2017-07-25 Eric Anholtbroadcom/genxml: Introduce a V3D packet/struct decoder.
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtbroadcom: add editorconfig
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtintel/decoder: Reuse the gen_make_gen() helper.
2017-07-25 Eric Anholtintel/decoder: Reuse the MAX2 macro instead of defining...
2017-07-25 Brian Paulsvga: implement MSAA alpha_to_one feature
2017-07-25 Brian Paulsvga: rework the FS white fragments code
2017-07-25 Brian Paulgallium/util: s/unsigned/enum tgsi_texture_type/
2017-07-25 Kamil Páraldrirc: whitelist glthread for Overlord 1+2, Oil Rush...
2017-07-25 Lionel Landwerlini965: perf: flush batchbuffers at the beginning of...
2017-07-25 Daniel Stonest/dri2: Return invalid modifier when no driver support
2017-07-25 Daniel Stonest/dri: Check get-handle return value in queryImage
2017-07-25 Michal Srbr600: Add support for B5G5R5A1.
2017-07-25 Leo Liuradeon/vcn: move message buffer to vram for now
2017-07-25 Jose Fonsecatrace: Correct transfer box size calculation.
2017-07-25 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add active_shader_program() helper
2017-07-25 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add bind_program_pipeline() helper
2017-07-25 Tapani Pälliegl: fix whitespace issues from eglimage code
2017-07-25 Tapani Pälliutil: fix warning/error on 32bit build
2017-07-25 Constantine... r600g: constify some args at r600_asm.c
2017-07-25 Constantine... r600g: remove unused "bc" args, and one unneeded forwar...
2017-07-25 Dave Airlieradv: only report external semaphore info for opaque fd.
2017-07-25 Jason Ekstrandi965: Simplify HiZ clears a bit
2017-07-24 Rafael Antognollii965: Use {} to initialize GENX_* structs.
2017-07-24 Charmaine Leest/mesa: create framebuffer iface hash table per st...
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: fix buffer views on SI/CIK.
2017-07-24 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Ignore invalid modifiers
2017-07-24 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: return GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY if NewSamplerObject fails
2017-07-24 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: pass the 'caller' function to create_samplers()
2017-07-24 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add compressed_tex_sub_image_{error,no_error...
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovintel/blorp: ship blorp_genX_exec.h within the tarball
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovdocs: add 17.3.0-devel release notes template
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovmesa: bump version to 17.2.0-devel
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovegl: guard wayland header dep. tracking behind HAVE_PLA...
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovswrast: add dri2ConfigQueryExtension to the correct...
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovwayland-egl: update the SHA1 of the commit introducing v3
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Update ABI checker
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Make wl_egl_window a versioned struct
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicoegl: Fix _eglPointerIsDereferencable() to ignore page...
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicoegl: Move _eglPointerIsDereferencable() to eglglobals...
2017-07-24 Miguel A. Vicowayland-egl: Add wl_egl_window ABI checker
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovswr: use the correct variable for no undefined symbols
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovswr: don't forget to link KNL/SKX against pthreads
2017-07-24 Emil Velikovswr: don't forget to link AVX/AVX2 against pthreads
2017-07-24 Emil rework wayland-protocols handling
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: enable sample shading
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: don't set dedicated bit for buffer external memory.
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: fix non-0 based layer clears.
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: check enabled device features.
2017-07-24 Dave Airlieradv: for external memory imports close the fd on impor...
2017-07-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't segfault when exporting an image which...
2017-07-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Handle VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED in color attachments.
2017-07-23 Andres Gomezbroadcom: correct header file in BROADCOM_FILES
2017-07-23 Wladimir J... etnaviv: Clear lbl_usage array correctly
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: zalloc image views
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: Use vk_zalloc instead of an explicit memset
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandanv: Separate surface states by layout instead of aux_usage
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add some sanity checks for compressed surfaces
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add a helper to get a subimage surface
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of some unused function declarations
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965: Enable regular fast-clears (CCS_D) on gen9+
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add a helper for determining if a color...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Allow blorp_copy on sRGB formats
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965: Weaken the texture view rules for formats slightly
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl/format: Add an srgb_to_linear helper
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl/format: Dedent the template in gen_format_lay...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/surface_state: Get the aux usage from the miptree...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/surface_state: Take an isl_aux_usage in emit_surfa...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Take an isl_format in prepare_texture
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Use miptree range helpers in has_color_un...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Allow for accessing a CCS_E image as...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Use ISL_AUX_STATE_PARTIAL_CLEAR for CCS_D
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/isl: Add an aux state for "partial clear"
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Take an aux_usage in prepare/finish
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Refactor some things to use mt->aux_usage
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Use prepare/finish_depth for depth clears
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Use render_aux_usage for color clears
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Be more accurate about aux usage in blorp_copy
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Use texture/render_aux_usage for blits
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Do prepare/finish manually
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Rework prepare/finish_render to be in...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Add a helper for getting the aux usage...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Partially resolve MCS for texture views
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Add support for partially resolving MCS
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Tighten up finish_mcs_write
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Make aux_state work in terms of logical...
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add a partial resolve pass for MCS
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Remove some unneeded restrictions
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Stop setting FOR_SCANOUT for renderbuffers
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Do flushes around depth resolves
2017-07-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/blorp: Use the renderbuffer format for clears
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv: Predicate fast-clear resolves
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryintel/blorp: Allow BLORP calls to be predicated
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Skip some input attachment transitions
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv: Stop resolving CCS implicitly
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv: Transition more color buffer layouts
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Warn about not enabling CCS_E
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Move aux_usage assignment up
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Always enable CCS_D in render passes
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Disable CCS on gen7 color attachments...
2017-07-23 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Ensure fast-clear values are current