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System on Chip toolkit for nMigen

CPU and peripheral building blocks



nMigen is released under the very permissive two-clause BSD license. Under the terms of this license, you are authorized to use nMigen for closed-source proprietary designs.

See LICENSE.txt file for full copyright and license info.

2020-10-01 Luke Kenneth... must not delay ack to wb request in SRAM master ls180-24jan2020
2020-09-22 Luke Kenneth... add (dummy) src_loc_at parameter
2020-08-04 Luke Kenneth... test in sram for deliberately delaying response
2020-07-19 Luke Kenneth... cannot use shape()[0] - must use width property
2020-06-26 Luke Kenneth... write-enable sram into common wen signal, use that...
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... add assertion checking bus write against memory write...
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... avoid looking like a singleton pattern
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... spelling correctinos
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... import error
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... resolve internal (nmigen_soc) imports
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... fix nmigen imports
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... more whitespace
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... more declaration of singleton objects
2020-06-20 Luke Kenneth... whitespace error somehow
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... remove version in install_requires so that it does...
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... more whitespace cleanup
5 months ago ls180-24jan2020
5 months ago master
12 months ago wishbone_interconnect