2018-10-18 Michał Janiszewskigallium: Fix mismatched ifdef-guards
2018-10-18 Gert Wollnysoftpipe: dynamically allocate space for immediate...
2018-10-18 Timothy Arceriradv: use nir_shrink_vec_array_vars()
2018-10-18 Timothy Arceriradv: use nir_split_array_vars()
2018-10-18 Timothy Arceriradv: use nir_opt_find_array_copies()
2018-10-18 Timothy Arceriradv: use nir_opt_copy_prop_vars and nir_opt_dead_write...
2018-10-18 Keith Packardvulkan: Add VK_EXT_calibrated_timestamps extension...
2018-10-17 Topi Pohjolainenintel/compiler/icl: Use invocation id bits 22:16 instea...
2018-10-17 Neil RobertsFix setting indent-tabs-mode in the Emacs .dir-locals...
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: don't allocate binning rb
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: single cmdstream for draw+binning
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: split binning vs draw program stateobj's
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: split VBO state into binning/draw variants
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: move VBO state to stateobj
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: move ZSA state to stateobj
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: remove vismode param
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move binning-pass fixup for a6xx+
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: a bit more state emit cleanup
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: move framebuffer state emit to emit_mrt()
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: small emit_mrt() cleanup
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: use program cache
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: shader variant cache
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move binning_pass out of shader variant key
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: track # of samplers used by shader
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: texture state obj
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add resource seqno
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: move const emit to state group
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: add infrastructure for CP_DRAW_STATE
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: reduce resource dependency tracking overhead
2018-10-17 Neil Robertsfreedreno: Remove the Emacs mode lines
2018-10-17 Neil Robertsfreedreno: Fix the Emacs indentation configuration...
2018-10-17 Hyunjun Kofreedreno: allocate batches from the cache in launch_grid
2018-10-17 Hyunjun Kofreedreno: adds nondraw param to fd_bc_alloc_batch
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: remove fd6_emit_render_cntl()
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix broken texcoord inputs
2018-10-17 Rob Clarkfreedreno: fix off-by-one error in BEGIN_RING()
2018-10-17 Marek Olšákutil: document a limitation of util_fast_udiv32
2018-10-17 Matt Turneri965/fs: Add 64-bit int immediate support to dump_instr...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: track context rolls better for the Vega sciss...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: emit sample locations for 1xAA only when...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use compute shaders for clear_buffer & copy_b...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use copy_buffer in buffer_do_flush_region...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use faster integer division for instance...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákac: add helpers for fast integer division by a constant
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use higher subpixel precision (QUANT_MODE...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: move emission of PA_SU_VTX_CNTL into emit_gua...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't re-upload the sample position constant...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set PA_SU_PRIM_FILTER_CNTL optimally
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: center viewport to improve guardband clipping...
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: save raster config in screen, add se_tile_repeat
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: switch back to standard DX sample positions
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: add GDS support to CP DMA
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: rename si_gfx_* functions to si_cp_*
2018-10-16 Marek Olšákradeonsi: make si_gfx_write_event_eop more configurable
2018-10-16 Sergii Romantsovanv/skylake: disable ForceThreadDispatchEnable
2018-10-16 Lionel Landwerlinanv: Implement VK_EXT_pci_bus_info
2018-10-16 Jose Fonsecaappveyor: Cache pip's cache files.
2018-10-16 Jose Fonsecaappveyor: Update to newer Mako/winflexbison versions.
2018-10-16 Jose Fonsecaappveyor: Update to MSVC 2017.
2018-10-16 Samuel Pitoisetradv: disable VK_SUBGROUP_FEATURE_VOTE_BIT
2018-10-16 Samuel Pitoisetradv: implement buffer to image operations for R32G32B32
2018-10-16 Alex Smithac/nir: Use context-specific LLVM types
2018-10-16 Vadym Shovkopliasglsl: Check the subroutine associated functions names
2018-10-16 Vadym Shovkopliasglsl/linker: Change the format of spec quotation
2018-10-16 Dave Airlienir: fix clip cull lowering to not assert if GLSL alrea...
2018-10-16 Kenneth Graunkei965: Add PCI IDs for new Amberlake parts that are...
2018-10-16 Kenneth Graunkeintel: disable FS IR validation in release mode.
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Copy propagation between blocks
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Take call instruction into account in copy_prop_vars
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Add tests for copy propagation of derefs
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Remove handling of dead writes from copy_prop_vars
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... intel/nir, freedreno/ir3: Use the separated dead write...
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Separate dead write removal into its own pass
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Add tests for dead write elimination
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Add test file for vars related passes
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... nir: Add nir_imm_ivec2 helper
2018-10-16 Caio Marcelo... util: Add foreach_reverse for dynarray
2018-10-16 Eric Anholtv3d: Add support for hardware pack/unpack of half floats.
2018-10-16 Eric Anholtnir: Expose nir_remove_unused_io_vars().
2018-10-16 Eric Anholtnir: Be sure to fix deref modes after demoting shader...
2018-10-16 Eric Anholtgallium/ttn: Convert inputs and outputs to derefs of...
2018-10-16 Eric Anholtgallium/ttn: Fix the type of gl_FragDepth.
2018-10-15 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Enable blitter
2018-10-15 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Update headers
2018-10-15 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Remove unnecessary GRAS_2D_BLIT_INFO...
2018-10-15 Jason Ekstrandanv: Don't advertise ASTC support on BSW
2018-10-15 Samuel Pitoisetradv: do not force the flat qualifier for clip/cull...
2018-10-15 Samuel Pitoisetradv: bump discreteQueuePriorities to 2
2018-10-15 Jason Ekstrandanv: Split dispatch tables into device and instance
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkei965: Drop assert about number of uniforms in ARB handling.
2018-10-15 Jason Ekstrandvulkan: Add the fuchsia headers
2018-10-15 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Implement VK_EXT_pci_bus_info.
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkegallium/u_transfer_helper: Add support for separate...
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkegallium/format: Add a helper to combine separate Z24...
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkegallium/auxiliary: Add util_format_get_depth_only(...
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkenir: Create sampler variables in prog_to_nir.
2018-10-15 Kenneth Graunkenir: Create sampler2D variables in nir_lower_{bitmap...
2018-10-13 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Update SPIR-V json and headers to Khronos master
2018-10-13 Samuel Pitoisetvulkan: Update the XML and headers to 1.1.88
2018-10-12 Vinson Leer600/sb: Fix constant-logical-operand warning.