2017-10-05 Thomas Hellstromloader/dri3: Use local blits and local buffers when...
2017-10-05 Ben Crockergallivm/ppc64le: allow environmental control of Altivec...
2017-10-05 Ben Crockergallivm/ppc64le: adjust VSX code generation control.
2017-10-05 Ben Crockergallivm: allow additional llc options
2017-10-04 Ben Crockergallivm: fix typo in debug_printf message
2017-10-04 Samuel Pitoisetradv: remove useless checks around radv_CmdBindPipeline()
2017-10-04 Samuel Pitoisetradv: check that pipeline is different before binding it
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Validate "Special Requirements for Handling Doubl...
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Fix and enable forgotten validation test
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Only insert error message if not already present
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Avoid validation error when src1 is not present
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Remove validate_reg()
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Add and use STRIDE and WIDTH macros
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Add parentheses around usage of macro arguments
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Add GLK, CFL, CNL to test_eu_validate.c
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Add Atom graphics names to parse_devid_override()
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Fix support for disassembling 64-bit integer...
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965/fs: Rewrite fsign64 to skip the float -> double...
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965/fs: Unpack count argument to 64-bit shift ops...
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965/fs: Don't apply POW/FDIV workaround on Gen10+
2017-10-04 Matt Turneri965: Fix src0 vs src1 typo
2017-10-04 Dave Airlieradv: enable tc compatible htile for d32s8 also.
2017-10-04 Samuel Pitoisetradv: dump SPIRV when a GPU hang is detected
2017-10-04 Samuel Pitoisetradv: dump NIR when a GPU hang is detected
2017-10-04 Marek Olšákac: silence a warning
2017-10-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Don't use dmabuf with no modifiers
2017-10-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Check queryImage return for wl_buffer
2017-10-04 Eric Engestromtravis: move include path from $CC to $CFLAGS
2017-10-04 Tobias Klausmannwayland-egl: adds CFLAGS for wayland.egl.h include
2017-10-04 Emil Velikovautomake: add texcompress_s3tc_tmp.h to the sources...
2017-10-04 Leo Liust/va: add RGB support to vlVaPutSurface
2017-10-04 Leo Liust/va: don't re-allocate interlaced buffer with pakced...
2017-10-04 Leo Liust/vdpau: don't re-allocate interlaced buffer with...
2017-10-04 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Implement TC compatible HTILE.
2017-10-04 Dave Airlieradv: emit fmuladd instead of fma to llvm.
2017-10-04 Tapani Pälliandroid: fix build issues with brw_nir_trig_workarounds.c
2017-10-03 Lionel Landwerlinintel: compiler: vec4: add missing default 0 lod
2017-10-03 Jason Ekstrandanv: Remove base_vertex/instance from push_constants
2017-10-03 Brian Paulutil: include string.h in u_string.h
2017-10-03 Brian Paulllvmpipe: silence 'variable may be used uninitialized...
2017-10-03 Brian Paulmesa: silence 'variable may be used uninitialized'...
2017-10-03 Brian Paulmesa: silence 'variable may be used uninitialized'...
2017-10-03 Brian Paulsvga: wrap long comments in svga_tgsi_vgpu10.c
2017-10-03 Brian Paulsvga: tweak pre-VGPU10 rasterization offsets
2017-10-03 Brian Paulsvga: if we get nr_samples==1, store nr_samples=0
2017-10-03 Charmaine Leesvga: emit sampler constants only if sampler view exists
2017-10-03 Brian Paulsvga: fix incorrect case in svga_typeless_format()
2017-10-03 Brian Paulsvga: add typeless switch cases in svga_typeless_format()
2017-10-03 Neha Bhendesvga: Allow sRGB format with PIPE_BIND_DISPLAY_TARGET...
2017-10-03 Wladimir J... etnaviv: Set up unknown GC3000 states
2017-10-03 Wladimir J... etnaviv: Fix point sprite rendering on GC3000
2017-10-03 Wladimir J... etnaviv: Add support for DP2 instruction
2017-10-03 Wladimir J... etnaviv: Support opcodes with bit 6 set in assembler
2017-10-03 Dylan Bakertravis: add meson build for vulkan drivers.
2017-10-03 Dylan Bakermeson: convert gtest to an internal dependency
2017-10-03 Dylan Bakermeson: set C++ standard to C++11
2017-10-03 Dylan Bakermeson: add window system deps to intel vulkan common
2017-10-03 Dylan Bakermeson: look for libelf as a library if there is no...
2017-10-03 Gurchetan Singhegl/surfaceless: Use KMS swrast fallback
2017-10-03 Gurchetan Singhegl/surfaceless: add probe device helper function
2017-10-03 George Kyriazisgallium/u_tests: fix ifdef for sync_file fences
2017-10-03 Brian Paulutil: include stdlib.h in u_string.h to silence MinGW...
2017-10-03 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Always set Cube Face Enables for all surfaces.
2017-10-03 Kenneth Graunkeintel: Make Cube Face Enable fields consistent across...
2017-10-03 Matt Turnerdocs: Document that libtxc_dxtn is now no longer needed
2017-10-03 Matt Turnerdocs: GL_ARB_indirect_parameters is now supported on...
2017-10-03 Matt Turnertravis: Remove libtxc_dxtn from the build
2017-10-03 Matt Turnerbuild: Remove HAVE_DLOPEN
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Delete now unused dlopen.h
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Remove force_s3tc_enable driconf variable
2017-10-03 Matt Turnergallium: Remove util_format_s3tc_init()
2017-10-03 Matt Turnergallium: Remove util_format_s3tc_enabled
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa/st: Drop has_lib_dxtc argument from st_init_extens...
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Drop Mesa_DXTn from gl_context
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Drop function pointer checks in s3tc code
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Call DXTn functions directly
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Remove fprintf referring to libdxtn
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Remove prototypes and mark S3TC functions static
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Remove commented-out DXTn fetch code
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Combine libtxc_dxtn sources into texcompress_s3tc...
2017-10-03 Matt Turnermesa: Import libtxc_dxtn sources
2017-10-02 Józef Kuciaanv: Remove unreachable cases from isl_format_for_size()
2017-10-02 Józef Kuciaanv: Fix vkCmdFillBuffer()
2017-10-02 Marek Olšákst/mesa: don't use pipe_surface for passing information...
2017-10-02 Marek Olšákgallium/u_tests: test sync_file fences
2017-10-02 Plamena Manolovai965: Implement ARB_indirect_parameters.
2017-10-02 Plamena Manolovai965: Refactor brw_try_draw_prims.
2017-10-02 Plamena Manolovai965: Indroduce brw_finish_drawing.
2017-10-02 Plamena Manolovai965: Introduce brw_prepare_drawing.
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl: Remove spurious assertions
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl: Move 'foo = foo;' optimization to opt_dead_code_local
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Use logical-or instead of conditional assignm...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Generate a more compact expression to disable...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Explicitly track the set of case labels that...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Convert ast_case_label::hir to ir_builder
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Use ir_binop_equal instead of ir_binop_all_equal
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl/ast: Stop processing a switch-statement after...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl: Don't pass NULL to ir_assignment constructor...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl: Convert lower_variable_index_to_cond_assign to...
2017-10-02 Ian Romanickglsl: Fix coding standards issues in lower_variable_ind...