2020-05-14 Eric Engestromdocs: update calendar for 20.1.0-rc3
2020-05-14 Icecream95panfrost: Fix background showing when using discard
2020-05-14 Danylo Piliaievanv: Translate relative timeout to absolute when callin...
2020-05-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Set MOCS in 3DSTATE_CONSTANT_* on Gen9+
2020-05-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Set 3DSTATE_VF_INSTANCING on the SVGS element
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Drop the noubo fails list for CI, since...
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Use LDC for UBO loads.
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Trim num_ubos to just the ones we haven...
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Move i/o offset lowering after analyze_u...
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Leave the cursor alone during ir3_nir_tr...
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtfreedreno/ir3: Clean up a silly nir_src_for_ssa(src...
2020-05-14 Eric Anholtnir: Include num_ubos in the printed shader (if nonzero).
2020-05-13 Jason Ekstrandutil/ra: Add [de]serialization support
2020-05-13 Jason Ekstrandutil/vma: Add a debug print helper
2020-05-13 Jason Ekstrandutil/vma: Add an option to configure high/low preference
2020-05-13 Caio Marcelo... util/list: Add list_foreach_entry_from_safe
2020-05-13 Jason Ekstrandutil/list: Add a list pair iterator
2020-05-13 Iván Brianoanv: Implement VK_EXT_custom_border_color
2020-05-13 Iván Brianoanv: Add a way to reserve states from a pool
2020-05-13 Iván Brianoanv: Disable B5G6R5_UNORM_PACK16
2020-05-13 Iván Brianoanv: use the correct format on Android
2020-05-13 JibbityJobbitydrirc: Enable glthread for PCSX2
2020-05-13 Eric stop adding release candidates to...
2020-05-13 Eric invert `is_point` into `is_first_relea...
2020-05-13 Eric fix branch name construction for relea...
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákglthread: stop using GLenum16 to get correct GL errors...
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákradeonsi: also enable tgsi_to_nir caching for compute...
2020-05-13 Axel Davyradeonsi: Enable tgsi to nir disk cache
2020-05-13 Axel Davyst/nine: Enable ttn cache
2020-05-13 Axel Davyttn: Implement disk cache
2020-05-13 Axel Davyttn: Add new allow_disk_cache parameter
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Fix UBWC mipmapping height alignment.
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Fix UBWC mipmap sizing.
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Fix UBWC blockheight for RG8.
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Pull the tile_alignment lookup for a layout...
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Add a testcase for UBWC buffer sharing.
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a6xx: Improve layout testcase logging for...
2020-05-13 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a4xx+: Increase max texture size to 16384.
2020-05-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: reset ssa-defs as non-divergent during divergence...
2020-05-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: simplify phi handling in divergence analysis
2020-05-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: rework phi handling in divergence analysis
2020-05-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: refactor divergence analysis state
2020-05-13 Daniel Schürmannnir: add nir_intrinsic_elect to divergence analysis
2020-05-13 Jason Ekstrandnir: Make "divergent" a property of an SSA value
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: remove more "state tracker" occurences
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: rename PIPE_RESOURCE_FLAG_ST_PRIV to FRONTEND_PRIV
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: change comments to remove 'state tracker'
2020-05-13 Marek Olšákgallium: rename 'state tracker' to 'frontend'
2020-05-13 Connor Abbotttu: Implement fallback linear staging blit for CopyImage
2020-05-13 Connor Abbotttu: Add noubwc debug flag to disable UBWC
2020-05-13 Connor Abbotttu: Add a "scratch bo" allocation mechanism
2020-05-13 Rhys Perryaco: improve phi affinities with p_split_vector
2020-05-13 Rhys Perryaco: consider affinities when creating v_mac_f32
2020-05-13 Rhys Perryaco: mark phi definitions as last-seen phi operands
2020-05-13 Rhys Perryaco: fix consecutively written vgprs from vmem instructions
2020-05-13 Rhys Perryaco: simplify consecutive ordered vmem/lds writes optim...
2020-05-13 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: correct tracie behavior with replay errors
2020-05-13 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: create always the "results" directory with...
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetradv: add a LLVM version string workaround for SotTR...
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetturnip: use the common code for generating extensions...
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetanv: use the common code for generating extensions...
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetradv: use the common code for generating extensions...
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetvulkan: import common code for generating extensions
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetradv: implement VK_EXT_private_data
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetradv: use the base object struct types
2020-05-13 Samuel Pitoisetradv: use the common base object type for VkDevice
2020-05-13 Marek Vasutetnaviv: Disable seamless cube map on GC880
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: fix max-scissor opt
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3/sched: try to avoid syncs
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3/sched: avoid scheduling outputs
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3/postsched: try to avoid (sy) syncs
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3/postsched: reset sfu_delay on sync
2020-05-13 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: limit # of tex prefetch by shader size
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix indirect cb0 load_ubo lowering
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: don't allow negative const_offset
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Run dEQP-GLES3.functional.shaders.derivate...
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Fix derivative swizzle
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Set types for derivatives
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Remove texture_op_count
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Use analysis to set .cont/.last flags
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Use the helper invo analyze passes
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Analyze helper execution requirements
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Analyze helper invocation termination
2020-05-12 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/mdg: Explain helper invocations dataflow theory
2020-05-12 Arcady Goldmints... intel/compiler: fix alignment assert in nir_emit_intrinsic
2020-05-12 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Skip taking the lock for resource usage...
2020-05-12 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Move the resource_read early out to an inline.
2020-05-12 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Add an early out for preparing to read a...
2020-05-12 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Split the fd_batch_resource_used by read...
2020-05-12 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Add a nohw flag to skip submitting to the...
2020-05-12 Brian Hoturnip: Execute ir3_nir_lower_gs pass again
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: rework gmem layout algo
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: relax alignment on a6xx
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add gmemtool
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: add helper to dump GMEM layout
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: add div_align() helper
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno: initialize max_scissor
2020-05-12 Rob Clarkfreedreno/gmem: don't assume scissor opt when estimatin...
2020-05-12 Jason Ekstrandvulkan: Handle vkGet/SetPrivateDataEXT on Android swapc...
2020-05-12 Jason Ekstrandanv,vulkan: Implement VK_EXT_private_data