Revert "breakpoint.S: Don't assume trigger is hardwired to breakpoint (#158) (#159)"
[riscv-tests.git] / isa / rv64mi / breakpoint.S
2018-09-07 Andrew WatermanRevert "breakpoint.S: Don't assume trigger is hardwired...
2018-09-06 Tommy Thornbreakpoint.S: Don't assume trigger is hardwired to...
2017-10-30 Richard XiaDeclare trap handlers as global symbols. (#87)
2016-12-07 Andrew Watermanavoid non-standard predefined macros
2016-08-27 Andrew WatermanUpdate to new breakpoint & counter spec
2016-08-08 Megan WachsMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-07-29 Andrew WatermanAdd an RVC test
2016-06-18 Andrew WatermanFix breakpoint test when only one breakpoint present
2016-06-10 Andrew WatermanTest more than one breakpoint at a time, if present
2016-06-10 Andrew WatermanUpdate breakpoint spec
2016-06-09 Andrew WatermanDon't arm breakpoint before setting break address
2016-06-09 Andrew WatermanAdd HW breakpoint test