2016-08-05 Jason Ekstrandutil/format: Use explicitly sized types
2016-08-05 Jason Ekstrandutil/rgb9e5: Get rid of the float754 union
2016-08-05 Jason Ekstrandutil/format_rgb9e5: Get rid of the rgb9e5 union
2016-08-05 Jason Ekstrandutil: Move format_r11g11b10f.h to src/util
2016-08-05 Jason Ekstrandutil: Move format_rgb9e5.h to src/util
2016-08-05 Andres Gomezglsl: fix indentation, comments and line lengths in...
2016-08-05 Andres Gomezglsl: apply_implicit_conversion is static again
2016-08-05 Andres Gomezglsl: struct constructors/initializers only allow impli...
2016-08-05 Andres Gomezglsl: Refactor implicit conversion into its own helper
2016-08-05 Andres Gomezglsl/types: disallow implicit conversions before GLSL...
2016-08-05 Kenneth Graunkei965: Rework the unlit centroid workaround.
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] static analysis fixes for conser...
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] implement InnerConservative...
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] remove CanEarlyZ function
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] use 32x32 macrotile for openswr
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer fetch] add support for 24bit format...
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer fetch] additional fetch format support
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer jitter] fix potential jit exit crash
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] update sync handling
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] rename variable
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer jitter] adjust extern "C" block scope
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] conservative rast degenerate...
2016-08-04 Tim Rowleyswr: [rasterizer core] allow hexadecimal for integer...
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtmesa: Dynamically allocate the matrix stack.
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtstate_tracker: Initialize the draw context only when...
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtvc4: Move scalarizing and some lowering to link time.
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtvc4: Avoid VS shader recompiles by keeping a set of...
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtvc4: Don't recompile the CS when the FS changes.
2016-08-04 Eric Anholtvc4: Move FS inputs setup out to a helper function.
2016-08-04 Kenneth Graunkenir: Make nir_opt_remove_phis see through moves.
2016-08-04 Kenneth Graunkenir: Make nir_alu_srcs_equal non-static.
2016-08-04 Kenneth Graunkenir: Turn imov/fmov of undef into undef.
2016-08-04 Kenneth Graunkei965: Use a separate register for every access to an...
2016-08-04 Michel Dänzervl/dri3: Destroy Present event context when destroying...
2016-08-04 Michel Dänzerloader/dri3: Destroy Present event context when destroy...
2016-08-03 Ben Widawskygbm: Correct bo_import documentation (trivial)
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Avoid generating a custom shader per level in...
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Tell valgrind about BO allocations from mmap time...
2016-08-03 Jan Ziakloader: fix memory leak in loader_dri3_open
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix a leak of the src[] array of VPM reads in...
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix leak of the bo_handles table.
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Fix handling of UBO range offsets.
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtnir: Allow opt_peephole_select to work on empty blocks.
2016-08-03 Eric Anholtvc4: Dump NIR at shader state creation time as well.
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákr600g: use last_gfx_fence like radeonsi
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákgallium/radeon: move last_gfx_fence from radeonsi to...
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: skip unnecessary si_update_shaders calls
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: print the command line to VM fault reports...
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákddebug: print the command line to all logs (v2)
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákddebug: don't use fmemopen on non-Linux OS
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: don't set the last parameter component of...
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use llvm.amdgcn.cube* if available
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use llvm.amdgcn.rsq.f64 if available
2016-08-03 Marek Olšákradeonsi: use v_mad_f32 for fma
2016-08-03 Haixia Shii965: use mt->offset in intel_miptree_map_movntdqa()
2016-08-02 Timothy Arcerinir: fix validation message
2016-08-02 Chad Versace.mailmap: Update my address
2016-08-02 Tim Rowleyswr: build swr with -fno-strict-aliasing
2016-08-02 Andres Gomezast: Updated AST_NUM_OPERATORS for coherence with ast_o...
2016-08-02 Matt Turneri965: Disable the unlit centroid workaround on Gen7.
2016-08-01 Marek Olšákgallium/util: fix align64
2016-08-01 Matt Turnermesa: Drop -fno-strict-aliasing.
2016-08-01 Matt Turneri915: Avoid aliasing violation.
2016-08-01 Matt Turnerdraw: Avoid aliasing violations.
2016-08-01 Matt Turnerr600g: Avoid aliasing violations.
2016-08-01 Matt Turnerr300g: Avoid aliasing violation.
2016-08-01 Matt Turnergallium/auxiliary: Add u_bitcast.h header.
2016-08-01 Matt Turnerglsl_to_tgsi: Avoid aliasing violations.
2016-08-01 Brian Paulst/mesa: silence missing braces warning in st_program.c
2016-08-01 Brian Paulauxiliary/os: add new os_get_command_line() function
2016-08-01 Charmaine Leesvga: avoid redundant SetVertexBuffer/SetIndexBuffer...
2016-08-01 Rob Clarku_vbuf: fix potentially bogus assert
2016-08-01 Ben Widawskygbm: Removed unused function.
2016-08-01 Timothy Arcerii965: fix comparison warning
2016-08-01 Eric Anholtvc4: Zero-initialize the hardware sampler view structure.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichmesa: Remove set but not used gl_client_array::Stride.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichmesa: Remove set but not used gl_client_array::Enabled.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichvbo: Use the VAO array enabled flags in vbo_exec_array.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichvbo: Walk the VAO in check_array_data.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichvbo: Walk the VAO in print_draw_arrays.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichmesa: Walk the VAO in _mesa_print_arrays.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichvbo: Walk the VAO to check for mapped buffers.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichvbo: Walk the VAO to see if all varyings are in vbos.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichmesa: Implement _mesa_all_varyings_in_vbos.
2016-07-31 Mathias Fröhlichmesa: Unbind deleted vbo using _mesa_bind_vertex_buffer.
2016-07-30 Timothy Arceriglsl: be more strict on block qualifiers
2016-07-30 Timothy Arceriglsl: add name param to validate_flags()
2016-07-30 Timothy Arceriglsl: add component to ast_type_qualifier::validate_flags
2016-07-30 Timothy Arceridocs: Add GL4.4 and ARB_enhanced_layouts to the release...
2016-07-30 Kenneth Graunkeanv: Perform rasterizer discard in the SOL stage instea...
2016-07-30 Roland ScheideggerRevert "gallium/util: fix resource leak"
2016-07-30 Eric Engestromgallium/util: fix resource leak
2016-07-30 francians@gmail.comfreedreno/a4xx: fix comparison out of range warnings
2016-07-30 francians@gmail.comfreedreno/a3xx: fix comparison out of range warnings
2016-07-30 francians@gmail.comfreedreno/a2xx: fix comparison out of range warnings
2016-07-30 francians@gmail.comfreedreno/ir3: init ir3_shader_key with memset()
2016-07-30 Eric Engestromgallium/freedreno: move cast to avoid integer overflow
2016-07-30 Eric Engestromfreedreno/a2xx: remove duplicate assignment
2016-07-30 Rob Clarkfreedreno: defer flush_queue allocation
2016-07-30 Rob Clarkfreedreno: add some hw query traces