2020-06-22 Eric Engestromdriconf: drop 15% german translation
2020-06-22 Eric Engestromdriconf: drop 28% catalan translation
2020-06-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use correct define value for reserved slot count...
2020-06-22 Jordan Justenintel/dev: Add device info for DG1
2020-06-22 Rafael Antognollianv/dg1: Don't use SET_TILING kernel uapi.
2020-06-22 Rafael Antognolliiris/bufmgr: Do not use map_gtt or use set/get_tiling...
2020-06-22 Rafael Antognolliintel/devinfo: Add function to check for DRM_I915_GEM_G...
2020-06-22 Rafael Antognolliintel/l3: Return the URB size from devinfo for DG1
2020-06-22 Rafael Antognolliintel/isl: Update mocs for DG1
2020-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/l3: Add DG1 L3 configuration
2020-06-22 Jordan Justenanv: Set L3 full way allocation at context init if...
2020-06-22 Jordan Justeniris/l3: Enable L3 full way allocation when L3 config...
2020-06-22 Jordan Justenintel/l3: Allow platforms to have no l3 configurations
2020-06-22 Jordan Justenintel/l3: Don't rely on cfg entry URB size being 0...
2020-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/devinfo: Add is_dg1 to device info
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Enable tessellationShader physical device feature
2020-06-22 Brian Hoir3: Unconditionally enable MERGEDREGS on a6xx
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Force sysmem for tessellation
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Support tess for draws
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Emit HS/DS user consts as draw states
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Update VFD_CONTROL with tess system values
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Allocate tess BOs as a function of draw size
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Parse tess state and support PATCH primtype
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Offset by component when lowering gl_TessLevel*
2020-06-22 Brian Hoturnip: Lower shaders for tessellation
2020-06-22 Brian Honir: Add an option for lowering TessLevelInner/Outer...
2020-06-22 Brian Honir: Support sysval tess levels in SPIR-V to NIR
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsv3d: Disable PIPE_CAP_PRIMITIVE_RESTART
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsmesa: Add PrimitiveRestartFixedIndex to gl_constants
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsgallium: Add pipe cap for primitive restart with fixed...
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/ra: fix memory corruption when spilling
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/ra: convert some for loops to Range-based for...
2020-06-22 Icecream95panfrost: Copy resources when mapping to avoid waiting...
2020-06-22 Icecream95panfrost: Update sampler views when the texture bo...
2020-06-22 Icecream95panfrost: RGBA4 and RGB5_A1 framebuffer support
2020-06-22 Icecream95pan/mdg: Fix max_comp calculation for constant printing
2020-06-22 Icecream95pan/decode: Add missing wrap modes
2020-06-22 Icecream95pan/decode: Fix helper invocations when tracing
2020-06-22 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Don't set num_components on TESS sysvalue...
2020-06-22 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add support for shared atomics
2020-06-22 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add lowering pass for shared IO
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: rework CFG handling
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: rework input output handling
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: handle clip vertex for tess eval shaders
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: don't emit a restart with set a stream_id
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnvc0: enable spirv caps with nir
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: fix nv_viewport_array2
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: fix ext_demote_to_helper_invocation
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/print: add missing VIEWPORT_MASK handling
2020-06-22 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: add workaround for double vertex attribs
2020-06-22 Samuel Pitoisetaco: improve validation checks for readlane/writelane
2020-06-22 Daniel Schürmannradv/aco: implement logic64 instead of lowering
2020-06-22 Rhys Perrynir: slight correction to cube_face_coord constant...
2020-06-22 Samuel Pitoisetaco: fix printing ASM on GFX6-7 if clrxdisasm is not...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsv3d: Let scheduler know GS doesn’t have shared I/O...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/scheduler: Add an option to specify what stages...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/schedule: Store a pointer to the scoreboard in...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsv3d: Remove unused member of v3d_compile
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/scheduler: Handle nir_intrinsic_load_per_vertex_input
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix OP_TXG for shadow textures
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix shift lowering
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix atom cas
2020-06-21 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a4xx: simplify setup_slices
2020-06-21 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a4xx: restore pitch to bytes change to layout...
2020-06-21 Mario Kleinervulkan/wsi: Really terminate DRM lease in wsi_release_d...
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: split ubo analysis/lowering passes
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: splitup get_existing_range()
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: split out ubo info from range
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG check
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG...
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: VSC "STRM_ARRAY_PITCH" is "STRM_LIMIT"
2020-06-20 Rhys Perryradv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for more Path of...
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/util: add missing include
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/util: limit STACK_LEN on Windows
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgraw/gdi: do not depend on UNICODE macro
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/os: call "ANSI" version of GetCommandLine
2020-06-20 Arcady Goldmints... intel/compiler: Always apply sample mask on Vulkan.
2020-06-19 Rhys Perryradv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for Path of Exile
2020-06-19 Rhys Perryradv: add new drirc option radv_no_dynamic_bounds
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Refactor modifier_is_supported for gen12
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Handle importing aux-enabled surfaces on TGL
2020-06-19 Nanley Cherygallium/dri2: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryisl/drm: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Use ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E on gen12
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Don't support sRGB + Y_TILED_CCS on gen9
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryintel: Add ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Enable NIR validation on a630 GLES2 and VK tests.
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Bump vulkan CTS to
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Disable sRGB fast-clears for non-0/1 values
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Avoid fast-clear with incompatible view
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Remove the CCS_D fallback
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Drop can_fast_clear_color's format parameter
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: move "stable" tag explanation next to `Fixes:`
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: move `Fixes:` tag explanation to its own section
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: make it clear that the tags needs to be in the...
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: reword a sentence a bit
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: add some formatting to the "backport merge reques...
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: prefer `Fixes:` over `Cc: mesa-stable`
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: drop `git sendemail` instructions