2019-10-31 Iago Toral... v3d: rename vertex shader key (num)_fs_inputs fields
2019-10-31 Mauro Rossiandroid: aco: fix Lower to CSSA
2019-10-31 Jan Zielinskigallium/swr: Fix depth values for blit scenario
2019-10-31 Jordan Justeniris/gen11+: Move flush for render target change
2019-10-31 Jordan Justeniris: Add IRIS_DIRTY_RENDER_BUFFER state flag
2019-10-31 Samuel Pitoisetradv: declare NGG scratch for VS or TES and only on...
2019-10-31 Arno Messiaenlima: add cubemap support
2019-10-31 Arno Messiaenlima: introduce ppir_op_load_coords_reg to differentiat...
2019-10-31 Arno Messiaenlima: add layer_stride field to lima_resource struct
2019-10-31 Arno Messiaenlima: fix stride in texture descriptor
2019-10-31 Ian Romanickintel/compiler: Report the number of non-spill/fill...
2019-10-31 Tapani Pällinir: fix couple of compile warnings
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Fix timeout handling in syncobj wait.
2019-10-30 Ilia Mirkinnv50/ir: mark STORE destination inputs as used
2019-10-30 Ilia Mirkingm107/ir: fix loading z offset for layered 3d image...
2019-10-30 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dev: set default num_eu_per_subslice on gen12
2019-10-30 Dylan Bakerdocs/new_features: Empty the feature list for the 20...
2019-10-30 Dylan BakerBump VERSION to 20.0.0-devel
2019-10-30 Jordan Justendocs/relnotes/new_features.txt: Add note about gen12...
2019-10-30 Jordan Justenintel/eu/validate/gen12: Add TGL to eu_validate tests.
2019-10-30 Jordan Justenintel/dev: Add preliminary device info for Tigerlake
2019-10-30 Lionel Landwerlinintel/dump_gpu: handle context create extended ioctl
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Allocate space for temp. semaphore parts.
2019-10-30 Rafael Antognollianv: Add Tile Cache Flush for Unified Cache.
2019-10-30 Rafael Antognolliblorp: Add Tile Cache Flush for Unified Cache.
2019-10-30 Rafael Antognolliiris: Add Tile Cache Flush for Unified Cache.
2019-10-30 Jordan Justenintel/genxml: Add gen12 tile cache flush bit
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: implement VGPR spilling
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: always set scratch_offset in startpgm
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: omit linear VGPRs as spill variables
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: ensure that spilled VGPR reloads are done after...
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: simplify calculation of target register pressure...
2019-10-30 Rhys Perryaco: fix new_demand calculation for first instructions
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: don't add interferences between spilled phi operands
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: consider loop_exit blocks like merge blocks, even...
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: don't insert the exec mask into set of live-out...
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: fix transitive affinities of spilled variables
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: fix live-range splits of phis
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: remove potential critical edge on loops.
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: improve live variable analysis
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: Lower to CSSA
2019-10-30 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: fix non-pointsprite points on GC7000L
2019-10-30 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: stencil fix
2019-10-30 Jonathan Mareketnaviv: fix depth bias
2019-10-30 Jordan Justeniris: Set MOCS for external surfaces to uncached
2019-10-30 Rafael Antognolliiris: Align fast clear color state buffer to a page.
2019-10-30 Rafael Antognollianv: Align fast clear color state buffer to a page.
2019-10-30 Erik Faye-Lundzink: only enable KHR_external_memory_fd if supported
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Start signalling semaphores in WSI acquire.
2019-10-30 Rhys Perryaco: rename README to
2019-10-30 Rhys Perryaco: a couple loop handling fixes for GFX10 hazard...
2019-10-30 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Add instruction compaction support...
2019-10-30 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Make separate src0/src1 index tables
2019-10-30 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Inline get_src_index()
2019-10-30 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Restructure instruction compaction...
2019-10-30 Matt Turnerintel/compiler: Remove unreachable() from brw_reg_type.c
2019-10-30 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a2xx: add missing vertex formats (SSCALE...
2019-10-30 Pierre-Eric... radeonsi: disable sdma for gfx10
2019-10-30 Pierre-Eric... radeonsi: sdma misc fixes
2019-10-30 Pierre-Eric... radeonsi: align sdma byte count to dw
2019-10-30 Timur Kristófradv: Enable ACO on Navi.
2019-10-30 Leo Liuradeonsi: enable 8K video decode support for HEVC and VP9
2019-10-30 Leo Liuradeon/vcn: Add VP9 8K decode support
2019-10-30 Rhys Perryaco: try to group together VMEM loads of the same resource
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: don't schedule instructions through depending...
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: add can_reorder flags to load_ubo and load_constant
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: only skip RAR dependencies if the variable is...
2019-10-30 Daniel Schürmannaco: restrict scheduling depending on max_waves
2019-10-30 Jason Ekstrandanv: Avoid emitting UBO surface states that won't be...
2019-10-30 Jason Ekstrandintel/vec4: Set brw_stage_prog_data::has_ubo_pull
2019-10-30 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix perftest options
2019-10-30 Samuel Pitoisetradv: move nomemorycache debug option at the right...
2019-10-30 Samuel Pitoisetradv: fix dumping SPIR-V into hang reports
2019-10-30 Tapani Pällimesa: enable ARB_gpu_shader_int64 in compat profile
2019-10-30 Tapani Pällimesa: add [Program]Uniform*64ARB display list support
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Enable VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add wait-before-submit support for timelines.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add timelines with a VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore...
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add temporary datastructure for submissions.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Split semaphore into two parts as enum+union.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Always enable syncobj when supported for all...
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Improve fence signalling in QueueSubmit.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Do sparse binding in queue submission.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Split out commandbuffer submission.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Clean up unused variable.
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Add an early exit in the secure compile if we...
2019-10-30 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Compute hashes in secure process for secure compi...
2019-10-30 Erik Faye-Lundzink: drop nop descriptor-updates
2019-10-30 Erik Faye-Lundzink: use bitfield for dirty flagging
2019-10-30 Erik Faye-Lundzink: use dynamic state for line-width
2019-10-30 Duncan Hopkinszink: Use optimal layout instead of general. Reduces...
2019-10-30 Michel Dänzergitlab-ci: Disable meson-windows job for the time being
2019-10-30 Timothy Arceriradv: make use of radv_sc_read()
2019-10-30 Timothy Arceriradv: add radv_sc_read() helper
2019-10-30 Timothy Arceriradv: allow select() calls in secure compile
2019-10-30 Lepton Wumapi: Improve the x86 tsd stubs performance.
2019-10-30 Lepton Wumapi: Inline call x86_current_tls.
2019-10-30 Lepton Wumapi: Clean up entry_patch_public for x86 tls
2019-10-30 Lepton Wumapi: split entry_generate_or_patch for x86 tls
2019-10-30 Jonathan Graymapi: Adapted libglvnd x86 tsd changes