/bitmap for new cso vertex...
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellcell: untwiddle surface contents in flush_frontbuffer()
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggergallium: don't use flexible array members in drivers...
2010-03-09 Roland Scheideggerauxiliary: fix vertex elements cso
2010-03-09 David Heidelbergernv30: fix typo
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellcell: attempt conversion to sw_winsys
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/xlib: remove USE_XSHM preprocessor macro
2010-03-09 Keith Whitwellws/xlib: manage the GC internally
2010-03-09 Keith WhitwellMerge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-sw-api-2
2010-03-09 Keith WhitwellSquashed commit of gallium-no-texture-blanket
2010-03-09 Chia-I Wust/egl: Use xlib_sw_winsys in ximage backend.
2010-03-09 Chia-I Wuwinsys/xlib: Fix a segfault when USE_XSHM is not defined.
2010-03-09 Marek Olšákr300g: remove hacks from translate_vertex_data_swizzle
2010-03-09 Marek Olšákdraw: quads never provoke the first vertex
2010-03-09 Marek Olšáksoftpipe: quads never provoke the first vertex
2010-03-09 Marek Olšákllvmpipe: quads never provoke the first vertex
2010-03-09 Corbin Simpsonmesa/st: Gallium quads, by spec, never change provoking...
2010-03-09 Chia-I Wust/egl: Fix KMS build error after winsys handle change.
2010-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: update some comments, remove others which...
2010-03-08 Brian Paulvega: remove redundant DEFINES from .c.o rule
2010-03-08 Brian Paulllvmpipe/gallivm: checkpoint: array of pointers to...
2010-03-08 Brian Paulnv: define NV30/40/50_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS
2010-03-08 Brian Paulr300g: define R300_MAX_TEXTURE_LEVELS
2010-03-08 Brian Pauli915g: define I915_MAX_TEXTURE_2D/3D_LEVELS
2010-03-08 Brian Pauli965g: define BRW_MAX_TEXTURE_2D/3D_LEVELS
2010-03-08 Brian Paulsoftpipe: define SP_MAX_TEXTURE_2D/3D_LEVELS