2020-08-04 Luke Kenneth... test in sram for deliberately delaying response
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth... cannot use shape()[0] - must use width property
2020-06-26 Luke Kenneth... write-enable sram into common wen signal, use that...
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... add assertion checking bus write against memory write...
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... avoid looking like a singleton pattern
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... spelling correctinos
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... import error
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... resolve internal (nmigen_soc) imports
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... fix nmigen imports
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... more whitespace
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... more declaration of singleton objects
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... whitespace error somehow
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... remove version in install_requires so that it does...
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... more whitespace cleanup
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... comment cleanup
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... autopep8 cleanup
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... whitespace cleanup
2020-03-01 Harry Howishbone: fix SRAM; improve tests for Decoder & Arbiter wishbone_interconnect
2020-01-30 Harry Howishbone: fix docstring & unneeded parameter for Interc...
2020-01-29 Harry Howishbone.bus: borrow & re-design Arbiter from 'jfng...
2020-01-29 Harry Howishbone: fix that RoundRobin might assert CYC indefinitely
2020-01-29 Harry Howishbone: optimise SRAM addr_width
2020-01-29 Harry Howishbone: add a simple test for InterconnectShared
2020-01-29 Harry Howishbone: add Arbiter, RoundRobin, SRAM, InterconnectShared
2020-01-22 Jean-François... wishbone.bus: add Arbiter.
2019-10-26 whitequarkwishbone.bus: add Decoder.
2019-10-26 whitequarkmemory: add Memory.window_patterns(), to simplify decoders.
2019-10-26 whitequarkwishbone.bus.Interface: add support for LOCK_IO signal.
2019-10-26 whitequarkTravis: set up CI builds and coverage.
2019-10-26 whitequarkAdd missing tests (100% branch coverage!)
2019-10-26 whitequarkcsr.wishbone: add WishboneCSRBridge.
2019-10-26 whitequarkcsr.bus.Multiplexer: fix element w_stb getting stuck.
2019-10-25 whitequarkwishbone.bus: add Interface.
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus.{Multiplexer↔Decoder}
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus: add Multiplexer.
2019-10-25 whitequarktest: silence spurious warning.
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus: rewrite using the MemoryMap abstraction.
2019-10-25 whitequarkmemory: add a first-class memory map abstraction.
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus: use proper enum instead of ad-hoc string enume...
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus: drop CSR prefix from class names.
2019-10-25 whitequarkcsr.bus: split CSRMultiplexer to CSRInterface+CSRDecoder.
2019-10-22 whitequarkcsr.bus: improve comments/docs. NFC.
2019-10-21 whitequarkcsr.bus: add CSRElement and CSRMultiplexer.
2019-10-16 whitequarkAdd __version__ boilerplate.
2019-10-16 whitequarksetup: update scm_version().
2019-09-06 whitequarkInitial commit.