2023-09-25 Jacob Lifshayadd MemMMap tests
2023-09-25 Jacob Lifshayskip zero words when iterating words in MemMMap
2023-09-25 Jacob Lifshayformat src/openpower/decoder/isa/
2023-09-25 Luke Kenneth... add basis of Context Manager for capturing which inputs...
2023-09-24 Luke Kenneth... minor alteration of reporting hash in mini-test of...
2023-09-24 Luke Kenneth... detect if add arg2 is greater than 7 and ignore it...
2023-09-24 Luke Kenneth... add an intercept (on all math primitives)
2023-09-24 Luke Kenneth... add link to poly1305-design (really good)
2023-09-24 Luke Kenneth... allow intercept on dsrd (rename DSRD) in poly13005...
2023-09-23 Luke Kenneth... provide intercepts of 64/128-bit math primitives that...
2023-09-23 Luke Kenneth... convert all use of "+" to ADD(a,b) in order to prepare...
2023-09-23 Jacob Lifshayswitch UTF-8 validation tests to use MemMMap so it...
2023-09-23 Jacob Lifshayadd MemMMap class
2023-09-23 Jacob Lifshaysplit out most Mem methods into MemCommon base class
2023-09-22 Jacob Lifshayformat
2023-09-22 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: fix syscall arguments
2023-09-22 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: introduce syscall arguments length
2023-09-22 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: fix sys_ni_syscall call
2023-09-22 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: fix default table path
2023-09-22 Jacob Lifshaymake scalar EXTRA2 encoding match between tables and... fix-scalar-extra2
2023-09-22 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2023-09-22 Jacob LifshayRevert "fix PowerDecoder2 to properly decode scalar...
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: support ppc/ppc64 ecall generators
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: introduce ecall generator
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: canonicalize entries
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: reorder generic entries
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: introduce generation mode
2023-09-21 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: support RISC-V architectures
2023-09-20 Jacob Lifshayuse setuptools-scm from debian instead of pip
2023-09-20 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: support generic system calls
2023-09-19 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: introduce Syscall class
2023-09-19 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: fix ctypes syscall
2023-09-19 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: support identifiers iteration
2023-09-19 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: support identifiers lookup
2023-09-19 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: adjust syscall name
2023-09-19 Jacob Lifshayfix bug I noticed while reading git history
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: refactor calls chain
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: refactor dispatcher call arguments
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: introduce dispatcher class
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: generate proper name
2023-09-18 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: refactor module hierarchy
2023-09-18 Luke Kenneth... add python-based implementation of dsrd to poly1305...
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... illustrate the intermediary step of converting poly1305...
2023-09-17 Dmitry SelyutinRevert "syscalls: commit a couple of autogenerated...
2023-09-17 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls: commit a couple of autogenerated tables
2023-09-17 Dmitry Selyutinsyscalls/lscmg: introduce Linux syscalls mapping generator
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... first revision port of
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... make the poly1305 quick example identical to the poly13...
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... add a quick usage demo to, to serve later...
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... add implementation of poly1305 pure python
2023-09-17 Luke Kenneth... add code-comments to chacha20 svp64 unit test
2023-09-17 Konstantinos... remove OpenSSL dependency, use own SHA512 hash
2023-09-16 Luke Kenneth... add links copyright and funding notice to svp64 chacha2...
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshayfix PowerDecoder2 to properly decode scalar EXTRA2
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshayadd tests for checking if the simulator and assembler...
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshaychange registers used to avoid r13-31 which are reserve...
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshaypass in stack pointer
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshaylog more register read/writes to LogKind.InstrInOuts
2023-09-15 Jacob Lifshayadd copyright stuff
2023-09-14 Andrey Miroshnikovsyscall_cases: Added link to ABI and write manpage
2023-09-14 Andrey Miroshnikovsyscall_cases: Add license, copyright, NLnet message.
2023-09-14 Konstantinos... WIP: Initial attempt to port ed25519 to SVP64
2023-09-14 Konstantinos... Need to zero homeIsaDir before use
2023-09-14 Konstantinos... add .gitignore files
2023-09-14 Jacob Lifshayadd SVP64 256x256->512-bit multiply
2023-09-14 Jacob Lifshaygeneralize assemble() fn so other test cases can easily...
2023-09-13 Andrey Miroshnikovsyscall_cases: Aded expected values for SRR0/1, MSR...
2023-09-12 Andrey MiroshnikovAdding syscall ISACaller test case (not working yet).
2023-09-12 Jacob Lifshayremove grev, leaving unit tests for later use by grevlut
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshaymark madd* as skipped in soc.git
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayfilter out v3.1 insns when soc flag set -- soc.git...
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayfilter out addex when soc flag set
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshayadd support for filtering tests using flags
2023-09-11 Jacob Lifshaymake soc test_pipe_caller tests pass again
2023-09-10 Andrey Miroshnikovpypowersim_wrapper_common.h: Home path no longer hard...
2023-08-31 Andrey Moved return statements to new line.
2023-08-22 Andrey Invert checks to reduce indentation.
2023-08-22 Andrey Reverse pipeline processing order.
2023-08-22 Andrey MiroshnikovRevert " Use insn_trace more consistently."
2023-08-21 Andrey Use insn_trace more consistently.
2023-08-21 Andrey Enough additions and fixes to get the test...
2023-08-01 Jacob Lifshaydon't warn for directories
2023-08-01 Jacob Lifshayignore indented comments too
2023-08-01 Jacob Lifshaydemo moving pseudocode to separate file
2023-08-01 Jacob Lifshayadd support for pseudocode being a [[!inline]] directive
2023-07-31 Jacob Lifshayput reason for checking for old files in error msg
2023-07-31 Jacob Lifshaymove generated files to .../decoder/isa/generated
2023-07-25 Konstantinos... split testcase for separate maddrs/msubrs
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayfix set[n]bc[r]
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshaydon't convert CR[BI] to CR.BI
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayadd set[n]bc[r] -- tests broken
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayadd missing
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayrestore use of ? : operator in bfp_ROUND_TO_BFP32/64...
2023-07-25 Jacob Lifshayadd support for C conditional operator
2023-07-22 Luke Kenneth... shortened variable names,
2023-07-22 Jacob Lifshayadd SVP64 test for byte reverse insns
2023-07-22 Jacob Lifshayadd SVP64 tests for cfuged, cntlzdm, cnttzdm, pdepd...
2023-07-22 Jacob Lifshayformat code
2023-07-22 Jacob Lifshayadd pdepd/pextd