2020-07-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizenradv/winsys: Add binary syncobj ABI changes for timelin...
2020-07-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizenamd: Add detection of timeline semaphore support.
2020-07-23 Andreas Baierlnir/ lower_int_to_float: Handle umax and umin
2020-07-23 Michel Dänzerci: Use half as many parallel softpipe / virgl test...
2020-07-23 Michel Dänzerci: Do not mark container / pages jobs as interruptible
2020-07-23 Michel Dänzerci: Use FDO_CI_CONCURRENT in as well
2020-07-23 Tomeu Vizosoci: Namespace trace artifacts to the job number
2020-07-23 Mike Blumenkrantznir_ allow nir_lower_clip_halfz to run in tess eval...
2020-07-23 Mike Blumenkrantznir: allow lower_psiz_mov to run in tessellation stages
2020-07-23 Dave AirlieRevert "llvmpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAP...
2020-07-23 Dave Airliellvmpipe/ms: fix sign extension bug in rasterizer.
2020-07-23 Francisco Jerezintel/ir/gen12+: Work around FS performance regressions...
2020-07-23 Adam Jacksonglx: Fix build and warnings with -Dglx=dri -Dglx-direct...
2020-07-23 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_ANY_REG_AS_ADDRESS;
2020-07-23 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Enable PIPE_CAP_TGSI_TEXCOORD.
2020-07-23 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Add support for reporting shader-db output.
2020-07-23 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Convert to comma-separated SOFTPIPE_DEBUG...
2020-07-23 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Refactor pipe_shader_state setup.
2020-07-23 Dave Airliellvmpipe: enable robust buffer access + GL 4.3, GLES...
2020-07-23 Dave Airliellvmpipe: add device reset query context hook.
2020-07-23 Dave Airlieglx/drisw: add robustness support
2020-07-23 Dave Airliedrisw: add robustness extension support.
2020-07-23 Dave Airliellvmpipe/draw: handle constant buffer limits and robust...
2020-07-23 Dave Airliellvmpipe: enable EXT_texture_shadow_lod
2020-07-22 Jason Ekstrandnir/lower_io: Add support for global scratch addressing
2020-07-22 Jason Ekstrandnir/lower_io: Use b2b for shader and function temporaries
2020-07-22 Jason Ekstrandnir/lower_io: Choose to set access based on intrinsic...
2020-07-22 Jason Ekstrandnir: Allow for system values with variable numbers...
2020-07-22 Eric Engestromdocs/releasing: improve wording
2020-07-22 Eric Engestrombin/gen_release_notes: automatically commit release...
2020-07-22 Eric fix relnotes links
2020-07-22 Eric update the files in the current worktr...
2020-07-22 Eric stop using non-existent functions...
2020-07-22 Eric drop incorrect changes
2020-07-22 Eric don't generate relnotes twice
2020-07-22 Eric Engestromdocs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.4
2020-07-22 Eric Engestromdocs: add release notes for 20.1.4
2020-07-22 Andres Gomezgitlab-ci: Test AMD's Raven with traces
2020-07-22 Eric Anholti915: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtsvga: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtswr: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtswr: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtvirgl: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe caps.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtsoftpipe: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe...
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtllvmpipe: Use the default behavior of ALLOW_MAPPED_BUFFERS.
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtllvmpipe: Remove a bunch of default handling of pipe...
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Fix the overwriting of traces.yml for baremetal
2020-07-22 Eric Anholtci: Update checksums for freedreno traces.
2020-07-22 Thong Thairadeon/vcn: increase render_pic_list size
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: enable preemption if the kernel enabled it
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: set up IBs for preemption
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't restore states at the beginning of...
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: add debug code for register shadowing
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: add reg shadowing codepaths to GS and tess...
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: implement CP register shadowing
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: reorder code in update_gs_ring_buffers and...
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: make cs_preamble_state optional
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákwinsys/amdgpu: make amdgpu_bo_unmap non-static
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákac: add tables for CP register shadowing
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákac: add helper ac_get_register_name
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: sort registers in si_init_cs_preamble_state...
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: sort registers in si_emit_initial_compute_reg...
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi/gfx10: set the correct value for OFFCHIP_BUFFERING
2020-07-22 Marek Olšákradeonsi: add missing initialization of registers
2020-07-22 Erik Faye-Lunddocs: add some very basic documentation about zink
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv/winsys: be more robust when a CS failed during...
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv/winsys: return a Vulkan error code when binding...
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv/winsys: remove useless check when binding virtual...
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv/winsys: check more allocation failures
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv: add missing return values check for some winsys...
2020-07-22 Danylo Piliaievnir/tests: Add tests for opt_if_simplification
2020-07-22 Danylo Piliaievnir/opt_if: Fix opt_if_simplification when else branch...
2020-07-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: omit Lod image operand in ntv when not using...
2020-07-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: add some asserts for building access chains in ntv
2020-07-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: handle texelFetchOffset with offsets
2020-07-22 Mike Blumenkrantzzink: use helper function to handle uvec/bvec types
2020-07-22 Daniel Schürmannaco: fix scratch loads which cross element_size boundaries
2020-07-22 Erik Faye-Lundmesa/program: fix shadow property for samplers
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Disable trace testing on Mali T760
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetradv: advertise VK_EXT_shader_atomic_float
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetac/nir: add support for nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
2020-07-22 Samuel Pitoisetaco: add support for nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Test with more traces
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Prefix tracie artifacts with the device name
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Use smaller glxgears trace
2020-07-22 Tomeu Vizosoci: Upload images of failed replays to MinIO
2020-07-22 Rhys Kiddnvc0: add documentation for nve4+ (Kepler) COPY class
2020-07-22 Rhys Kiddnvc0: fix macro define for NVE4_COPY()
2020-07-22 Lionel Landwerlinanv: properly handle fence import of sync_fd = -1
2020-07-22 Bas Nieuwenhuizenmeson: Add mising git_sha1.h dependency.
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryaco: fix includes in aco_ir.cpp
2020-07-21 Jonathan Marekturnip: disable tiling for NV12/IYUV formats
2020-07-21 Connor Abbottfreedreno/ir3: Fix SSBO size for bindless SSBO's
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryaco: fix copy of uninitialized boolean
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryradv: fix invalid conversion warnings in vk_format.h
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryaco: print ACO IR before scheduling instead of after
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryaco: make validate() usable in tests
2020-07-21 Rhys Perryaco: move some setup code into helpers
2020-07-21 Luigi Santivettiegl/dri2: try to bind old context if bindContext failed