Add HiFive1 target.
[riscv-tests.git] / debug /
2017-02-17 Tim NewsomeAdd HiFive1 target.
2016-12-27 Tim NewsomeUse compressed code if the target supports it.
2016-12-13 Andrew WatermanPass newly updated -march, -mabi options to gcc
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeUse our own XLEN macro.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeWe *do* need the FPU to compile 64-bit code.
2016-12-08 Tim NewsomeDon't compile with FPU support for now.
2016-11-15 Andrew WatermanAttempt to work around hard-float linking problem
2016-10-31 Tim NewsomeAdd basic floating point register test.
2016-10-19 Tim NewsomeMerge pull request #34 from richardxia/use-port-randomi...
2016-10-18 Tim NewsomeAdd framework to test OpenOCD directly.