2017-03-09 Ben Widawskygbm: Create a gbm_device getter for stride
2017-03-09 Ben Widawskygbm: Export a getter for per plane handles
2017-03-09 Ben Widawskygbm: Export a plane getter function
2017-03-09 Ben Widawskygbm: Explicitly disallow a planar dumb BO
2017-03-09 Anuj Phogati965: Rename brw_format_for_mesa_format() to brw_isl_fo...
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: Add more Haswell OA metrics sets
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: Expose OA counters via INTEL_performance_query
2017-03-09 Robert Braggexec_list: Add a foreach_list_typed_from macro
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: Add script to gen code for OA counter queries
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: extend query/counter structs for OA queries
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: brw_context.h additions for OA unit query codegen
2017-03-09 Robert Braggi965: XML description of Haswell OA metric set
2017-03-09 Pierre Moreaunv50/ir: check for origin insn in findOriginForTestWithZero
2017-03-09 Samuel Pitoisetmesa/main: make use of lookup_samplerobj_locked()
2017-03-09 Samuel Pitoisetmesa/main: inline {begin,end}_samplerobj_lookups()
2017-03-09 Grazvydas Ignotasglsl/blob: clear padding bytes
2017-03-09 Grazvydas Ignotasutil/disk_cache: fix size subtraction on 32bit
2017-03-09 Grazvydas Ignotasutil/disk_cache: fix compressed size calculation
2017-03-09 Lionel Landwerlinglsl: builtin: always return clones of the builtins
2017-03-09 Kenneth Graunkei965: Delete render ring prelude.
2017-03-09 Vinson Leeswr: s/uint/enum pipe_render_cond_flag/
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't flush the CB before doing a fast clear...
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't emit cache flushes on subpass switch.
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Only flush for the needed stages, and before...
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't invalidate CB/DB for images that aren't...
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Flush more caches after writes.
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Don't flush for fixed-function reading.
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Invalidate the correct caches for CB/DB dst barriers.
2017-03-09 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Determine cache flushes per object.
2017-03-09 Samuel Pitoisetmesa/main: remove unused _mesa_new_texture_image()
2017-03-08 Dave Airlieradv/ac: fixup texture coord to have right number of...
2017-03-08 Timothy Arcerist/nine: pass NULL to ureg_get_tokens()
2017-03-08 Matt Turnerdocs: ARB_shader_atomic_counter_ops is enabled on i965...
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix math with a condition flag set.
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix register pressure cost estimates when a src...
2017-03-08 Eric Anholtvc4: Report to shader-db how many threads a fragment...
2017-03-08 Eric AnholtRevert "vc4: Lazily emit our FS/VS input loads."
2017-03-08 Marek Olšákradeonsi: fix elimination of literal VS outputs
2017-03-08 Fabio Estevamloader: Move non-error message to debug level
2017-03-08 Mauro Rossiandroid: r600: fix libmesa_amd_common dependency
2017-03-08 Emil Velikovgallium/targets: rework the empty targets removal
2017-03-08 Brian Paulutil/indices: minor clean-ups
2017-03-08 Brian Paulradeonsi: s/uint/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/uint/enum pipe_render_cond_flag/ for set_ren...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/uint/enum pipe_shader_type/ for set_constant...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/ for get_comp...
2017-03-08 Brian Paulvirgl: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulswr: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulsoftpipe: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulllvmpipe: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulfreedreno: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Pauletnaviv: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Pauldraw: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulcso: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/
2017-03-08 Brian Paulgallium: s/unsigned/enum pipe_shader_type/ for pipe_scr...
2017-03-08 Tapani Pällianv: change BLOCK_POOL_MEMFD_SIZE to exactly 2GB
2017-03-08 Matt TurnerRevert " Use PKG_CHECK_VAR for wayland...
2017-03-08 Matt TurnerRevert " Use PKG_CHECK_VAR for libclc."
2017-03-08 Chris Wilsoni965: Remove use of deprecated drm_intel_aub routines
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandspirv: Silence unused variable warnings in release...
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Make the framebuffer-renderpass format assert...
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Drop the anv_validate block helper
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Get rid of the stub() macros
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Remove a pointless finishme
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Convert the HiZ finishme's to perf_warn
2017-03-07 Jason Ekstrandanv: Add a performance warning helper
2017-03-07 Timothy Arcerist/mesa: don't propagate uniforms when restoring from...
2017-03-07 Damien Grassartradv: remove duplicate initialization of alphaToOne...
2017-03-07 Dave Airlieradv: disable mip point pre clamping.
2017-03-07 Fredrik Höglundradv/ac: fix multiple descriptor sets with dynamic...
2017-03-07 Fredrik Höglundradv: fix the size of the dynamic_buffers array
2017-03-07 Fredrik Höglundradv: fix the dynamic buffer index in vkCmdBindDescript...
2017-03-07 Matt Ensure libomxil-bellagio exists before...
2017-03-07 Matt Ensure libva is enabled before invoking...
2017-03-07 Matt Use PKG_CHECK_VAR for libclc.
2017-03-07 Matt Use PKG_CHECK_VAR for wayland-scanner.
2017-03-07 Matt Fix error message in radeon_llvm_check().
2017-03-07 Matt Turnerbuild: Replace NEED_RADEON_LLVM with HAVE_GALLIUM_LLVM.
2017-03-07 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Use the subresource range in HTILE initialization.
2017-03-07 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Use winsys HTILE info.
2017-03-07 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv/amdgpu: Let addrlib calculate the HTILE parameters.
2017-03-07 Dave Airlieamd/common: document PREDICATION OP 3 as 64-bit bool.
2017-03-07 Dave Airlieradv: handle z offset for 3d image <-> buffer copies.
2017-03-07 Dave Airlieradv: move fast clear before resolve into own loop.
2017-03-06 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv: Disable HTILE for textures with multiple layers...
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradv: Properly handle destroying NULL devices and instances
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradv/ac: introduce i1true/i1false to context.
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradv/ac: handle Z export using new builder.
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradv/ac: move to using common ac_get_image_intr_name.
2017-03-06 Dave Airlieradeonsi/ac: move get_image_intr_name to common
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove unused header from u_queue.c
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove unused pipe_thread_destroy()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_thread_wait() with thrd_join()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: remove PIPE_THREAD_ROUTINE()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_condvar with cnd_t
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_thread with thrd_t
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_unlock() with mtx_unlock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_lock() with mtx_lock()
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_destroy() with mtx_des...
2017-03-06 Timothy Arcerigallium/util: replace pipe_mutex_init() with mtx_init()