2019-11-21 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement UBWC
2019-11-21 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/regs: update UBWC related bits
2019-11-21 Vinson Leeswr: Fix build with llvm-10.0.
2019-11-21 Rhys Perryaco: fix copy+paste error
2019-11-21 Rhys Perryaco: improve waitcnt insertion around loops
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfctrs/fdperf: periodically restore counters
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs: add fdperf
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs/a6xx: remove RBBM counters
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfctrs/a2xx: move CP to be first group
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs: add accessor to get per-gen tables
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs: move to shared location
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs: remove gallium dependencies
2019-11-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/perfcntrs: small cleanup
2019-11-21 Dave Airlienir: fix deref offset builder
2019-11-21 Dave Airlievtn/opencl: add clz support
2019-11-21 Dave Airlienouveau: request ufind_msb64 lowering in the frontend.
2019-11-21 Dave Airlienir: add 64-bit ufind_msb lowering support. (v2)
2019-11-21 Dave Airliespirv/nir/opencl: handle some multiply instructions.
2019-11-21 Dave Airliespirv: get the correct type for function returns.
2019-11-21 Dave Airliespirv: don't store 0 to cs.ptr_size for non kernel...
2019-11-21 Jonathan Marekutil: add missing R8G8B8A8_SRGB format to vk_format_map
2019-11-21 Elie Tournierdocs: fix ascii html representation
2019-11-21 Elie TournierDocs: remove duplicate meson docs for windows
2019-11-21 Eric Anholtci: Move freedreno's parallelism to the runner instead...
2019-11-21 Iago Toral... glsl: add missing initialization of the location path...
2019-11-21 Rhys Perrydocs: update features.txt for RADV
2019-11-21 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Directly use host-mapped directory for ccache
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: remove now useless meson-swr-glvnd build job
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: build GLVND in meson-clang
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: build swr in meson-main
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: do not build with debugoptimized for meson...
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: add a job that only build things needed...
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: fix ldd check for Vulkan drivers
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetgitlab-ci: move building piglit into a separate script
2019-11-21 Samuel Pitoisetpipe-loader: check that the pointer to driconf_xml...
2019-11-21 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Add the lod_bias field
2019-11-21 Timothy Arcericompiler: move build definition of pp_standalone_scaffo...
2019-11-21 Karol Herbstnir/validate: validate num_components on registers...
2019-11-20 Mark JanesRevert "st/mesa: keep serialized NIR instead of nir_sha...
2019-11-20 Mark JanesRevert "st/mesa: call nir_serialize only once per shader"
2019-11-20 Arno Messiaenlima/ppir: add lod-bias support
2019-11-20 Jason EkstrandRevert "i965/fs: Merge CMP and SEL into CSEL on Gen8+"
2019-11-20 Daniel Schürmannradv: Enable Subgroup Arithmetic and Clustered for SI
2019-11-20 Daniel Schürmannamd/llvm: Add Subgroup Scan functions for SI
2019-11-20 Andreas Baierllima/streamparser: Add findings introduced with gl_Poin...
2019-11-20 Andreas Baierllima/streamparser: Fix typo in vs semaphore parser
2019-11-20 Yevhenii Kolesnikovmeson: Fix linkage of libgallium_nine with libgalliumvl
2019-11-20 Dylan Bakerdocs/release-calendar: Update for extended 19.3 rc...
2019-11-20 Dylan Bakerdocs: update calendar, add news item and link release...
2019-11-20 Dylan Bakerdocs/relnotes/19.2.5: Add SHA256 sum
2019-11-20 Dylan Bakerdocs: Add relnotes for 19.2.5
2019-11-20 Rhys Perrynir/large_constants: use nir_index_vars and nir_variabl...
2019-11-20 Rhys Perrynir: add nir_variable::index and nir_index_vars
2019-11-20 Rhys Perrynir: make nir_variable::{num_members,num_state_slots...
2019-11-20 Samuel Pitoisetdocs: add missing new features for RADV
2019-11-20 Hyunjun Kofreedreno/ir3: enable half precision for pre-fs texture...
2019-11-20 Hyunjun Kofreedreno/ir3: fixup when changing to mad.f16
2019-11-20 Hyunjun Kofreedreno/ir3: fix printing output registers of FS.
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsfreedreno/ir3: Enabling lowering 16-bit flrp
2019-11-20 Hyunjun Kofreedreno: support 16b for the sampler opcode
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsfreedreno/ir3: Implement f2b16 and i2b16
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsfreedreno/ir3: Add implementation of nir_op_b16csel
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsfreedreno/ir3: Support 16-bit comparison instructions
2019-11-20 Hyunjun Kofreedreno/ir3: cleanup by removing repeated code
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsnir/lower_alu_to_scalar: Support lowering 8- and 16...
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsnir: Add a 8-bit bool type
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsnir: Add a 16-bit bool type
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsnir/opcodes: Add a helper function to generate reduce...
2019-11-20 Neil Robertsnir/opcodes: Add a helper function to generate the...
2019-11-20 Samuel Pitoisetradv: enable VK_KHR_shader_subgroup_extended_types...
2019-11-20 Alejandro Piñeirov3d: adds an extra MOV for any sig.ld*
2019-11-20 Jose Maria... v3d: Fix predication with atomic image operations
2019-11-20 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost: Don't print the midgard_blend_rt structs...
2019-11-20 Tomeu Vizosogitlab-ci: Fix dir name for VK-GL-CTS sources
2019-11-20 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost: Rework buffers in SFBD
2019-11-20 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost: Just print tiler fields as-is for Tx20
2019-11-20 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/midgard: Introduce quirks checks
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerigitlab-ci: update for arb_shading_language_include
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerigitlab-ci: bump piglit checkout commit
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: enable ARB_shading_language_include
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: implement glCompileShaderIncludeARB()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add shader include lookup support for relative...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support cursor support for relative path...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: delay compilation skip if shader contains an...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: add can_skip_compile() helper
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: error if #include used while extension is disabled
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: add preprocessor #include support
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: pass gl_context to glcpp_parser_create()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arceriglsl: add ARB_shading_language_include support to ...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: implement glDeleteNamedStringARB()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: split _mesa_lookup_shader_include() in two
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: implement glGetNamedStringivARB()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: implement glIsNamedStringARB()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: make error checking optional in _mesa_lookup_shad...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: implement glGetNamedStringARB()
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add glNamedStringARB() support
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add copy_string() helper
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add _mesa_lookup_shader_include() helper
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add helper to validate tokenise shader include...
2019-11-20 Timothy Arcerimesa: add ARB_shading_language_include infrastructure...