2017-08-03 Mauro Rossiandroid: ac/common: always build NIR translation
2017-08-03 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: only check errors when the state change in glLogi...
2017-08-03 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: only check errors when the state change in glBlen...
2017-08-03 Kenneth Graunkei965: Drop unnecessary I915_PARAM_HAS_EXEC_CAPTURE...
2017-08-03 Juan A. Suarez... ac: add ac_shader_abi.h in distcheck
2017-08-03 Dave Airlieintel/vec4/gs: reset nr_pull_param if DUAL_INSTANCED...
2017-08-03 Thomas Hellstromst/dri2 Plumb the flush_swapbuffer functionality throug...
2017-08-03 Thomas Hellstromgallium/st: Add a method to flush outstanding swapbuffers
2017-08-03 Thomas Hellstromglx/dri3: Implement the flush_swapbuffers method
2017-08-03 Thomas Hellstromdri: Add a flushSwapBuffers method to the image loader...
2017-08-03 Timothy Arcerigallium: introduce PIPE_CAP_MEMOBJ
2017-08-03 Chris Wilsoni965/blit: Remember to include miptree buffer offset...
2017-08-02 Matt Turneri965: Fix indentation
2017-08-02 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add suballocation for shaders.
2017-08-02 Jordan Justendocs: Add Vulkan to features.txt
2017-08-02 Kenneth Graunkei965: Set "Subslice Hashing Mode" to 16x16 on Apollolake.
2017-08-02 Dave Airliemesa/dri: drop unneeded mm.h include
2017-08-02 Dave Airlier300: drop u_mm.h include.
2017-08-02 Emil Velikovutil: use cannonical form of ARRAY_SIZE
2017-08-02 Emil Velikovi965: simplify intel_image_format_lookup()
2017-08-02 Emil Velikovi965: annotate struct intel_image_format as const
2017-08-02 Emil Velikovst/dri: NULL check before deref DRI loader .getCapability
2017-08-02 Eric Engestromegl: check the correct function pointer
2017-08-02 Kenneth Graunkei965: Delete pitch alignment assertion in get_blit_intr...
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: fix core / knights split of AVX512 intrinsics
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: simplify knob default value setup
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: split gen_knobs templates into .h/.cpp
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: gen_knobs template code style
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: switch gen_knobs.cpp license
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: fix scons gen_knobs.h dependency
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: constify swr rasterizer
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: SIMD16 shaders - widen fetch and vertex shaders
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: vmask() implementations for KNL
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: rename frontend pVertexStore
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: fix movemask_ps / movemask_pd on AVX512
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: stop using MSFT types in platform independent...
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: enable USE_SIMD16_FRONTEND by default
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: disable AVX512 optimization of SSE / AVX...
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: fix USE_SIMD16_FRONTEND issues
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: simdlib better separation of core vs knights...
2017-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: threadID via portable std::this_thread::get_id()
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Fix SpvImageFormatR16ui
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Advertise VK_KHR_relaxed_block_layout
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Bump the advertised version to 1.0.57
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Pull the API version from
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use python to generate ICD json files
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add MAX_API_VERSION to
2017-08-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Make some bits of anv_extensions module-private
2017-08-02 Eric Engestromgit_sha1_gen: catch any error the same way
2017-08-02 Tobias Klausmannbuild: Don't bail on OSError in
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlest/mesa: replace st_shader_stage_to_ptarget
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add GLSL 4.60 to shading_language_version()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add always-false enable for GL 4.6
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetglsl: recognize GLSL 4.60
2017-08-02 Thomas Hellstromdri3: Wait for all pending swapbuffers to be scheduled...
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glPolygonMode()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add polygon_mode() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glClearBufferiv()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clear_bufferiv() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glClearBufferuiv()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clear_bufferuiv() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glClearBufferfi()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clear_bufferi() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glClearBufferfv()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clear_bufferfv() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glClear*Buffer*Data()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clear_buffer_sub_data_error() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: make get_texbuffer_format() global
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glLinkProgram()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add link_program() and link_program_error() helpers
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glShaderSource()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add shader_source() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: rename shader_source() to set_shader_source()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glEndConditionalRender()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add end_conditional_render() render
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glBeginConditionalRen...
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add begin_conditional_render() helper
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glNamedBufferData...
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add buffer_data() and buffer_data_error() helpers
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support to glLineWidth()
2017-08-02 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add line_width() helper
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlepipe-loader: fix driinfo for software and non-radeonsi...
2017-08-02 Thomas Hellstrommesa/st: Reduce the number of frontbuffer flush calls
2017-08-02 Nicolai HähnleFix gallium SCons build
2017-08-02 Juan A. Suarez... glsl: look up for transform feedback varyings after...
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: add enable_sisched driconf option
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: prepare for driver-specific driconf options
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlepipe-loader: move configuration_query into drm_helper
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlest/dri: implement v2 of DRI_ConfigOptions
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlepipe-loader: extract a standalone get_driver_descriptor...
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlepipe-loader: pass only the driver_name to pipe_loader_f...
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: add driconf options to pipe_screen_config
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: move loading of drirc to pipe-loader
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: move driinfo XML to pipe_loader
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlegallium: add pipe_screen_config to screen_create functions
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnlest/drm: add DRM_CONF_XML_OPTIONS
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnleutil: add
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnleglx: use v2 of DRI_ConfigOptions
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnledri: define a version 2 of the DRI_ConfigOptions extension
2017-08-02 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: enable ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query