3 days ago Luke Kenneth... remove all asserts restricting types. master
4 days ago Luke Kenneth... remove dataclass and use of types
4 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd partial_prefix_sum_ops
4 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd tree_reduction and pop_count based off of dead...
4 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd Queue formal proof
4 days ago Jacob Lifshayfix bad escape sequences from forgetting to make the...
5 days ago Jacob Lifshayremove unneeded imports
5 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd byte_reverse formal proof
5 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd important note to byte_reverse's docs
5 days ago Jacob Lifshaywrite output directory for formal test failures
5 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd BetterMultiPriorityPicker and formal proof
5 days ago Jacob Lifshaysplit out sim_util.write_il from sim_util.do_sim
5 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd formal proof for MultiPriorityPicker
6 days ago Jacob Lifshayadd comment on redundancy in PriorityPicker's arguments
6 days ago Jacob Lifshayformal test for PriorityPicker passes
2022-07-04 Jacob Lifshayadd sync domain if it isn't already there, making it...
2022-06-28 Jacob Lifshayadd smtbmc_opts argument to assertFormal to allow passi...
2022-06-24 Jacob Lifshayswitch smtlib2 logic to ALL to support floats
2022-05-12 Jacob Lifshaypin some dependency versions
2022-05-11 Luke Kenneth... stop possibility of infinite recursion in stages which
2022-05-10 Jacob Lifshayrename proof_clz.py -> test_clz.py so it's run by pytest
2022-05-10 Jacob Lifshayfix .gitlab-ci.yml
2022-05-05 Jacob Lifshayrewrite test_clz.py to actually test both CLZ and clz.
2022-05-05 Jacob Lifshayadd clz function
2022-05-05 Jacob Lifshayfix RippleMSB
2022-04-22 Jacob LifshayRevert "add reduce_only option to prefix_sum_ops"
2022-04-22 Jacob Lifshayadd reduce_only option to prefix_sum_ops
2022-04-22 Jacob Lifshayautoformat code
2022-04-09 Luke Kenneth... whitespace cleanup:
2022-04-09 Jacob Lifshayadd prefix sum render tests
2022-04-09 Jacob Lifshayadd prefix_sum and initial tests
2022-04-08 Jacob Lifshayadd SPDX-License-Identifier comments rather than using...
2022-04-08 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2022-04-08 Jacob Lifshayformat and move comment block into fake docstring
2022-04-05 Luke Kenneth... add default argument fn=None to treereduce (identity...
2022-04-05 Luke Kenneth... create Ripple module, now joined by RippleMSB
2022-04-04 Jacob Lifshaymove clmul files into nmigen-gf.git
2022-03-27 Jacob Lifshayfix accidentally wrong copyright year
2022-03-27 Jacob Lifshayadd CLMulAdd and tests
2022-03-01 Jacob Lifshayadd il generation by default
2022-02-15 Andrey MiroshnikovFixed input shift reg signal name
2022-02-13 Luke Kenneth... add lut2 ilang output to lut.py to help testing
2022-01-31 Luke Kenneth... store latch next in temporary
2022-01-06 Jacob Lifshayremove unused import
2022-01-05 Luke Kenneth... PLRU interface signals (acc_i and acc_en) were reversed
2022-01-05 Luke Kenneth... use bit_length rather than log2_int function in mask.py
2021-12-23 Jacob Lifshayredo grev
2021-12-23 Jacob Lifshayremove redundant comments/docs
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshayadd additional command in comment
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshayrewrite TreeBitwiseLut to actually use a tree rather...
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshaymove writing rtlil into do_sim
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshayadd copyright notices
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshayremove unnecessary <no space here> messages
2021-12-22 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... input is a keyword in python
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... input is a keyword in python
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... cleanup chunk_size and list of steps in GRev
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... add NLnet Grant References
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... * moved the grev formal correctness assertions into...
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... more code-comments on BitwiseLut
2021-12-17 Luke Kenneth... rewrite GRev. put in code-comments and some more TODOs
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayclean up rest of grev.py docs
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayclarify docs
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayclarify docstring
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayadd grev test and formal proof
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayclean up grev
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshaymove do_sim and hash_256 to separate module
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshayadd docs
2021-12-17 Jacob Lifshaysimplify lut.py
2021-12-12 Luke Kenneth... whoops just step through i not list
2021-12-12 Luke Kenneth... remove the pre-added array, remove the sub-function...
2021-12-11 Luke Kenneth... more comments
2021-12-11 Luke Kenneth... some more hints/comments
2021-12-11 Luke Kenneth... add some comments (locations for comments to be added)
2021-12-10 Jacob Lifshayadd initial grev implementation
2021-12-10 Jacob Lifshayremove unused import
2021-12-08 Luke Kenneth... fix to nmutil workaround for detecting new Simulator API
2021-12-06 Luke Kenneth... add a PLRUs module which selects between multiple PLRUs
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshayadd nmigen/_toolchain/__init__ as toolchain.py to avoid...
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshayremove redundant overrides of stuff that's aready in...
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshayadd missing import Statement for assertRepr
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshaychange FHDLTestCase to use get_test_path
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshayswitch test_lut to use FHDLTestCase
2021-12-02 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2021-12-01 Luke Kenneth... note about not setting the muxid in ReservationStations2
2021-11-28 Luke Kenneth... update SRLatch API to include q_int
2021-11-17 Jacob Lifshayadd Array-based version of BitwiseLut, renaming old...
2021-11-17 Jacob Lifshayadd formal tests for BitwiseLut
2021-11-17 Jacob Lifshayadd BitwiseLut and tests
2021-11-08 Luke Kenneth... return latchregister results so that it can be further...
2021-11-07 Luke Kenneth... allow name of ALU to be set in ReservationStations2
2021-11-07 Luke Kenneth... reduce number of wait states in ReservationStations2...
2021-11-07 Luke Kenneth... fixed bug in MultiCompUnit, can return to combinatorial...
2021-11-04 Luke Kenneth... bugfix new ReservationStations2
2021-11-04 Luke Kenneth... update ReservationStations2 to be a FSM. not a very...
2021-11-03 Luke Kenneth... add start of new ReservationStations2 class
2021-11-03 Luke Kenneth... add some debug output to Visitor2 (commented out)
2021-11-03 Luke Kenneth... add name prefix to PrevControl and NextControl
2021-11-01 Luke Kenneth... ReservationStations - or more to the point the CombMuxI...
2021-11-01 Luke Kenneth... move call to self.process onto i_data in multipipe...