2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: remove loader_get_driver_for_fd() driver_type
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: remove final sysfs codepath in loader_get_devic...
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovtravis: remove no longer needed libudev-dev dependency
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovscons: remove all libudev references
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovscons: loader: use libdrm when available
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovgbm: remove superfluous/incorrect udev comment
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovautomake: remove all the libudev references
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: remove libudev_get_device_name_for_fd and relat...
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: reimplement loader_get_user_preferred_fd via...
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: annotate __driConfigOptionsLoader as static
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: separate USE_DRICONF code into separate function
2016-10-18 Emil Velikovloader: slim down loader_get_pci_id_for_fd implementati...
2016-10-18 Emil mark libdrm as have_pci_id provider
2016-10-18 Ilia Mirkingm107/ir: fix bit offset of tex lod setting for indirec...
2016-10-18 Ilia Mirkingm107/ir: fix texturing with indirect samplers
2016-10-18 Marek Olšákgallium/tgsi: add missing #include
2016-10-18 Julien Isorcest/va: set default rt formats when calling vaCreateConfig
2016-10-18 Kenneth Graunkei965: Fix gl_InvocationID in dual object GS where invoc...
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of anv_cmd_buffer_emit_state_base_address
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Move descriptor flushing into genX_cmd_...
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Expose ensure_push_constant_*
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Unify flush_compute_state across gens
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Move Begin/End/Execute to genX_cmd_buffer.c
2016-10-18 Jason Ekstrandanv/cmd_buffer: Move state base address re-emit into...
2016-10-17 Edward O'Callaghandoc/features.txt: factor out radeonsi as GL45 complete
2016-10-17 Ian Romanicki965: Silence unused parameter warnings
2016-10-17 Ian Romanickglsl: Remove unused function import_prototypes
2016-10-17 Ian Romanickglsl: Remove prototypes for nonexistent functions
2016-10-17 Ian Romanickglsl: Replace assert with unreachable
2016-10-17 Lionel Landwerlinanv: replace , with ; in anv_batch_emit()
2016-10-17 Lionel Landwerlinintel: aubinator: use different colors to signal batch...
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnlest/glsl_to_tgsi: fix [ui]vec[34] conversion to double
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnlest/glsl_to_tgsi: fix atomic counter addressing
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnlest/glsl_to_tgsi: fix a corner case of std140 layout...
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnlest/mesa: fix fragment shader output mapping
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnleglsl: print non-zero bindings of variables
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: unify the constant load paths
2016-10-17 Nicolai Hähnleradeonsi: fix indirect loads of 64 bit constants
2016-10-17 Eric Engestromgbm: add a couple missing includes
2016-10-17 Iago Toral... glsl: fail compilation of compute shaders when unsupported
2016-10-17 Tapani Pälliegl/android: fix error in droid_add_configs_for_visuals()
2016-10-17 Marek Olšákradeonsi: shorten "shader->selector" to "sel" in si_sha...
2016-10-17 Marek Olšákradeonsi: clear DB_RENDER_OVERRIDE
2016-10-16 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Disable textureOffset(sampler2DArrayShadow, ...
2016-10-16 Axel Davyst/nine: Fix multisample limit check
2016-10-16 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix fast clear color packing for 565.
2016-10-16 Eric Anholtstate_tracker: Fix check for scissor enabled when < 0.
2016-10-16 Chad Versaceegl/surfaceless: Fix comparison between pointer and...
2016-10-16 Emil Velikovegl/surfaceless: use correct index when accesing the...
2016-10-16 Gustaw Smolarczykradv/winsys: Fail early on overgrown cs.
2016-10-15 Kenneth Graunkeglsl: Drop the ES requirement that VS outputs must...
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make some PIPE_CONTROL fields booleans
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "Predication enable" a boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml; Make "Use Global GTT a boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml; Make "Tiled Surface" a boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "SO Buffer Enable" fields boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "Stencil Buffer Enable" a boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make a couple of STREAMOUT fields booleans
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "Include Vertex Handles" and "Includ...
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "Vector Mask Enable" a boolean
2016-10-15 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Make "Single Program Flow" a boolean
2016-10-15 Tobias Klausmannnv50/ir: constant fold OP_SPLIT
2016-10-15 Kenneth Graunkei965: Enable OpenGL 4.5.
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/pipeline: Remove a meta hack from emit_ds_state
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: Create views directly in VkCreate*View
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: Get rid of the usage hacks for meta
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Move Create*Pipelines into genX_cmd_buffer.c
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/pipeline: Remove support for direct-from-nir shaders
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Make entrypoint resolution take a gen_device_info
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of the ANV_CALL macro
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of graphics_pipeline_create_info_extra
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of meta
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use blorp for subpass clears
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use blorp for ClearAttachments
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/hiz: Perform HiZ resolves for all partial renders
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use blorp for ClearDepthStencilImage
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: Add an isl_view to anv_image_view
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/image: Rework our handling of 3-D image array ranges
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandanv/blorp: Don't hand-roll flush_pipeline_select_3d
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add a flag to make blorp not re-emit dept...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add an entrypoint for clearing depth and...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Emit a NULL render target for depth/stenci...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Allow for running without a PS on gen8+
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add an "enabled" bit to surface_info
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Emit more complete DEPTH_STENCIL state
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Unify the DEPTH_STENCIL emit code across...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Simplify depth/stencil config
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Set QPitch for depth and HiZ on gen8+
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Add support for binding an actual stencil...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Move CLEAR_PARAMS setup into emit_depth_st...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/genxml: Add a uint MOCS field to 3DSTATE_STENCIL_...
2016-10-14 Jason Ekstrandintel/blorp: Make the Z component of the primitive...
2016-10-14 Emil Velikovi915: workaround multiple intelFenceExtension definitions
2016-10-14 Chad Versacedocs/specs: Update allocated EGL enum values
2016-10-14 Chad Versacedoc/specs: Reference the Khronos registry XML
2016-10-14 Chad Versaceegl: Move old EGL_MESA_screen_surface spec
2016-10-14 Chad Versaceegl: Implement EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless
2016-10-14 Chad Versaceegl: Don't advertise unsupported platform extensions
2016-10-14 Chad Versacedocs: Add EGL_MESA_platform_surfaceless.txt (v2)
2016-10-14 Ian Romanicki965: Sort some extension names