2017-12-18 Tapani Pälliandroid: fix vulkan driver build
2017-12-18 Tapani Pälliandroid: fix undefined references to futex API
2017-12-18 Dave Airliedocs: mark GL4.3 as finished for r600
2017-12-18 Dave Airlier600: export robust buffer access
2017-12-18 Dave Airlier600: export GLSL 430
2017-12-18 Dave Airlier600/cs: add compute support to caps
2017-12-18 Dave Airlier600: always flush between gfx and compute
2017-12-18 Dave Airlier600: fix unused variable warning
2017-12-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Fix multi-layer blits.
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a5xx: add a5xx blitter
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add generic blitter
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add non-draw batches for compute/blit
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: track staging and shadow perf ctrs for the HUD
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: staging upload transfers
2017-12-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: update generated headers
2017-12-17 Bas Nieuwenhuizenanv: Remove unused variable.
2017-12-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't call force_dcc_off for buffers
2017-12-15 Kenneth Graunkeisl: Don't require VALIGN_2 for R32G32B32_FLOAT on...
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangradeon/uvd: add and manage render picture list
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn: add and manage render picture list
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangvl: remove is idr flag
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangst/va: directly use idr pic flag
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vce: determine idr by pic type
2017-12-15 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn: determine idr by pic type
2017-12-15 Emil Velikovutil: scons: wire up the sha1 test
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Move more RTAI handling out of binner
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: EXTRACT2 changed from vextract/vinsert to...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Fix cache of API thread event manager
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Replace VPSRL with LSHR
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Rework thread binding parameters for machine...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Pull of RTAI gather & offset out of clip...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Remove no-op VBROADCAST of vID
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: SIMD16 Fetch - Fully widen 32-bit integer...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Replace INSERT2 vextract/vinsert with JOIN2...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: SIMD16 Fetch - Fully widen 16-bit float verte...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: SIMD16 Fetch - Fully widen 32-bit float verte...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Pass prim to ClipSimd
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Pull most of the VPAI manipulation out of...
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Move GatherScissors to header
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Rewrite Shuffle8bpcGatherd using shuffle
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Convert gather masks to Nx1bit
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: WIP - Widen fetch shader to SIMD16
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Corrections to multi-scissor handling
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Binner fixes for viewport index offset handling
2017-12-15 Tim Rowleyswr/rast: Remove unneeded copy of gather mask
2017-12-15 Chris Wilsoni965: Allow old begin/end queryobj for gen4/5 with...
2017-12-15 Rob Clarkfreedreno: use u_transfer_helper
2017-12-15 Rob Clarkgallium/util: add u_transfer_helper
2017-12-15 Tapani Pällii965: enable EXT_disjoint_timer_query extension
2017-12-15 Tapani Pällimesa: GL_EXT_disjoint_timer_query extension API bits
2017-12-15 Tapani Pälliglapi: add GL_EXT_disjoint_timer_query
2017-12-15 Tapani Pällimesa: add DisjointOperation to gl_shared_state
2017-12-14 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Fix a typo in memcmp for sig unpack checking.
2017-12-14 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Enable NIR txd lowering on all txd instru...
2017-12-14 Eric Anholtnir: Add a new lowering option to lower all txd to...
2017-12-14 Eric Anholtnir: Fix interaction of GL_CLAMP lowering with texture...
2017-12-14 Eric Anholtbroadcom/vc5: Fix shader input/outputs for gallium...
2017-12-14 Roland Scheideggergallivm: implement accurate corner behavior for texture...
2017-12-14 Roland Scheideggergallivm: fix an issue with NaNs with seamless cube...
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/tools: Convert aubinator over to the common framework
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode registers
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode dynamic state
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode constants, binding tables...
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/tools: Switch aubinator_error_decode over to...
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode graphics shaders
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode vertex and index buffers
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/batch-decoder: Decode MEDIA_INTERFACE_DESCRIPTOR_LOAD
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/tools: Add the start of a generic batch decoder
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/decoder: Expose the raw field value in the iterator
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/disasm: Take a devinfo in gen_disasm_create
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/decoder: Take a bit offset in gen_print_group
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/decoder: Stop rounding down to the nearest dword
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/decoder: Convert the iterator to work entirely...
2017-12-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/decoder: Drop gen_field_decode helper
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: add ac_build_waitcnt()
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: more use of i32_1
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: more use of i32_0
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradeonsi: make use of ac_build_fdiv()
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: export SampleMask from pixel shaders at full...
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradeonsi: make use of ac_get_spi_shader_z_format()
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: add ac_get_spi_shader_z_format()
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: do not load the local invocation index when it...
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: do not load unused gl_LocalInvocationID/gl_WorkGr...
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: scan which components of gl_LocalInvocation...
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetamd/common: scan which components of gl_WorkGroupID...
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: set FORCE_SIMD_DIST(1) for compute when profitable
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: calculate best compute resource limits
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: store the dispatch initiator into the device
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: replace grid_components_used by uses_grid_size
2017-12-14 Samuel Pitoisetradv: always emit all compute block components
2017-12-14 Emil Velikovdocs: update calendar, add news item and link release...
2017-12-14 Emil Velikovdocs: add sha256 checksums for 17.2.7
2017-12-14 Emil Velikovdocs: add release notes for 17.2.7
2017-12-14 Harish Krupoegl/android: Provide an option for the backend to expos...
2017-12-14 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't advertise VK_EXT_debug_report.
2017-12-14 Kenneth Graunkei965: Don't allocate an MCS for 16x MSAA and width...
2017-12-13 Rob HerringAndroid: fix missing generation of vtn_gather_types.c
2017-12-13 Dylan Bakermesa: Add glSpecializeShaderARB to common_desktop_functions
2017-12-13 Tomasz Figaegl/android: Partially handle HAL_PIXEL_FORMAT_IMPLEMEN...
2017-12-13 Bruce Cherniakswr: Correct texture allocation and limit max size...