2017-03-04 Tapani Pälliandroid: fix outdir for gen_enum_to_str files
2017-03-04 Xiaosong WeiEGL/Android: Add EGL_EXT_buffer_age extension
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovdocs: add news item and link release notes for 17.0.1
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovdocs: add sha256 checksums for 17.0.1
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovdocs: add release notes for 17.0.1
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovgallium/targets: don't leave an empty target directory...
2017-03-04 Emil Velikovradv: use enum_to_str util functions.
2017-03-04 Jason Ekstrandvulkan: Build common Vulkan code earlier
2017-03-03 Jason Ekstrandanv: Advertise shaderInt64 on Broadwell and above
2017-03-03 Jason Ekstrandnir/int64: Properly handle imod/irem
2017-03-03 Jason Ekstrandnir/builder: Add an int64 immediate helper
2017-03-03 Kenneth Graunkegenxml: Fill out Gen4 and G45 XML.
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: normalize build helper names
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace SI.vs.load.input with amdgcn.buffer.load...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move SI.vs.load.input building into amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: detect and mark loads/stores from read-only...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace with llvm.amdgcn...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use the writeonly LLVM attribute
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: remove offen parameter from ac_build_buffer_store_dword
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: enable TC L2 for tessellation offchip stores
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: merge and simplify tbuffer_store functions
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set noalias on input shader pointers
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace AMDGPU.bfe.* with amdgcn.*bfe
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move kill intrinsic building into amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set readnone on reads from read-only memory
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace SI.buffer.load.dword with amdgcn...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: replace SI.packf16 with amdgcn.cvt.pkrtz
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace old image intrinsics with new ones
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: remove last use of llvm.SI.resinfo
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move image intrinsic building to amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: replace SI.export with amdgcn.exp.*
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move llvm.SI.export building to amd/common
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákac: unify build_type_name_for_intr functions
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set unorm=1 for TGSI_TEXTURE_SHADOWRECT as...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšákgallivm, ac: add writeonly and inaccessiblememonly...
2017-03-03 Marek Olšáktgsi/scan: record load/store/atomic image usage
2017-03-03 Eric Anholtglapi: Fix a comment typo
2017-03-03 Alejandro Piñeiromesa/main: *TextureSubImage* generates INVALID_OPERATIO...
2017-03-03 Ben Widawskyi965: Add Kaby Lake brandstrings
2017-03-03 Grazvydas Ignotastgsi/ureg: return correct token count in ureg_get_tokens
2017-03-03 Timothy Arceriradeonsi: add support for an on-disk shader cache
2017-03-03 Timothy Arceriutil/disk_cache: compress individual cache entries
2017-03-03 Timothy Arceriutil/disk_cache: add support for detecting corrupt...
2017-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetglsl: fix subroutine mismatch between declarations...
2017-03-02 Matt Turnergenxml: Depend on for generated sources.
2017-03-02 Matt Turnerclover: Work around build failure with AltiVec.
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/image: Allow HiZ on input attachment-capable depth...
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Centralize automatic layout transitions
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Add attachment transitioning functions
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/blorp: Encapsulate subpass id querying
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Enable render pass awareness
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/pass: Store subpass attachment reference list
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/pass: Fix size of anv_render_pass:subpass_attachments
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv: Store the user's VkAttachmentReference
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Remove extra resolve for certain depth...
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Conditionally choose the sampled image...
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/descriptor_set: Store aux usage of sampled image...
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/image: Create an additional surface state for sampling
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/image: Simplify setup of HiZ sampler surface state
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/image: Remove extra dependency on HiZ-specific...
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv: Update the HiZ sampling helper
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/cmd_buffer: Replace layout_to_hiz_usage()
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/image: Add anv_layout_to_aux_usage()
2017-03-02 Nanley Cheryanv/pass: Avoid accessing attachment array out of bounds
2017-03-02 Jonas Pfeilralloc: Make sure ralloc() allocations match malloc...
2017-03-02 Bruce Cherniakswr: fix crash in swr_update_derived following st/mesa...
2017-03-02 Bruce Cherniakdocs: update features.txt for GL_ARB_clear_texture...
2017-03-02 Bruce Cherniakswr: enable clear_texture with util_clear_texture
2017-03-02 Gregory Hainautdoc: GL_ARB_buffer_storage is supported on llvmpipe/swr
2017-03-02 Emil Velikovautomake: i965: list correct header in Makefile.source
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: fix crash regression since e027935a795
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: s/unsigned/pipe_prim_type/
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: whitespace fixes in svga_context.h
2017-03-02 Brian Paulsvga: whitespace and formatting fixes in svga_stage.c
2017-03-02 Robert Fossmesa: Avoid read of uninitialized variable
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add VK_KHR_descriptor_update_template support
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: add VK_KHR_push_descriptor support
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: descriptor: make descriptor writing take a stream...
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: descriptors: extract writing of descriptors elements
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: make layout size computation helper available...
2017-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinanv: move buffer_view declaration
2017-03-02 Tomasz Figamesa: Use _mesa_has_OES_geometry_shader() when validati...
2017-03-02 Kenneth Graunkei965: Replace BRW_SURFACEFORMAT_* with ISL_FORMAT_*.
2017-03-02 Chris Wilsoni965: Only flush the batchbuffer if we need to zero...
2017-03-02 Iago Toral... anv: do not subtract the base layer to compute depth...
2017-03-02 Iago Toral... isl: document the meaning of the array_len field in...
2017-03-02 Jacob Lifshayvulkan/wsi: Improve the DRI3 error message
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Do int64 lowering in NIR
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandnir: Add a simple int64 lowering pass
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Use nir_builder for control flow
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandnir/lower_indirect: Use nir_builder control-flow helpers
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandnir/lower_gs_intrinsics: Use nir_builder control-flow...
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandglsl/nir: Use nir_builder's new control-flow helpers
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandnir/builder: Add support for easily building control...
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move intel_debug.h to intel/common/gen_debug.h
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Reduce cross-pollination between the DRI driver...
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move select_clip_planes to brw_vs.c
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Delete brw_do_cubemap_normalize
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Add a header for brw_vec4_vs_visitor
2017-03-02 Jason Ekstrandi965: Move a bunch of pre-compile and link stuff to...