2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonlibgbm: Wire up getCapability for the image loader
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/surfaceless: Add FP16 format support
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Implement getCapability for the dri2 and...
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Add FP16 format support
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonegl/wayland: Reindent the format table
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Advertise VK_KHR_shader_subgroup_extended_types
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandintel/fs: Do 8-bit subgroup scan operations in 16 bits
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandintel/fs: Allow CLUSTER_BROADCAST to do type conversion
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandintel/fs: Allow UB, B, and HF types in brw_nir_reductio...
2019-09-20 Paulo Zanoniintel/fs: don't forget the stride at generate_shuffle
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/rb_tree: Reverse the order of comparison functions
2019-09-20 Jason Ekstrandutil/rb_tree: Add the unit tests
2019-09-20 Eric Engestromanv: implement ICD interface v4
2019-09-20 Eric Engestromanv: split instance dispatch table
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonglx: Fix drawable lookup bugs in glXUseXFont
2019-09-20 Adam Jacksonglx: Avoid atof() when computing the server's GLX version
2019-09-19 Ian Romanicknir/algebraic: Additional D3D Boolean optimization
2019-09-19 Ian Romanicknir/algebraic: Do not apply late DPH optimization in...
2019-09-19 Andres Gomezdocs/features: Update VK_KHR_display_swapchain status
2019-09-19 Andres Gomezdocs/features: Update status list of Vulkan extensions
2019-09-19 Jason EkstrandMove blob from compiler/ to util/
2019-09-19 Boris BrezillonRevert "panfrost: Rework midgard_pair_load_store()...
2019-09-19 Caio Marcelo... intel/fs: Add Fall-through comment
2019-09-19 Samuel Iglesias... nir/algebraic: refactor inexact opcode restrictions
2019-09-19 Adam Jacksondocs: Update bug report URLs for the gitlab migration
2019-09-19 Bas Nieuwenhuizenglx: Remove redundant null check.
2019-09-19 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Skip double-disabling TCS/TES/GS after BLORP...
2019-09-19 Erik Faye-Lund.mailmap: add an alias for Frank Binns
2019-09-19 Erik Faye-Lund.mailmap: add an alias for Bas Nieuwenhuizen
2019-09-19 Arcady Goldmints... anv: fix descriptor limits on gen8
2019-09-19 Daniel Schürmannradv: remove dead shared variables
2019-09-19 Daniel Schürmannradv/aco: enable VK_EXT_shader_demote_to_helper_invocation
2019-09-19 Daniel Schürmannradv: enable clustered reductions
2019-09-19 Daniel Schürmannradv/aco: Setup alternate path in RADV to support the...
2019-09-19 Daniel Schürmannaco: Initial commit of independent AMD compiler
2019-09-19 Tapani Pälliegl: check for NULL value like eglGetSyncAttribKHR...
2019-09-19 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Rework iris_update_draw_parameters to be more...
2019-09-19 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Use state_refs for draw parameters.
2019-09-19 Timothy Arceriutil/disk_cache: make use of the total job size limitin...
2019-09-19 Timothy Arceriutil/u_queue: track job size and limit the size of...
2019-09-19 Timothy Arceriutil/disk_cache: bump thread count assigned to disk...
2019-09-19 Paulo Zanoniintel/fs: fix SHADER_OPCODE_CLUSTER_BROADCAST for SIMD32
2019-09-19 Paulo Zanoniintel/fs: the maximum supported stride width is 16
2019-09-19 Paulo Zanoniintel/fs: roll the loop with the <0,1,0> additions...
2019-09-19 Paulo Zanoniintel/fs: make scan/reduce work with SIMD32 when it...
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/regs: A couple of tess updates
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/regs: Fix CP_DRAW_INDX_OFFSET command
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Write multiple regs for SP_VS_OUT_REG...
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Turn on vectorize_io
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Share shader state constructor and...
2019-09-18 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Track location of gl_Position out as...
2019-09-18 Caio Marcelo... spirv: Add missing break for capability handling
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Avoid uploading SURFACE_STATE descriptors for...
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeintel/compiler: Record whether any pull constant loads...
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Track per-stage bind history, reduce work accordingly
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Don't flag IRIS_DIRTY_BINDINGS for constant usage...
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Explicitly emit 3DSTATE_BTP_XS on Gen9 with DIRTY...
2019-09-18 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Flag IRIS_DIRTY_BINDINGS_XS on constant buffer...
2019-09-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add DFSM support.
2019-09-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Disable dfsm by default even on Raven.
2019-09-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Only break batch on framebuffer change with dfsm.
2019-09-18 Connor Abbottnir/opt_if: Fix undef handling in opt_split_alu_of_phi()
2019-09-18 Eric Engestromgl: drop incorrect pkg-config file for glvnd
2019-09-18 Andres Gomezdocs: Add the maximum implemented Vulkan API version...
2019-09-18 Andres Gomezdocs: Add the maximum implemented Vulkan API version...
2019-09-18 Andres Gomezdocs: Add the maximum implemented Vulkan API version...
2019-09-18 Andres Gomeznir/opcodes: Clear variable names confusion
2019-09-18 Rhys Perryradv: never kill a NGG GS shader
2019-09-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv/gfx10: fix VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties...
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákradeonsi: include drm_fourcc.h to fix the build
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákradeonsi: implement pipe_screen::resource_get_param
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákgallium: extend resource_get_param to be as capable...
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákac: move ac_get_num_physical_vgprs into radeon_info
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákac: move ac_get_num_physical_sgprs into radeon_info
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákac: move ac_get_max_wave64_per_simd into radeon_info
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákac: move num_sdp_interfaces into radeon_info
2019-09-18 Marek Olšákac: move PBB MAX_ALLOC_COUNT into radeon_info
2019-09-18 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: fix two-sided stencil
2019-09-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix loading 64-bit GS inputs
2019-09-18 Bas Nieuwenhuizentu: Set up glsl types.
2019-09-18 Andres Gomezdocs: Update to OpenGL 4.6 in the release notes
2019-09-18 Erik Faye-Lund.mailmap: add an alias for Eric Engestrom
2019-09-18 Erik Faye-Lund.mailmap: add an alias for Michel Dänzer
2019-09-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix writing depth/stencil clear values to image
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Merge scons-nollvm and scons-llvm jobs
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Test scons with all LLVM versions
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Move scons build/test commands to a separate...
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Use crossbuild-essential-* packages
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Use newer packages from backports by default
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Create separate docker images for Debian...
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Pass --no-remove to apt-get where possible
2019-09-18 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Reference full ci-templates commit hash
2019-09-18 Haihao Xiangi965: support AYUV/XYUV for external import only
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Allocate tiler and scratchpad BOs per-batch
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Add FBO BOs to batch->bos earlier
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Add the panfrost_batch_create_bo() helper
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Don't return imported/exported BOs to the...
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Add panfrost_bo_{alloc,free}()
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Stop using panfrost_bo_release() outside...
2019-09-18 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Stop passing screen around for BO operations