2020-08-07 Marek Olšákac/gpu_info: set num_tiles_pipes on gfx10+ too
2020-08-07 Marek Olšákradeonsi: enable ETC2 hw acceleration on Raven2
2020-08-07 Antonio Caggianozink: pre-hash gfx-pipeline-state
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: rename zink_gfx_program::stages to 'modules'
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: always compile shaders in pipeline order
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: start using per-stage flags for new shaders,...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use ZINK_SHADER_COUNT instead of PIPE_SHADER_TYPE...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: split up creating zink_shader objects and VkShade...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: refcount zink_gfx_program objects
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: adjust zink_shader struct to contain full streamo...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: move shader state methods for pipe_context into...
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: add an option to capture a single frame
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: fix --platform option
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinanv: track the current frame and write it into the...
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: only map in GTT buffers not previously...
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: add an only-capture option
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: set default device_override
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: further track mapping of BOs
2020-08-07 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: only write BOs mapped by the driver
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: set primitive restart cap
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use util_draw_vbo_without_prim_restart for unsupp...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: move 8bit index handling out of u_primconvert...
2020-08-07 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: basic primitive restart support for strip/fan...
2020-08-07 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add ETC2 support on RAVEN2.
2020-08-07 Samuel Pitoisetradv: allow to force-enable LLVM internally for a speci...
2020-08-07 Christian Gmeineretnaviv: call nir_lower_bool_to_bitsize
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Drop compiler cmdstream deps
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Treat texture dimension as first-class
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Inline max rt into compilers
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Drop use of MALI_POSITIVE
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Add panloader/ to .gitignore
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Reduce bit dependency to disassembly only
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Separate disasm/compiler targets
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Separate disassembler and compiler targets
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Move pandecode into lib/
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Rename encoder/ to lib/
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Don't export exception_status
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Remove panfrost-misc.h
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Inline panfrost-misc.h into panfrost-job.h
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/decode: Remove shader replacement artefact
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Move format stringify to decode.c
2020-08-06 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Remove blend prettyprinters
2020-08-06 Lionel Landwerlinanv: fix incorrect realloc failure handling
2020-08-06 Rhys Perryaco: fix C++11/C++14 compilation
2020-08-06 Danylo Piliaievst/mesa: Treat vertex outputs absent in outputMapping...
2020-08-06 Dylan BakerBump development version and clear new_features
2020-08-06 Jason Ekstrandanv: Advertise shaderIntegerFunctions2
2020-08-06 Icenowy Zhengpanfrost: signal syncobj if nothing is going to be...
2020-08-06 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't use both DCC and CMASK for single sample...
2020-08-06 Jose Fonsecaappveyor: Use Python3.
2020-08-06 Jose Fonsecaappveyor: Upgrade pip.
2020-08-06 Vinson Leeutil: Fix SCons build.
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Add more asserts for DST_OFF/NUM_UNIT in...
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Increase the NUM_UNIT on compute's consts...
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Clean up instrlen setup.
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Split ir3_const's user buffer and indirect...
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Rename emit_const_bo() to emit_const_ptrs().
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Simpify the immediates from an array...
2020-08-05 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Merge the redundant immediate_idx/immedi...
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkglsl_to_nir: fix bitfield_extract with 16-bit operands
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: improve precision determination for calls
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: don't lower to mediump for desktop OpenGL
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: don't create conversion opcodes for array types
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: don't lower atomic functions to mediump
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkglsl: don't inline intrinsics for mediump
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: fix constant expression evaluation for 16-bit...
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákglsl: lower_precision - fix assertion failure with...
2020-08-05 Eric Engestromdocs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.5
2020-08-05 Eric Engestromdocs: add release notes for 20.1.5
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkglsl: remove LowerPrecisionTemporaries
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkgallium: replace 16BIT_TEMPS cap with 16BIT_CONSTS
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkglsl/lower_precision: split out const lowering
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: lower local_index using local_id
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: ir3_cmdline updates
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákradeonsi: call nir_split_array_vars/shrink_vec_array_va...
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákradeonsi: reorder NIR optimizations
2020-08-05 Pierre-Eric... radeonsi: extend workaround for KHR-GL45.texture_view...
2020-08-05 Indrajit Kumar Dasst/mesa: optimize DEPTH_STENCIL copies using fragment...
2020-08-05 Rob Clarkfreedreno: allow fence_fd fences to be recycled
2020-08-05 Marek Olšákradeonsi: disable SDMA on gfx9
2020-08-05 Kristian H... ci: Add a build test for the Android platform
2020-08-05 Kristian H... radv/android: Remove unused variable
2020-08-05 Kristian H... vulkan: Allow global symbol HMI for Android
2020-08-05 Kristian H... anv: Add stub for anv_gem_get_tiling() for Android
2020-08-05 Kristian H... anv: Pass device to setup_gralloc0_usage for error...
2020-08-05 Kristian H... meson: Define ANDROID and ANDROID_API_LEVEL when compil...
2020-08-05 Kristian H... turnip: Make tu_android.c compile again
2020-08-05 Kristian H... mapi: Mark TLS symbols as optional in glapi-symbols.txt
2020-08-05 Kristian H... ci: Include enough Android headers to let us compile...
2020-08-05 Kristian H... gallium/android: Rewrite backtrace helper for android
2020-08-05 Kristian H... util: Add unit test for stack backtrace caputure
2020-08-05 Kristian H... util: Move stack debug functions to src/util
2020-08-05 Kristian H... gallium: Switch u_debug_stack/symbol.c to util/hash_table.h
2020-08-05 Kristian H... mapi/test: Change type to unsigned for offset
2020-08-05 Kristian H... egl/android: Remove unused variable
2020-08-05 James Parkamd/llvm: Reorder LLVM headers
2020-08-05 Tomeu Vizosoci: Use a rootfs tarball for NFS root, instead of a...
2020-08-05 Samuel Pitoisetradv: set BYPASS_VTX_RATE_COMBINER_GFX103 on GFX 10.3
2020-08-05 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix sample shading on GFX 10.3
2020-08-05 Samuel Pitoisetradv: increase minimum NGG vertex count requirement...