Mark RV32 tests as such
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2016-05-04 Andrew WatermanSpeed up benchmarks that take a long time to run
2016-03-15 Andrew WatermanRework benchmarks to run in M-mode
2015-12-04 Andrew WatermanMerge pull request #4 from pmundkur/devel
2015-09-21 Andrew WatermanRemove Hwacha v3 tests
2015-03-17 Yunsup Leeneed fence before scall for vector mm
2015-01-27 Andrew WatermanFix matmul performance on gcc 4.9
2015-01-10 Andrew WatermanAdd LICENSE
2014-12-13 Andrew WatermanAdd more entropy to matrix multiplication input
2014-11-07 Andrew WatermanFix build with riscv-gcc version 4.9
2014-04-15 Yunsup Leecommit high-performance mm (scalar and vector versions)