2019-09-27 Andreas Gottschlingdrisw: Fix shared memory leak on drawable resize
2019-09-27 Adam Jacksondrisw: Fix and simplify drawable setup
2019-09-27 Adam Jacksondrisw: Simplify GC setup
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add todo for d24_s8 copies
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Disallow NPoT formats.
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Always use UINT formats for copies.
2019-09-27 Bas Nieuwenhuizenturnip: Add image->image blitting.
2019-09-27 Rhys Perryaco: don't remove the loop exec mask in transition_to_E...
2019-09-27 Rhys Perryaco: set loop_info::has_discard for demotes
2019-09-27 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Only resolve for image levels/layers which are...
2019-09-27 Vasily Khoruzhicklima/ppir: add NIR pass to split varying loads
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófradv: Fix L2 cache rinse programming.
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: emit texture and uniform state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: add some shader information in pipeline state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: use nir_opt_copy_prop_vars
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: lower samplers and uniform buffer indices
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: basic descriptor sets (uniform buffer and samplers)
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: enable linear filtering
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: align layer_size
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: use linear tiling for scanout image
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement image view descriptor
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: implement sampler state
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix vertex_id
2019-09-26 Jonathan Marekturnip: emit shader immediates
2019-09-26 Jason Ekstrandutil/rb_tree: Stop relying on &iter->field != NULL
2019-09-26 Jason Ekstrandutil/rb_tree: Also test _safe iterators
2019-09-26 Eric Anholtfreedreno/a3xx: Mostly fix min-vs-mag filtering decisio...
2019-09-26 Maya Rashishintel/compiler: avoid truncating int64_t to int
2019-09-26 Icenowy Zhenglima: support rectangle texture
2019-09-26 Michel Dänzerloader: Avoid use-after-free / use of uninitialized...
2019-09-26 Adam JacksonRevert "glx: Lift sending the MakeCurrent request to...
2019-09-26 Adam JacksonRevert "glx: Implement GLX_EXT_no_config_context"
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófradv: Add debug option to dump meta shaders.
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófamd/common: Introduce ac_get_fs_input_vgpr_cnt.
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófradv: Set shared VGPR count in radv_postprocess_config.
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófamd/common: Add num_shared_vgprs to ac_shader_config...
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófamd/common: Extract some helper functions to ac_shader_...
2019-09-26 Timur Kristófamd/common: Move ac_export_mrt_z to ac_llvm_build.
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryaco: CSE readlane/readfirstlane/permute/reduce with...
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryaco: don't CSE v_readlane_b32/v_readfirstlane_b32
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryaco,radv: rename record_llvm_ir/llvm_ir_string to recor...
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryradv/aco: return a correct name and description for...
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryaco: store printed backend IR in binary
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryaco,radv/aco: get dissassembly for release builds if...
2019-09-26 Rhys Perryradv/aco: actually disable ACO when unsupported
2019-09-26 Tapani Pällimesa/st: calculate texture size based on EGLImage miplevel
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakermeson: fix logic for generating .pc files with old...
2019-09-25 Ian Romanicknir/range-analysis: Use types to provide better ranges...
2019-09-25 Ian Romanicknir/range-analysis: Use types in the hash key
2019-09-25 Ian Romanicknir/range-analysis: Bail if the types don't match
2019-09-25 Lionel Landwerlinintel: Add new Comet Lake PCI-ids
2019-09-25 Lionel Landwerlinintel: use proper label for Comet Lake skus
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Move instrlen and obj_start writes...
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Emit const and texture state for HS...
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno/ir3: Add HS/DS/GS to shader key and cache
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Add generic program stateobj support...
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno: Move fs functions after geometry pipeline...
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno: Add state binding functions for HS/DS/GS
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno: Rename vp and fp to vs and fs in fd_program_...
2019-09-25 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Factor out const state setup
2019-09-25 Eric Engestromglsl: turn runtime asserts of compile-time value into...
2019-09-25 Eric Engestromdocs/release-calendar: add missing <td> and </td>
2019-09-25 Eric Engestromdocs/release-calendar: fix bugfix release numbers
2019-09-25 Lionel Landwerlinanv: gem-stubs: return a valid fd got anv_gem_userptr()
2019-09-25 Danylo Piliaievst/nine: Ignore D3DSIO_RET if it is the last instructio...
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakerbin/get-pick-list: use --oneline=pretty instead of...
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakerrelease: Push 19.3 back two weeks
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakerdocs: update calendar, add news item, and link release...
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakerdocs: add SHA256 sum for 19.2.0
2019-09-25 Dylan Bakerdocs: Add release notes for 19.2.0
2019-09-25 Andreas Baierllima/ppir: Add various varying fetch sources to disasse...
2019-09-25 Eric Engestrommeson: re-add incorrect pkg-config files with GLVND...
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: check for duplicate opcode numbers
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: fix opcode for s_mul_hi_i32
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: fix v_subrev_co_u32_e64 opcode
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: fix GFX9 opcode for v_xad_u32
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: implement 64-bit ineg
2019-09-25 Rhys Perryaco: run nir_lower_int64() before nir_lower_idiv()
2019-09-25 Connor Abbottnir: Fix overlapping vars in nir_assign_io_var_locations()
2019-09-25 Karol Herbstclover: eliminate "ignoring attributes on template...
2019-09-25 Karol Herbstclover/codegen: remove unused get_symbol_offsets function
2019-09-25 Karol Herbstclover/llvm: remove harmful std::move call
2019-09-25 Tapani Pälliiris: disable aux on first get_param if not created...
2019-09-25 Erik Faye-Lundglsl: correct bitcast-helpers
2019-09-25 Vasily Khoruzhicklima/ppir: add support for indirect load of uniforms...
2019-09-25 Vasily Khoruzhicklima/ppir: add node dependency types
2019-09-25 Vasily Khoruzhicklima/ppir: don't attempt to clone tex coords if it...
2019-09-25 Timothy Arceriradeonsi/nir: lower load constants to scalar
2019-09-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: use image tile_mode for gmem configuration
2019-09-25 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix binning shader compilation
2019-09-25 Rhys Perrynir/opt_remove_phis: handle phis with no sources
2019-09-24 Michel Dänzerradeonsi: fix VAAPI segfault due to various bugs
2019-09-24 Marek Olšákgallium/vl: don't set PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_EXPLICIT_FLUSH
2019-09-24 Marek Olšákradeonsi: initialize displayable DCC using the retile...
2019-09-24 Connor Abbottnir/opt_large_constants: Handle store writemasks
2019-09-24 Eric Engestrommeson: split more compiler options to their own line
2019-09-24 Eric Engestrommeson: drop -Wno-foo bug workaround for Meson < 0.46
2019-09-24 Eric Engestromradv: fix s/load/store/ copy-paste typo
2019-09-24 Stephen Barbernouveau: add idep_nir_headers as dep for libnouveau
2019-09-24 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add workaround for hang in The Surge 2.