2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/scheduler: Add an option to specify what stages...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/schedule: Store a pointer to the scoreboard in...
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsv3d: Remove unused member of v3d_compile
2020-06-22 Neil Robertsnir/scheduler: Handle nir_intrinsic_load_per_vertex_input
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix OP_TXG for shadow textures
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix shift lowering
2020-06-21 Karol Herbstgv100/ir: fix atom cas
2020-06-21 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a4xx: simplify setup_slices
2020-06-21 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a4xx: restore pitch to bytes change to layout...
2020-06-21 Mario Kleinervulkan/wsi: Really terminate DRM lease in wsi_release_d...
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: split ubo analysis/lowering passes
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: splitup get_existing_range()
2020-06-21 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: split out ubo info from range
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekturnip: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG check
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: remove unnecessary OVERFLOW_FLAG_REG...
2020-06-20 Jonathan Marekfreedreno/a6xx: VSC "STRM_ARRAY_PITCH" is "STRM_LIMIT"
2020-06-20 Rhys Perryradv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for more Path of...
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/util: add missing include
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/util: limit STACK_LEN on Windows
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgraw/gdi: do not depend on UNICODE macro
2020-06-20 Erik Faye-Lundgallium/os: call "ANSI" version of GetCommandLine
2020-06-20 Arcady Goldmints... intel/compiler: Always apply sample mask on Vulkan.
2020-06-19 Rhys Perryradv: enable radv_no_dynamic_bounds for Path of Exile
2020-06-19 Rhys Perryradv: add new drirc option radv_no_dynamic_bounds
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Refactor modifier_is_supported for gen12
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Handle importing aux-enabled surfaces on TGL
2020-06-19 Nanley Cherygallium/dri2: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryisl/drm: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_RC_CCS
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Use ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E on gen12
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Don't support sRGB + Y_TILED_CCS on gen9
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryintel: Add ISL_AUX_USAGE_GEN12_CCS_E
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Enable NIR validation on a630 GLES2 and VK tests.
2020-06-19 Eric Anholtci: Bump vulkan CTS to
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Disable sRGB fast-clears for non-0/1 values
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Avoid fast-clear with incompatible view
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Remove the CCS_D fallback
2020-06-19 Nanley Cheryiris: Drop can_fast_clear_color's format parameter
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: move "stable" tag explanation next to `Fixes:`
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: move `Fixes:` tag explanation to its own section
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: make it clear that the tags needs to be in the...
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: reword a sentence a bit
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: add some formatting to the "backport merge reques...
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: prefer `Fixes:` over `Cc: mesa-stable`
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: drop `git sendemail` instructions
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: reword "sending a patch revision" to "updating...
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: stop considering `Cc: mesa-stable` as an email...
2020-06-19 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Set index buffer size to bo size
2020-06-19 Kristian H... freedreno/a6xx: Don't write REG_A6XX_RB_SRGB_CNTL in...
2020-06-19 Jason Ekstrandanv: Use resolve_device_entrypoint for dispatch init
2020-06-19 Eric Engestromdocs: suggest alternative installation methods for...
2020-06-19 Brian Hoturnip: Fill out VkPhysicalDeviceSubgroupProperties
2020-06-19 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use int assignment for vk int type
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move output_loc to variant
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move const_state back to variant
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: un-embed const_state
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move num_reserved_user_consts out of...
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: convert over to ralloc
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: pass variant to ir3_create()
2020-06-19 Connor Abbottir3: Split out variant-specific lowering and optimizations
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: constify shader key
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: drop shader->num_ubos
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: move ubo_state into const_state
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/a6xx: defer userconst cmdstream size calculation
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: add accessor for const_state
2020-06-19 Rob Clarkfreedreno/ir3: refactor out helper to compile shader...
2020-06-19 Pierre-Eric... st/mesa: make texture views inherit compressed_data...
2020-06-19 Pierre-Eric... ac/llvm: load 1 byte at a time if unaligned on gfx10
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Handle memory_barrier
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Take SSBO buffer ID offset into account
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add support for reading cube image array...
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add support for image_size
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: Add imageio support
2020-06-19 Gert Wollnyr600/sfn: lower image derefs
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: require LLVM 11+ for GFX 10.3 if not using ACO
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: add support for Sienna Cichlid
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetaco: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
2020-06-19 Samuel Pitoisetradv: replace == GFX10 with >= GFX10 where it's needed
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Add assembler tests for the cr0 register
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Disallow control subregisters > 3
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Require explicit regions/types for special...
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Drop srctype from ipreg
2020-06-19 Matt Turnerintel/tools: Remove unnecessary reg number checking
2020-06-18 Jonathan Marekturnip: move enum translation functions to a common...
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: use the same regclass as the definition for undef...
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: fix edge check with sub-dword temporaries
2020-06-18 Erik Faye-Lundmesa/main: fix inverted condition
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: remove image uniform hack
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: handle image atomic inc and dec
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnv50/ir/nir: move away from image_deref intrinsics
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnir/lower_images: handle dec and inc
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstnir/lower_images: fix for array of arrays
2020-06-18 Karol Herbstst/mesa: lower images when needed
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: shrink mad_info
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: make ssa_info::label 64-bit
2020-06-18 Rhys Perryaco: shrink ssa_info
2020-06-18 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn: bump vcn3.0 encode major version to 1
2020-06-18 Boyuan Zhangradeon/vcn/enc: Re-write PPS encoding for HEVC
2020-06-18 Thong Thairadeon/vcn: add vcn 3.0 encode support
2020-06-18 Leo Liuradeon/vcn/dec: add db_aligned_height to message buffer