2017-06-26 Emil Velikovegl: fold _eglError() + return EGL_FALSE
2017-06-26 Emil Velikovegl: drop _eglInitImage() return type
2017-06-26 Juan A. Suarez... glsl: do not call link_xfb_stride_layout_qualifiers...
2017-06-26 Constantine... r600g: fix crash when file in R600_TRACE doesn't exist
2017-06-26 Constantine... r600g: take into account offset to system inputs at...
2017-06-26 Constantine... r600g: get rid of trailing whitespace
2017-06-26 Dave Airlier600/asm: add support for other GDS operations.
2017-06-26 Dave Airlier600: don't merge GDS into VTX
2017-06-26 Dave Airlier600: for memory instructions dump index gpr for read...
2017-06-26 Dave Airlier600: add support for vertex fetches via texture cache
2017-06-26 Dave Airlier600: route indirect address register correctly for...
2017-06-26 Dave Airlieradv/meta: don't need vertex info for resolve shader.
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákdrirc: whitelist glthread for a few games
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákmesa/glthread: decrease the batch size for better perf...
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákgallium/hud: add glthread counters
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákgallium/hud: add API-thread-busy for monitoring the...
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákgallium/hud: add hud_pane::hud pointer
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákmesa/glthread: add glthread "perf" counters and pass...
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákgallium/hud: move struct hud_context to hud_private.h
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákgallium/hud: rename API-thread-busy to main-thread...
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákmesa/glthread: switch to u_queue and redesign the batch...
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákmesa/glthread: remove HAVE_PTHREAD guards
2017-06-26 Marek Olšákutil: move pipe_thread_is_self from gallium to src...
2017-06-25 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Remove unused args of radv_image_view_init.
2017-06-25 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Use correct image layout for blit based copies.
2017-06-25 Grigori Goronzymesa/marshal: add custom marshalling for glNamedBuffer...
2017-06-25 Dave Airlieradv: handle primitive id input into fragment shader...
2017-06-25 Dave Airlieradv: compile fragment shader first.
2017-06-25 Dave Airlieradv: set prim_id for geometry shaders
2017-06-25 Dave Airlieradv: set use_prim_id for tess shaders correctly.
2017-06-25 Pierre Moreaunv50/ir: Properly fold constants in SPLIT operation
2017-06-24 Marek Olšákradeonsi/gfx9: don't overallocate shader binaries
2017-06-24 Lucas Stachst/dri2: implement image offset query
2017-06-24 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: only flush vertices when the viewport is different
2017-06-24 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: remove useless comments in the viewport code...
2017-06-23 Roland Scheideggerllvmpipe: initialize default fb correctly in setup
2017-06-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Rework aux enabling
2017-06-23 Jason Ekstrandi965: Clamp clear colors to the representable range
2017-06-23 Jason Ekstrandi965: Don't bother with HiZ in renderbuffer_move_to_temp
2017-06-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Rename the non_msrt_mcs functions to...
2017-06-23 Jason Ekstrandi965/miptree: Delete the layered rendering resolve
2017-06-23 Anuj Phogatanv/cnl: Don't write to Cache Mode Register 1 on gen10+
2017-06-23 Anuj Phogati965/cnl: Don't write to Cache Mode Register 1 on gen10+
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: unreference vertex buffers when destroying...
2017-06-23 Edmondo Tommasinadrirc: Add glsl_correct_derivatives_after_discard for...
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákradeonsi: implement the workaround for Rocket League...
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákgallium/radeon: pass create_screen flags to r600_common...
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákst/dri: add a drirc workaround for Rocket League
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákst/dri: get drirc options before creating pipe_screen
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákgallium: allow passing 'unsigned flags' to create_screen()
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákmesa: don't flush vertices in glClientActiveTexture
2017-06-23 Marek Olšákmesa: don't flag _NEW_ARRAY for GL_PRIMITIVE_RESTART_NV
2017-06-23 Roland Scheideggerllvmpipe:fix using 32bit rasterization mistakenly,...
2017-06-23 Roland Scheideggerllvmpipe: fill in debug vertex info for tri rasterization
2017-06-23 Marek OlšákRevert "radeonsi: don't emit partial flushes at the...
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: remove spurious flush in _mesa_Viewport()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: remove spurious flush in _mesa_DepthRange()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: do not trigger _NEW_TEXTURE_STATE in glActiveText...
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support for glViewport()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add viewport() helper
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support for glViewportArrayv()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add viewport_array() helper
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support for glViewportIndexed*()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: rename ViewportIndexedf() to viewport_indexed_err()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add KHR_no_error support for glClipControl()
2017-06-23 Samuel Pitoisetmesa: add clip_control() helper
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognollii965: Convert upload_default_color to genxml.
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognollii965: Remove unused code and delete file.
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognollii965: Convert vs, gs, tcs, tes and cs samplers to genxml.
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognollii965: Convert fs sampler state to use genxml.
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognolligenxml: fix gen5 sampler border color state.
2017-06-22 Rafael Antognolliaubinator: Dump sampler state pointers on gen6 too.
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceanv: Fix -Wswitch in anv_layout_to_aux_usage()
2017-06-22 Chad Versacei965: Fix -Wunused-variable in gen8_write_pma_stall_bits()
2017-06-22 Anusha Srivatsai965/CFL: Add PCI Ids for Coffee Lake.
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel: Enable vulkan build for gen10
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatanv/cnl: Generate and use gen10 functions
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatanv/cnl: Don't set FloatBlendOptimizationEnable{Mask}
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatanv/cnl: Use GENX(xx) in place of GEN9_xx
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatanv/cnl: Add #defines for MOCS and genX(x)
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Add Gen10 CACHE_MODE_1 definitions
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Rename StartInstanceLocation to StartingI...
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Rename IndirectStatePointer to BorderColo...
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Combine DataDWord{0, 1} fields in to...
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Add INSTDONE registers in gen10
2017-06-22 Anuj Phogatintel/genxml: Add better support for MI_MATH in gen10
2017-06-22 Chad Versacei965/dri: Add intel_screen param to intel_create_winsys...
2017-06-22 Chad Versacei965: Move brw_context format arrays to intel_screen
2017-06-22 Chad Versacei965: Rename some vague format members of brw_context
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl: Rename 'count' in ${platform}_add_configs_for_visu...
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/x11: Declare EGLConfig attrib array inside loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/drm: Declare EGLConfig attrib array inside loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/android: Declare EGLConfig attrib array inside...
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/dri2: Declare loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/wayland: Declare loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/surfaceless: Move loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/x11: Declare loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/drm: Move loop vars inside the loop
2017-06-22 Chad Versaceegl/android: Declare loop vars inside their loops (v2)
2017-06-22 Brian Paulsvga: minor whitespace fixes in svga_pipe_vertex.c