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2018-09-13 Tim NewsomePut debug test stack in data instead of text
2018-04-27 Megan WachsMerge pull request #125 from riscv/debug-delete-sim
2018-04-27 Megan WachsMerge pull request #130 from riscv/trap_entry_align-1
2018-04-27 Megan Wachsdebug: add missing align directive on trap_entry
2018-02-09 Tim NewsomeTest resuming from a trigger.
2017-11-27 Andrew WatermanRename sbadaddr to satp
2017-09-19 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #76 from riscv/multicore
2017-09-19 Tim NewsomeForgot to commit this earlier.
2017-09-18 Tim NewsomeAdd interrupts to MulticoreRunHaltStepiTest.
2017-09-14 Tim NewsomeTest debugging code with interrupts.
2017-09-12 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #69 from riscv/multicore
2017-09-01 Tim NewsomeAdd some infrastructure for multicore tests.
2017-08-28 Tim NewsomeForgot to add this file.
2017-08-28 Tim NewsomeWIP multicore testing.
2017-08-28 Tim NewsomeMake the debug tests aware of multicore.
2017-07-21 Tim NewsomeAdd back code to clean up triggers in entry.S
2017-07-03 Tim NewsomeDon't clear triggers during execution.
2017-06-27 Tim NewsomeTolerate missing misa register.
2017-06-23 Tim NewsomeAdd basic multicore test.
2017-06-20 Tim NewsomeSmoketest multicore.
2017-06-15 Tim NewsomeTest 64-bit addressing.
2017-05-16 Palmer DabbeltMerge pull request #47 from riscv/debug-0.13
2017-05-16 Palmer DabbeltLink the infinate loop at 0x10000000
2017-05-16 Palmer DabbeltLink in encoding.h instead of providing a path to it
2017-05-15 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/priv-1.10' into...
2017-04-18 Megan Wachsdebug: Don't halt out of reset. It's unrealistic. Use...
2017-04-17 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newprogram' into...
2017-04-17 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/priv-1.10' into...
2017-04-14 Megan Wachsdebug: checkpoint of trying to get simulation tests...
2017-03-30 Palmer DabbeltProhibit relaxing the initial gp generation
2017-03-30 Palmer DabbeltChange the global pointer symbol to __global_pointer$
2016-12-27 Tim NewsomeUse compressed code if the target supports it.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeUse XLEN macro for these sources as well.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeUse our own XLEN macro.
2016-12-07 Andrew Watermanavoid non-standard predefined macros
2016-09-29 Tim NewsomeUpdate dmode test to match spec.
2016-09-29 Tim NewsomeClear triggers during entry.
2016-09-02 Tim NewsomeFix/add to instant trigger tests.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeAdd some immediate trigger tests.
2016-09-01 Tim NewsomeCreate TriggerTest.
2016-08-16 Tim NewsomeSimplify test_function_call.
2016-08-08 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-07-28 Tim NewsomeAdd tests for virtual priv register.
2016-07-20 Andrew WatermanMerge pull request #17 from timsifive/debug
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAdd 32-bit support.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeI think I've finally got malloc working right.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeMake variables local again, now that gdb is "fixed."
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAdd test for gdb function calls.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeTest step over invalid instruction.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAdd explicit test for stepping over branches/jumps.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeMake tests work with broken 32-bit compiler.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAdd simple register tests.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAdd block test.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeAll tests pass with spike now.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeMade some progress towards working with spike.
2016-07-19 Tim NewsomeWIP on debug testing.