2019-10-09 Jan Beichutil: simplify BSD includes
2019-10-09 Jan Beichutil: detect AltiVec at runtime on BSDs
2019-10-09 Jan Beichutil: skip AltiVec detection if built with -maltivec
2019-10-09 Jan Beichutil: detect NEON at runtime on FreeBSD
2019-10-09 Jan Beichutil: skip NEON detection if built with -mfpu=neon
2019-10-09 Adam Jacksonegl: Make native display detection work more than once
2019-10-09 Rhys Perryaco: enable nir_opt_sink
2019-10-09 Connor Abbottnir/sink: Don't sink load_ubo to outside of its definin...
2019-10-09 Connor Abbottnir/sink: Rewrite loop handling logic
2019-10-09 Marek Olšákamd: don't use AMD_FAMILY definitions from amdgpu_drm.h
2019-10-09 Dylan Bakerdocs: update calendar, add news item, and link release...
2019-10-09 Dylan Bakerdocs: Add SHA256 sum for 19.2.1
2019-10-09 Dylan Bakerdocs: Add relnotes for 19.2.1
2019-10-09 Rhys Perryaco: move s_andn2_b64 instructions out of the p_discard_if
2019-10-09 Daniel Schürmannaco: don't reorder instructions in order to lower boole...
2019-10-09 Daniel Schürmannaco: re-use existing phi instruction when lowering...
2019-10-09 Michael Schellenberg... aco: Cleanup insert_before_logical_end
2019-10-09 Vasily Khoruzhicklima/ppir: don't clone texture loads
2019-10-09 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci/lava: Add needs: for container image to test...
2019-10-09 Samuel Pitoisetradv: bump minTexelBufferOffsetAlignment to 4
2019-10-09 Sergii Romantsovmeta: leak of shader program when decompressing tex...
2019-10-09 Erik Faye-Lundmesa/main: prefer R8-textures instead of A8 for glBitma...
2019-10-09 Dave Airliest/mesa: Prefer R8 for bitmap textures
2019-10-09 Samuel Pitoisetdrirc: enable vk_x11_override_min_image_count for DOOM
2019-10-09 Samuel Pitoisetradv: implement VK_KHR_shader_clock
2019-10-09 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Implement the Broadwell NP Z PMA Stall Fix
2019-10-08 Caio Marcelo... docs: Update recently enabled VK extensions on Intel
2019-10-08 Caio Marcelo... anv: Enable VK_EXT_shader_subgroup_{ballot,vote}
2019-10-08 Kenneth Graunkest/mesa: Fix inverted polygon stipple condition
2019-10-08 Fritz Koeniggallium: Enable MESA_framebuffer_flip_y
2019-10-08 Fritz Koenigmesa: Allow MESA_framebuffer_flip_y for GLES 3
2019-10-08 Fritz Koenigmesa: GetFramebufferParameteriv spelling
2019-10-08 Fritz Koeniginclude/GLES2: Sync GLES2 headers with Khronos
2019-10-08 Clément Guérinradeonsi: enable zerovram for Rocket League
2019-10-08 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Properly unreference extra VBOs for draw parameters
2019-10-08 Eric Engestrommeson: fix sys/mkdev.h detection on Solaris
2019-10-08 Eric Engestrominclude: update drm-uapi
2019-10-08 Michel Dänzerloader: Simplify handling of the radeonsi driver
2019-10-08 Bas Nieuwenhuizenamd/llvm: Fix warning due to asserted-only variable.
2019-10-08 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Draw the wallpaper when only depth/stencil...
2019-10-08 Boris Brezillonpanfrost: Make sure a clear does not re-use a pre-exist...
2019-10-08 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Update comment about 3-component formats and...
2019-10-08 Chris Wilsoniris: Allow packed RGB pbo uploads
2019-10-08 Tapani Pällianv/android: fix images created with external format...
2019-10-08 Bas Nieuwenhuizenmeson: Always add LLVM coroutines module.
2019-10-08 Timur Kristófamd: Move all amd/common code that depends on LLVM...
2019-10-08 Ilia Mirkinnvc0: add support for GL_EXT_demote_to_helper_invocation
2019-10-08 Ilia Mirkingallium/tgsi: add support for DEMOTE and READ_HELPER...
2019-10-08 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use simple_mtx_t instead of mtx_t
2019-10-08 Marek Olšákst/mesa: use simple_mtx_t instead of mtx_t
2019-10-08 Marek Olšákgallium: add PIPE_RESOURCE_FLAG_SINGLE_THREAD_USE to...
2019-10-08 Marek Olšákutil: use simple_mtx_t for util_range
2019-10-07 Marek Olšákwinsys/radeon: initialize SIMD properties in radeon_info
2019-10-07 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop vtbl usage for some load_register calls
2019-10-07 Jordan Justeniris/state: Move reg/mem load/store functions earlier...
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: drop unused inc_nir
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: drop duplicate inc_nir from spirv2nir
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: drop duplicate inc_nir from libglsl
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: drop duplicate inc_nir from libiris
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: rename libnir to _libnir to make it clear it...
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: use idep_nir instead of libnir in pipe-loader
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: use idep_nir instead of libnir in haiku softpipe
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: use idep_nir instead of libnir in gallium nine
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: use idep_nir instead of libnir in libclnir
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: use idep_nir instead of libnir in libnouveau
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson: add missing idep_nir_headers in iris_gen_libs
2019-10-07 Eric Engestromscript: drop
2019-10-07 Eric Engestrommeson/loader: drop unneeded *.h file
2019-10-07 Eric Engestromloader: use ARRAY_SIZE instead of NULL sentinel
2019-10-07 Eric Engestromloader: s/int/bool/ for predicate result
2019-10-07 Eric Engestromloader: replace int/1/0 with bool/true/false
2019-10-07 Eric Engestromegl: replace MESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS hack with upstream...
2019-10-07 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop bonus parameters from iris_init_*_context()
2019-10-07 Rhys Perrynir/constant_folding: fold load_constant intrinsics
2019-10-07 Rhys Perrynir/constant_folding: add back and use constant_fold_state
2019-10-07 Caio Marcelo... anv: Implement VK_KHR_shader_clock
2019-10-07 Caio Marcelo... spirv: Implement SPV_KHR_shader_clock
2019-10-07 Caio Marcelo... vulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.124
2019-10-07 Kenneth GraunkeRevert "iris: Hack up a SKL/Gen9LP PS push constant...
2019-10-07 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci/lava: Fix image to use in test jobs
2019-10-07 Boris BrezillonRevert "Revert "st/dri2: Implement DRI2bufferDamageExte...
2019-10-07 Boris BrezillonRevert "st/dri2: Implement DRI2bufferDamageExtension"
2019-10-06 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Move LAVA-related files into top-level ci dir
2019-10-06 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Run dEQP on devices with Panfrost
2019-10-05 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Hack up a SKL/Gen9LP PS push constant fifo depth...
2019-10-05 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Refactor push constant allocation so we can reuse it
2019-10-05 Lionel Landwerlinintel/isl: set vertical surface alignment on null surfaces
2019-10-05 Lionel Landwerlinintel/isl: set surface array appropriately
2019-10-05 Lionel Landwerlinintel/isl: Set null surface format to R32_UINT
2019-10-05 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: set texture INT_FILTER bit
2019-10-05 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: implement texture comparator
2019-10-05 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: update headers from rnndb
2019-10-05 Lionel Landwerlinintel: fix subslice computation from topology data
2019-10-05 Kenneth Graunkedri: Avoid swapbuffer throttling in glXCopySubBufferMESA
2019-10-05 Kenneth Graunkest/dri: Perform MSAA downsampling for __DRI2_THROTTLE_C...
2019-10-05 Prodea Alexandru... scons/MSYS2-MinGW-W64: Fix build options defaults
2019-10-04 Lionel Landwerlinintel/error2aub: add support for platforms without...
2019-10-04 Rhys Perryaco: fix load_constant with multiple arrays
2019-10-04 Eric Anholtnir: Fix some wonky whitespace in nir_search.h.
2019-10-04 Eric Anholtnir: Factor out most of the algebraic passes C code...