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[riscv-tests.git] / isa / rv64uf / fcvt_w.S
2016-06-22 Howard Maosplit up rv64uf and rv64ud isa tests
2016-03-02 Andrew WatermanNegative float -> unsigned int conversions return 0
2016-01-13 Andrew WatermanUse new NaN handling for conversions to integer
2015-02-24 Christopher CelioAdded more +/- NaN/inf tests for fcvt.{w/l/wu/lu}....
2015-02-23 Christopher CelioAdded -NaN test for fcvt.{w/h}.s
2015-01-10 Andrew WatermanAdd LICENSE
2014-03-18 Andrew WatermanCheck FP corner cases and flags
2013-05-02 Andrew Watermanuse RVTEST_RV64UF macro for FPU tests
2013-04-22 Yunsup Leeinitial commit