2020-03-04 Mauro Rossiandroid: r600/sfn: fix includes and libmesa_nir dependency
2020-03-04 Mauro Rossiandroid: aco: fix PIPE_FORMAT related building errors
2020-03-04 Jason Ekstrandnir: Flush to zero with OOB low exponents in ldexp
2020-03-04 Duncan Hopkinszink. Added storage CISto descriptor pool.
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: Add jobs to be able to test Vulkan
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: Add gfxreconstruct traces support
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: Change devices format to <api-vendor-deviceId>
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: build VulkanTools into the Vulkan testing...
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: build gfxreconstruct into the Vulkan testing...
2020-03-04 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: add missing popd to the
2020-03-04 Andres Gomeztracie: correct typo
2020-03-04 Christian Gmeineretnaviv: fix alpha test on GC3000
2020-03-04 Christian Gmeineretnaviv: update headers from rnndb
2020-03-04 Daniel Stoneegl/wayland: Don't invalidate buffers on no-op resize
2020-03-04 Andrii SimiklitRevert "glx: convert glx_config_create_list to one...
2020-03-04 Vilya Harveyzink. Don't set incorrect sType in VkImportMemoryFdInfo...
2020-03-04 Hyunjun Koturnip: support indirect draw
2020-03-03 Mauro Rossiandroid: gallium/auxiliary: fix "Unused source files...
2020-03-03 Eric Anholtci: Flip db410c back to docker mode.
2020-03-03 Rafael Antognolliintel/gen12+: Disable mid thread preemption.
2020-03-03 Krzysztof RaszkowskiRevert "gallium/swr: Fix min/max range index draw"
2020-03-03 Chris Lordvc4: fix vc4_yuv_blit overwriting fragment constant...
2020-03-03 Rhys Perryaco: handle v_add_co_u32_e64 in parse_base_offset()
2020-03-03 Rhys Perryaco: fix carry-out size for wave32 v_add_co_u32_e64
2020-03-03 Jan Zielinskigallium/swr: fix corruptions in Unigine Heaven
2020-03-03 Satyajit Sahust/va: GetConfigAttributes: check profile and entrypoin...
2020-03-03 Rafael Antognolliintel/isl: Implement D16_UNORM workarounds.
2020-03-03 Rhys Perryaco: keep track of which events are used in a barrier
2020-03-03 Thong Thaist/va/postproc: reallocate interlaced destination buffer
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... panfrost: fix transform feedback
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... gallium: add PIPE_CAP_PSIZ_CLAMPED
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... gallium: add PIPE_CAP_VIEWPORT_TRANSFORM_LOWERED
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... gallium: add PIPE_CAP_PACKED_STREAM_OUTPUT
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... glsl/linker: add xfb workaround for modified built...
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... glsl/linker: handle array/struct members for DisableXfb...
2020-03-03 Louis-Francis... glsl/linker: add DisableTransformFeedbackPacking workaround
2020-03-03 Rhys Perryspirv: fix memory_barrier_tcs_patch emission
2020-03-03 Rhys Perryspirv: improve creation of memory_barrier
2020-03-03 Vasily Khoruzhicklima: don't disable tiling if there's linear modifier...
2020-03-03 Samuel Pitoisetac: rename min_vgpr_alloc to min_wave64_vgpr_alloc
2020-03-03 Samuel Pitoisetac: rename vgpr_alloc_granularity to wave64_vgpr_alloc_...
2020-03-03 Samuel Pitoisetac: rename lds_size_per_cu to lds_size_per_workgroup
2020-03-03 Brian Hoturnip: Execute main cs for secondary command buffers
2020-03-03 Brian Hoturnip: Promote tu_cs_get_size/is_empty to header
2020-03-03 Ilia Mirkinnvc0: enable EXT_texture_shadow_lod
2020-03-03 Ilia Mirkinst/mesa: allow TXB2/TXL2 to work with cube array shadow...
2020-03-03 Ilia Mirkinnv50,nvc0: add newly added PIPE_CAP's to list
2020-03-03 Paulo Zanonianv: multiply the scratch space by 4 on gen9-10 like...
2020-03-03 Paulo Zanoniintel/device: bdw_gt1 actually has 6 eus per subslice
2020-03-03 Paulo Zanoniintel: fix the gen 12 compute shader scratch IDs
2020-03-03 Paulo Zanoniintel: fix the gen 11 compute shader scratch IDs
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Move some definitions from disasm to bifrost.h
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Structify FMA_FADD
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Squash LD_ATTR ops together
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Combine LOAD_VARYING_ADDRESS instructions by...
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Decode ADD_SHIFT properly
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Identify extended FMA opcodes
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Add v4i8 mode to FMA_SHIFT
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Decode FMA_SHIFT properly
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Move notes on ADD ops to notes file
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Introduce CSEL4 class
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Move notes on FMA opcodes from disassembler
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Add ICMP.GL.NEQ op
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/bi: Add discard ops
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/decode: Skip analysis for Bifrost tiler structures
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/decode: Fix tiler weights printing
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/decode: Restore bifrost sample_locations
2020-03-03 Alyssa Rosenzweigpan/decode: Calm an assert to a pandecode error
2020-03-02 Rafael Antognolliiris: Wait for the GPU to be idle before invalidating...
2020-03-02 Rafael Antognolliiris: Split aux map initialization from invalidation.
2020-03-02 Rafael Antognollianv: Wait for the GPU to be idle before invalidating...
2020-03-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Do end-of-pipe sync around MCS/CCS ops instead...
2020-03-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use a proper end-of-pipe sync instead of just...
2020-03-02 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use the PIPE_CONTROL instead of bits for the CS...
2020-03-02 Dave Airliegallivm/tessellator: use private functions for min...
2020-03-02 Ivan Molodetskikhegl: allow INVALID format for linux_dmabuf
2020-03-02 Vasily Khoruzhicklima: add RGBA5551 and RGBA4444 formats
2020-03-02 Eric Anholtci: Add a disabled-by-default job for GLES3 testing...
2020-03-02 Eric Anholtci: Switch testing on db410c over to LAVA.
2020-03-02 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Don't try to catch exceptions, the driver...
2020-03-02 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Use static_cast when type is already known
2020-03-02 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Avoid using dynamic_cast to identify type
2020-03-02 Alejandro Piñeirodocs/features: add v3d driver
2020-03-02 Albert Astals Cidaco: pass vars by const &
2020-03-02 Daniel StoneRevert "gitlab-ci: disable panfrost runners"
2020-03-02 Albert Astals Cidaco: Minor optimization in spill_ctx constructor
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetradv: update entrypoints generation from ANV
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetradv/sqtt: add support for GFX10
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetac/registers: add definitions for thread trace on GFX10
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetradv/sqtt: update SPI_CONFIG_CNTL.EXP_PRIORITY_ORDER...
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetradv/sqtt: do not assume that the number of shader...
2020-03-02 Samuel Pitoisetradv/rgp: adjust trace memory/shader clocks to fix...
2020-03-02 Tapani Pällimesa/st: fix formats required for EXT_texture_norm16
2020-03-02 Andreas Baierllima: Add etc1 support
2020-03-02 Uros Bizjakdoc: Update features.txt for r600 with misc supported...
2020-03-02 Lionel Landwerlinintel/tools/dump_gpu: fix getparam values
2020-03-02 Vinson Leemeson: Enable -Wno-deprecated only for bison > 2.3.
2020-03-01 Ilia Mirkinmesa: fix _mesa_draw_nonzero_divisor_bits to return...
2020-03-01 Ilia Mirkingitlab-ci: disable panfrost runners
2020-02-29 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix size of sqtt_file_chunk_asic_info on 32-bit...