2020-06-19 Pierre-Eric... ac/llvm: load 1 byte at a time if unaligned on gfx10
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Handle memory_barrier
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Take SSBO buffer ID offset into account
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add support for reading cube image array...
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add support for image_size
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add imageio support
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: lower image derefs
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: require LLVM 11+ for GFX 10.3 if not using ACO
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: add support for Sienna Cichlid
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetaco: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Add assembler tests for the cr0 register
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Disallow control subregisters > 3
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Require explicit regions/types for special...
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Drop srctype from ipreg
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Remove unnecessary reg number checking
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: move enum translation functions to a common...
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: use the same regclass as the definition for undef...
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: fix edge check with sub-dword temporaries
2020-06-18 Erik Faye-Lundmesa/main: fix inverted condition
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: remove image uniform hack
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: handle image atomic inc and dec
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: move away from image_deref intrinsics
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnir/lower_images: handle dec and inc
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnir/lower_images: fix for array of arrays
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstst/mesa: lower images when needed
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: shrink mad_info
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: make ssa_info::label 64-bit
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: shrink ssa_info
2020-06-18 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn: bump vcn3.0 encode major version to 1
2020-06-18 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn/enc: Re-write PPS encoding for HEVC
2020-06-18 Thong Thairadeon/vcn: add vcn 3.0 encode support
2020-06-18 Leo Liuradeon/vcn/dec: add db_aligned_height to message buffer
2020-06-18 Leo Liuradeon/vcn: add Sienna to use internal register offset
2020-06-18 Leo Liuradeon/vcn: reset the decode flags from message buffer
2020-06-18 Daniel Schürmannaco: fix WQM handling in nested loops
2020-06-18 Danylo Piliaievst/mesa: account for "loose", per-mipmap level textures...
2020-06-18 Gurchetan Singhvirgl: apply bgra dest swizzle and add Portal 2
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: set the API version
2020-06-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: only requires LLVM 9 for GFX10 if not using ACO
2020-06-18 Neil ArmstrongRevert "CI: Disable Panfrost Mali-T820 jobs"
2020-06-18 Neil ArmstrongRevert "CI: Disable Lima jobs due to lab unhealthiness"
2020-06-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: compute CB_SHADER_MASK from the fragment shader...
2020-06-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: make sure to set CB_SHADER_MASK correctly for...
2020-06-18 Erik Faye-Lunddocs/features: remove driver-list for forward-compatibl...
2020-06-18 Erik Faye-Lunddocs/features: update ARB_texture_buffer_object line
2020-06-18 Erik Faye-Lunddocs/features: mark GL3 as complete for zink
2020-06-18 Samuel Pitoisetradv: lower discards to demote to workaround a RDR2...
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkglsl_to_nir: fix vote_any/vote_all
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkglsl_to_nir: fix shader_clock
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkglsl_to_nir: fix is_helper_invocation
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkspirv: drop some dead code
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkspirv: atomic_counter_read_deref is not vectorized
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix renderpass gmem configs when there are...
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix a sample shading case
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix a crash when rasterizerDiscardEnable is set
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromdocs: remind release maintainers to sign the tarballs...
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromdocs: publish our release maintainers' keys
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: update obsolete comment
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/computerator: MERGEDREGS update
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkturnip: set .MERGEDREGS based on variant
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: set .MERGEREGS based on variant
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: make mergedregs a property of the variant
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: re-work assembler API
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: pass variant to postsched
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: decouple regset from gpu gen
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move mergedreg state out of reg
2020-06-18 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: convert regmask_t to struct
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/fdl6: rework layout code a bit (reduce linear...
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: FETCHSIZE is PITCHALIGN
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromvirgl: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromsvga: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromfreedreno: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestrometnaviv: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromegl: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromi965: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromiris: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromanv: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromradv: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromvulkan/wsi: replace all dup() with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromreplace all F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC with os_dupfd_cloexec()
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromutil: introduce os_dupfd_cloexec() helper
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromutil/os_file: replace broken windows-detection code...
2020-06-18 Eric Anholtci: disable the windows tests until the runner can...
2020-06-18 Eric Engestromdocs: remove plain-text copy of versions.rst
2020-06-18 Eric add script to simplify update of...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: enable xfb extension in screen creation
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: switch to passing VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures2 in...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: set PIPE_CAP_VIEWPORT_TRANSFORM_LOWERED and remov...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: implement transform feedback support to finish...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: implement streamout and xfb handling in ntv
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: add spirv_builder methods for OpVectorExtractDyna...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: add spirv builder util functions for emitting...
2020-06-17 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use '2' variants for device props/feats, check...
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: use u_format for packing gmem clear values
2020-06-17 Erik Faye-Lunddocs: fixup relnotes after rst-conversion
2020-06-17 Samuel Pitoisetradv/aco: enable FP16 features/extensions on GFX9+
2020-06-17 Rhys Perryaco: fix validation of opsel when set for the definition
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: use draw states for input attachments
2020-06-17 Jonathan Marekturnip: input attachment descriptor set rework