2019-06-29 Mauro Rossiandroid: virgl: fix generated virgl_driinfo.h building...
2019-06-29 Lionel Landwerlinintel/compiler: don't use byte operands for src1 on ICL
2019-06-29 renchengleiegl: Enable eglGetPlatformDisplay on Android Platform
2019-06-29 Ian Romanicknir/serach: Increase maximum commutative expressions...
2019-06-29 Ian Romanicknir/algebraic: Don't mark expression with duplicate...
2019-06-29 Ian Romanicknir/search: Log Boolean constants instead of asserting
2019-06-29 Ian Romanicknir/algebraic: Fail build when too many commutative...
2019-06-29 Ian Romanicknir/algebraic: Fix whitespace error
2019-06-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Allow R11G11B10 rendering
2019-06-29 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Default to util_pack_color for clears
2019-06-29 Ian Romanickintel/vec4: Try both sources as candidates for being...
2019-06-29 Ian Romanickintel/vec4: Try immediate sources for dot products too
2019-06-29 Ian Romanickintel/vec4: Try emitting non-scalar immediates
2019-06-28 Eric Anholtnir: Fix lowering of bitfield_insert to shifts.
2019-06-28 Dylan BakerRevert "meson: Add support for using cmake for finding...
2019-06-28 Dylan BakerRevert "meson: try to use cmake as a finder for clang"
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommesa: stop trying new filenames if the filename existin...
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommesa: use os_file_create_unique()
2019-06-28 Eric Engestromutil: add os_file_create_unique()
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Disable DXT-style texture compression
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Dump unknown formats before aborting
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost/midgard: Fix 3D texture regression
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Add some special formats
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost/midgard: Implement integer sampler
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Remove dubious assert
2019-06-28 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Implement primitive restart
2019-06-28 Anuj Phogati965/icl: Apply WA_1606682166 to compute workloads
2019-06-28 Anuj PhogatRevert "iris/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel...
2019-06-28 Anuj PhogatRevert "anv/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel...
2019-06-28 Anuj PhogatRevert "i965/icl: Add WA_2204188704 to disable pixel...
2019-06-28 Anuj Phogati965/icl: Fix WA_1606682166
2019-06-28 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: small cleanup
2019-06-28 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: fix missing (ss) in dummy bary.f case
2019-06-28 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: wire up dither state
2019-06-28 Arfrever Frehtes... meson: Improve detection of Python when using Meson...
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... radeon/uvd: fix calc_ctx_size_h265_main10
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: add display list support for gl(Compressed)Textur...
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: add glTextureParameteri/iv/f/fvEXT
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: extend _mesa_lookup_or_create_texture to support...
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: refactor bind_texture
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: extract helper function for glTexParameter*
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: add buffer != 0 checks to glNamedBufferEXT functions
2019-06-28 Marek Olšákmesa: fix a typo in map_named_buffer_range
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glMapNamedBufferEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glUnmapNamedBufferEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glCompressedTextureSubImage2DEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glTextureSubImage2DEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glMapNamedBufferRangeEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glNamedBufferStorageEXT
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glNamedBuffer*DataEXT()
2019-06-28 Timothy Arcerimesa: add support for glBindMultiTextureEXT
2019-06-28 Pierre-Eric... mesa: delete framebuffer texture attachment sampler...
2019-06-28 James Clarkemeson: GNU/kFreeBSD has DRM/KMS and requires -D_GNU_SOURCE
2019-06-28 Kenneth Graunkegallium/u_transfer_helper: Don't leak a reference to...
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommeson: only add empty lines betwen active summary sections
2019-06-28 Eric Engestrommeson: bump required libdrm version to 2.4.81
2019-06-28 Emil Velikovac: change ac_query_gpu_info() signature
2019-06-28 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost: Only tag AFBC addresses when sampling
2019-06-28 Jose Fonsecagallivm: Improve lp_build_rcp_refine.
2019-06-28 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/ci: Don't error out on RK3288
2019-06-28 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/ci: Don't print every kernel file
2019-06-28 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/ci: Fix the image name
2019-06-28 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/ci: Remove batching
2019-06-28 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Don't leak resources in iris_create_surface for...
2019-06-28 Samuel Pitoisetradv: only enable VK_AMD_gpu_shader_{half_float,int16...
2019-06-28 Samuel Pitoisetradv: add si_emit_ia_multi_vgt_param() helper
2019-06-28 Alexandros... virgl: Don't allow creating staging pipe_resources
2019-06-28 Alexandros... virgl: Use virgl_staging_mgr
2019-06-28 Alexandros... virgl: Add tests for virgl_staging_mgr
2019-06-28 Alexandros... virgl: Introduce virgl_staging_mgr
2019-06-28 Alexandros... virgl: Store the virgl_hw_res for copy transfers
2019-06-28 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix major resource leak in iris_set_shader_images
2019-06-28 Kenneth Graunkegallium: Make util_copy_image_view handle shader_access
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkegallium: Teach GALLIUM_REFCNT_LOG about array textures
2019-06-27 Nanley Cheryisl: Don't align phys_level0_sa by block dimension
2019-06-27 Nanley Cheryintel: Add and use helpers for level0 extent
2019-06-27 Dylan Bakermeson: try to use cmake as a finder for clang
2019-06-27 Dylan Bakermeson: Add support for using cmake for finding LLVM
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix memory leak of SO targets
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix memory leak for draw parameter resources
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop u_upload_unmap
2019-06-27 Lionel Landwerlinintel/compiler: fix derivative on y axis implementation
2019-06-27 Eric Engestrommeson: set up a proper internal dependency for xmlconfig
2019-06-27 Eric Engestromxmlconfig: add missing #include
2019-06-27 Eric Engestromxmlpool: fix typo in comment
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Also properly restore INTERFACE_DESCRIPTOR_DATA...
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Fix resource tracking for CS thread ID buffer
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Only bother with thread ID upload if doing MEDIA_...
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Do MEDIA_CURBE_LOAD when IRIS_DIRTY_CS is set...
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop UBO range stuff from iris_restore_compute_sa...
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Properly align interface descriptor data addresses
2019-06-27 Andrii Simiklitmesa: use a correct function return type
2019-06-27 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/decode: Mention the address of a few descriptors
2019-06-27 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/decode: Wait for a job to finish before dumping
2019-06-27 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/decode: Decode exception status
2019-06-27 Tomeu Vizosopanfrost/decode: Print AFBC struct when appropriate
2019-06-27 Samuel Pitoisetradv: only export clip/cull distances if PS reads them
2019-06-27 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix FMASK expand if layerCount is VK_REMAINING_AR...
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Disable loop unrolling in GLSL IR.
2019-06-27 Kenneth Graunkest/mesa: Set EmitNoIndirectSampler if GLSLVersion ...