2020-01-22 Samuel Thibaultloader: #define PATH_MAX when undefined (eg. Hurd)
2020-01-22 Eric Engestromutil/atomic: fix return type of p_atomic_add_return...
2020-01-22 James Xionggallium: dmabuf support for yuv formats that are not...
2020-01-22 Emmanuel Gil... intel/compiler: Return early if read() failed
2020-01-22 Alan Coopersmithintel/perf: adapt to platforms like Solaris without...
2020-01-22 Eric Engestromllvmpipe: drop LLVM < 3.4 support
2020-01-22 Eric Engestromegl: drop confusing mincore() error message
2020-01-22 Rhys Perryaco: fix off-by-one error when initializing sgpr_live_in
2020-01-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix double free corruption in radv_alloc_memory()
2020-01-22 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Use single if for manual job rules entry
2020-01-22 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Set GIT_STRATEGY to none for the dummy job
2020-01-22 X512util/u_thread: Fix build under Haiku
2020-01-22 Alexander von... haiku/hgl: Fix build via header reordering
2020-01-22 Rhys Perryaco: fix operand kill flags when a temporary is used...
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Add missing lowering passes for type...
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Add 64 bits float <-> int converters
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Fix mir_print_instruction() for branc...
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Add f2f64 support
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Factorize f2f and u2u handling
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Make sure promote_fmov() only promote...
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Rework mir_adjust_constants() to...
2020-01-22 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Use a union to manipulate embedded...
2020-01-22 Lionel Landwerlinanv: ensure prog params are initialized with 0s
2020-01-22 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Fix crash in compute variant allocation
2020-01-22 Guido Güntheretnaviv: drm: Don't miscalculate timeout
2020-01-22 Alexander van... egl: Fix _eglPointerIsDereferencable w/o mincore()
2020-01-22 Tapani Pälliegl/android: fix buffer_count for applications setting...
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófaco: Fix signedness compare warning.
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófaco: Fix maybe-uninitialized warnings.
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófaco: Fix -Wstringop-overflow warnings in aco_span.
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófradeon: Fix multiple definition error with radeon_debug
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófgallium: Fix a couple of multiple definition warnings.
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófr600: Move get_pic_param to radeon_vce.c
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófradeon: Move si_get_pic_param to radeon_vce.c
2020-01-22 Timur Kristófintel/compiler: Fix array bounds warning on GCC 10.
2020-01-22 Eric Anholtturnip: Add support for non-zero (still constant) UBO...
2020-01-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: fix array/matrix varyings
2020-01-22 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove tu_sort_variables_by_location
2020-01-22 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/ir3: allow inputs with the same location
2020-01-22 Matt Turnergitlab-ci: Skip ext_timer_query/time-elapsed
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Test compaction on Gen <= 12
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Validate fuzzed instructions
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Add unit tests for new EU validation...
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Validate some instruction word encodings
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Factor out brw_validate_instruction()
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Handle invalid compacted immediates
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Handle invalid inputs to brw_reg_type_t...
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Split hw_type tables
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Add a INVALID_{,HW_}REG_TYPE macros
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Add NF some more places
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Limit compaction unit tests to specific...
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Don't disassemble align1 3-src operands...
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Split has_64bit_types into float/int
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Extract GEN_* macros into separate...
2020-01-22 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Use ARRAY_SIZE()
2020-01-21 Caio Marcelo... intel/fs: Don't emit control barrier if only one thread...
2020-01-21 Caio Marcelo... intel/fs: Don't emit fence for shared memory if only...
2020-01-21 Caio Marcelo... intel/fs: Add workgroup_size() helper
2020-01-21 Caio Marcelo... intel/fs: Add FS_OPCODE_SCHEDULING_FENCE
2020-01-21 Dongwon Kimgallium: check all planes' pipe formats in case of...
2020-01-21 Kenneth Graunkeanv: Drop some workarounds that are no longer necessary
2020-01-21 Kenneth Graunkeiris: Drop some workarounds which are no longer necessary
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Disable UBWC on images used as storage images.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Add limited support for storage images.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Refactor the intrinsic lowering.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Fix some whitespace around binary operators.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtradeonsi: Drop PIPE_CAP_TGSI_ANY_REG_AS_ADDRESS.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtr300: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtr600: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtradeonsi: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe...
2020-01-21 Lionel Landwerlinanv: don't report error with other vendor DRM devices
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtfreedreno: Stop scattered remapping of SSBOs/images...
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtcompiler: Add a note about how num_ssbos works in the...
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtnir: Drop the ssbo_offset to atomic lowering.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtgallium: Pack the atomic counters just above the SSBOs.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtmesa: Make atomic lowering put atomics above SSBOs.
2020-01-21 Eric Anholtturnip: Refactor linkage state setup.
2020-01-21 Timur Kristófnouveau/nvc0: add extern keyword to nvc0_miptree_vtbl.
2020-01-21 Tapani Pällianv: initialize clear_color_is_zero_one
2020-01-21 Boris Brezillonpanfrost/midgard: Print the actual source register...
2020-01-21 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Add pandecode entries for ASTC/ETC formats
2020-01-21 Icecream95panfrost: Add ASTC texture formats
2020-01-21 Icecream95panfrost: Add ETC1/ETC2 texture formats
2020-01-21 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Rework linear<--->tiled conversions
2020-01-21 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost,lima: De-Galliumize tiling routines
2020-01-21 Alyssa Rosenzweigpanfrost: Compile tiling routines with -O3
2020-01-21 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Remove syncobj_handle variable in header.
2020-01-21 Neil Armstronggitlab-ci/lava: add pipeline information in the lava...
2020-01-21 Jan Zielinskigallium/gallivm: enable linking lp_bld_printf function...
2020-01-21 Danylo Piliaieviris: Fix value of out-of-bounds accesses for vertex...
2020-01-21 Vasily Khoruzhickci: Re-enable CI for lima on mali450
2020-01-21 Vasily Khoruzhickci: lava: pass CI_NODE_INDEX and CI_NODE_TOTAL to lava...
2020-01-21 Hyunjun Koturnip: fix invalid VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_POOL_MEMORY
2020-01-21 Jan Veselyclover: Initialize Asm Parsers
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Allow enumerating multiple physical devices
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Re-arrange physical_device_init
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Drop separate chipset_id fields
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Move the physical device dispatch table to anv_ins...
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Drop the instance pointer from anv_device
2020-01-20 Jason Ekstrandanv: Stop allocating WSI event fences off the instance