ERET -> xRET; new memory map
[riscv-tests.git] / benchmarks / common / test.ld
2016-05-01 Andrew WatermanERET -> xRET; new memory map
2016-03-15 Andrew WatermanRework benchmarks to run in M-mode
2015-05-09 Andrew WatermanUpdate to privileged architecture version 1.7
2015-05-01 Andrew WatermanMake dhrystone report correct-ish numbers
2015-03-13 Andrew WatermanUpdate to new privileged spec
2014-12-13 Andrew WatermanInitialize static TLS for the benchmarks
2014-02-20 Eric LoveMerge commit '0661b47765081c710af3df66ec698aa58ff14d5d'
2014-02-12 Andrew WatermanRun benchmarks in user mode
2013-04-30 Yunsup Leebenchmarks initial commit