2021-06-05 R Veera KumarRemove comment sign and add correct path for nmigen...
2021-06-04 R Veera KumarAdd Makefile modified for sphinx
2021-06-04 R Veera KumarInitial addition of sphinx documentation system.
2021-05-04 Luke Kenneth... update README
2021-04-18 Luke Kenneth... add OS Independent classifier
2021-04-11 Luke Kenneth... add pypi upload to Makefile
2021-04-11 Luke Kenneth... update license classifier
2021-04-11 Luke Kenneth... update for release to pypi
2021-02-21 Cesar StraussAllow groups to start closed
2021-02-21 Luke Kenneth... extra comments in byte_reverse function
2021-02-21 Cesar StraussUse "src_loc_at" to look for a suitable name in the...
2021-02-21 Cesar StraussMove the selection field function to nmutil
2021-01-23 Cesar StraussAllow choosing a non-default solver in assertFormal
2021-01-04 Cesar StraussDefine default zoom level for formal engines
2020-12-06 Cesar StraussImplement the "submodule" attribute 24jan2021_ls180
2020-12-06 Cesar StraussAllow applying a style to a group of signals
2020-12-04 Luke Kenneth... whoops misclassified in setup.py as GPLv3+, it is actua...
2020-12-04 Luke Kenneth... add LGPLv3+ license
2020-12-04 Luke Kenneth... add grant links, and record of funding under #538
2020-12-02 Cesar StraussZoom level is affected by the time resolution unit...
2020-11-18 Cesar StraussAvoid use of "trace_bit" to print trace bits
2020-11-17 Cesar StraussAdd support for displaying individual bits from wide...
2020-10-28 Cesar StraussAlso export Passive from the chosen Simulator module
2020-10-24 Cesar StraussCalculate the zoom level from the clock period
2020-10-12 Luke Kenneth... use unittest.TestCase rather than FHDLTestCase
2020-10-07 Jacob Lifshayadd overflow detection to DIVS
2020-10-07 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2020-09-27 Cesar StraussReport cxxsim selected, only when using the new API
2020-09-24 Cesar StraussAdd a few extra imports for convenience
2020-09-24 Cesar StraussRun-time selecion of simulator engine
2020-09-14 Luke Kenneth... add extra name in plru for debugging
2020-09-14 Luke Kenneth... switch off print statements
2020-09-14 Luke Kenneth... add pseudo-plru from ariane
2020-09-13 Luke Kenneth... add masked util function
2020-09-13 Luke Kenneth... add dummy Display function
2020-09-13 Luke Kenneth... syntax error in byterev
2020-09-01 Cesar StraussMake GTKWave example self-contained
2020-08-29 Cesar StraussSimplify example, focusing on write_gtkw
2020-08-29 Cesar StraussMove write_gtkw from soc.experiment.alu_fsm
2020-08-29 Luke Kenneth... add reversal and lsb/msb mode to PriorityPicker
2020-08-26 Luke Kenneth... sorting out div/mod routines, bug in simulator
2020-08-19 Luke Kenneth... 1 extra bit on mask shift size needed, to allow ">...
2020-08-17 Luke Kenneth... allow byterev to accept a scalar int
2020-08-17 Luke Kenneth... add Mask class
2020-08-09 Luke Kenneth... add rising edge function for generating pulse
2020-07-28 Luke Kenneth... disable very verbose debug printing
2020-07-28 Luke Kenneth... move "wrap" function into nmutil.util
2020-07-22 Luke Kenneth... missed en_o on list of ports in PriorityPicker
2020-07-17 Samuel A. Falvo IICheck equality between two PipeContext instances.
2020-07-15 Luke Kenneth... missed critical functions in cut/paste copy of PipeContext
2020-07-15 Luke Kenneth... missing Signal import
2020-07-15 Luke Kenneth... move FPPipeContext to concurrentunit: rename to PipeContext
2020-07-13 Luke Kenneth... import globally not locally.
2020-07-10 Luke Kenneth... rename trunc_div/rem to trunc_divs
2020-07-09 Luke Kenneth... cheat in trunch_rem, truncate result of multiply
2020-07-09 Luke Kenneth... whoops trunc_div returning neg/neg result rather than...
2020-07-06 Luke Kenneth... whoops missed Mux
2020-07-06 Luke Kenneth... add eq32 helper
2020-07-05 Luke Kenneth... remove unneeded imports
2020-07-04 Luke Kenneth... add feedback_width option (unused) to concurrentunit...
2020-07-02 Luke Kenneth... use Mux in latchregister, try to break "loops"
2020-06-27 Luke Kenneth... use prefix where it exists
2020-06-26 Luke Kenneth... fix prefixes on RecordObject
2020-06-26 Michael NolanRemove print statements from recordobject
2020-06-25 Luke Kenneth... update docstring on add_prefix_to_record_signals
2020-06-24 Michael NolanModify RecordObject to prefix all signal names with...
2020-06-22 Luke Kenneth... add byte-reverse helper function
2020-06-19 Luke Kenneth... add trunc_div and trunc_rem functions
2020-06-04 Luke Kenneth... add copy of FHDLTestCase from nmigen
2020-05-26 Luke Kenneth... whoops
2020-05-26 Luke Kenneth... generic-ify treereduce
2020-05-26 Luke Kenneth... add treereduce function
2020-05-20 Luke Kenneth... add sign/zero extending utilities
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... minor whitespace, comment clz
2020-05-19 Luke Kenneth... note that clz is identical to PriorityEncoder (which...
2020-05-05 Michael NolanAdd Count Leading Zeros module to nmutil
2020-05-05 Michael NolanRevert "Flatten the output of RecordObject.ports()"
2020-05-04 Michael NolanFlatten the output of RecordObject.ports()
2020-05-04 Luke Kenneth... add docstring to latchregister
2020-05-01 Luke Kenneth... add note about flatten function (one already exists...
2020-05-01 Luke Kenneth... add ripple.py to nmutil
2020-04-17 Jacob Lifshayadd flatten function
2020-04-16 Luke Kenneth... adjust multi priority picker to accept multiple inputs
2020-04-16 Luke Kenneth... whitespace
2020-04-13 Luke Kenneth... detect if data_o or data_i is iterable in NextControl...
2020-04-03 Jacob Lifshayadd build caching using ccache
2020-04-03 Jacob Lifshaytests pass
2020-04-01 Jacob Lifshaymove clone paths to inside current directory
2020-04-01 Jacob Lifshayadd test case for https://github.com/nmigen/nmigen...
2020-04-01 Jacob Lifshayswitch nmigen upstream and add --depth 1
2020-04-01 Jacob Lifshayreformat apt-get command
2020-03-26 Jacob Lifshayadd .gitlab-ci.yml
2020-03-25 Luke Kenneth... grr fix more names thanks to nmigen renaming
2020-03-22 Luke Kenneth... dont have to but test latchregister incoming is a Record
2020-03-22 Luke Kenneth... comment latchregister
2020-03-21 Luke Kenneth... sigh, rename of signals needed for nmigen compatibility...
2020-03-18 Luke Kenneth... realised that the enable lines will act just as well...
2020-03-17 Luke Kenneth... realised that the MultiPriorityPicker only needs a...
2020-03-17 Luke Kenneth... add indices output to MultiPriorityPicker
2020-03-17 Luke Kenneth... create MultiPriorityPicker which can mutually-exclusive...